ACN MLM Review-Is ACN A Good Way To Make Money?

Making money from the comfort of your own home may seem like a perfect opportunity and yes it can be great but with so many companies offering people like you and me the chance to do this, who can you trust? ACN Inc is one of the companies which offer this opportunity but is ACN a good way to earn money or are they a scam? In this ACN MLM review, I will break down everything there is to know about this company and show you if they are legit, an MLM Scam, or a downright Pyramid scheme.

Who Are ACN?

American Communications Network (ACN) is an MLM Company that specializes in offering telecommunications, energy, tv, security, plus other essential services to homes and businesses.

ACN was founded in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and brothers Tony and Mike Cupisz with the headquarters based in Concord, North Carolina, ACN now operates in 25 countries and are the largest telecommunication direct seller in the world with reported annual revenue of 750 million USD in 2016.

ACN MLM Review

What Products Does ACN Sell?

ACN offers products to both residential and business services which include the following:

Residential Services:

  • Bundles
  • Home Phone
  • Gas & Electricity
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Satellite TV
  • Security & Automation
  • Wireless
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Refer-A-Friend

Business Services:

  • Gas & Electricity
  • Payment Processing
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Security & Automation
  • Satellite TV

The ACN Home-Based Business Opportunity.

ACN has found a way to save millions of dollars by not paying for advertising but instead allowing individuals to promote for them by being direct sellers and working from home, so if they don’t sell then ACN won’t pay out but if they do sell then the direct seller receives monthly commissions for as long as the customer remains with ACN and in this case, ACN themselves will receive revenue from the new sign-up customer.

This is a win-win situation for ACN and this is how MLM schemes work.

So when a new customer signs up with ACN through your referral and pays their bill, then you will receive commissions from the sale, you will also be encouraged to upsell, which means say your referred customer pays for an internet package from ACN, you will then be expected to upsell and promote other products such as a security package for their internet or even a satellite TV subscription, which will give you the chance to earn even more commissions.

There is also the opportunity to receive a free service with Flash Wireless but to do so, you would have to switch to Flash Wireless, then Promote the service and after 5 of your referrals switch to Flash Wireless, you will then have your service for free.

You can check out the commission rates and bonuses by taking a look at the ACN Compensation Plan

What Does It Cost To Join ACN?

The Cost to join ACN is $199 plus $25 per month and this will enable you to conduct business for only one year and there are reports that if you would like to continue after year one, you would have to pay a renewal fee of $149 but this is hidden in the ACN Compensation Plan

ACN MLM Review joining fee

Do ACN Offer Training and Support?

When you have signed up and  paid the $199 joining fee you can promote services offered by ACN and can receive the training and support which includes the following:

  • A Personal Website
  • Personal Online Storefront
  • ACN Social Networking Site
  • Training Material
  • Marketing Tools
  • Reporting System
  • Personal Customer List
  • Bonus Programs and Rewards
  • Online Account Access
  • Billing Maintainance
  • Customer Care in Multiple Languages.

Can You Make Money From ACN?

Is ACN A Good Way To Make Money? The simple and straight forward answer is No you can not make money from ACN and even ACN has mentioned in their earnings disclaimer that the success stories and earnings are extraordinary and are not typical plus they state that individuals may not earn money and maybe even lose money and that just about says it all!

ACN MLM Review earning disclaimer

There have also been reports that a lot of people who sign-up with ACN lost an average of $605 per investment.

ACN is an MLM company and I am glad that they admit that it’s hard to earn money within the earnings disclaimer because almost all of MLM companies hide this fact but it is true that more than 99% of people direct selling for MLM companies fail to make any money or even make a loss and a simple google search will reveal this proven fact.

Is ACN a pyramid scheme?

No ACN is not a pyramid scheme but if you were to join ACN, you would be encouraged to try and recruit other members to also promote ACN so you can gain extra commissions from their sales.

But with that being said, ACN was labeled as being a pyramid scheme by the Australian courts back in 2005 and they still operate in Australia, but I do not know how they made their way out of this claim?

So it may seem like a pyramid scheme but it is only a common MLM model.

Is ACN an MLM Scam?

ACN is not even an MLM Scam because they offer a good product that everyone needs and they will pay commissions if you were to sell for them plus ACN are being completely honest with their income disclosed (The only part I was concerned about was the hidden renewal costs)

But as I have already mentioned, Making money using the old MLM model is almost impossible and it is best to be avoided.

The Good And The Bad About ACN MLM.

As with all reviewed companies, there are pros and there are the cons but with ACN which one will outweigh the other?


  • Founded in 1993: They would have been closed down years ago if it was a complete scam or pyramid scheme.
  • A good Product: They offer a service that everyone uses or needs and there will always be a market for the product.
  • Honesty: ACN has got my respect based on their honest income claim, so they do not exaggerate their income claims as most MLM companies do.
  • Evergreen: This business can run all year round and everyone will want to save money on their bills.


  • MLM Model: The only people who make money with MLM are the people much higher up and there is a huge risk to lose the original investment.
  • Monthly Fee: You will still be required to pay $25 per month even when you are making no sales, so your monthly income can be minus.
  • Hidden Costs: It is mentioned in the terms and conditions that there are additional costs and renewal fees but it does not say how much and how often these are paid.
  • High Competition: You are not only competing against the other energy or internet suppliers, but you are also competing against other people who are promoting for ACN which makes it a very hard market to compete against (meanwhile you will still be paying the $25 per month even without making a sale).
  • Legal Cases: There have been numerous legal cases relating to ACN  from unauthorized switching of customer accounts, Overcharging customers, again claims of pyramid schemes, claims of fraud, claims of false advertising, and the most recent being unfair competition against Donald Trump and his family.

ACN MLM Review Conclusion.

I know it sounds great to have your own home-based business working for the biggest direct sales energy supplier but unfortunately, unless you are the best at selling, have a huge network of people who you can sell to, it will be very hard to make any income at all but worse of all, you can run the risk of losing a lot of your own money, which in my mind is very unfair and the company will not care, they only want you to make sales for them but if you are not making any sales, you will be forgotten about even though they are still taking your monthly fee from you.

To make money working for most MLM companies is fine if you want to make a few extra dollars by selling to friends and family members or maybe to take advantage of the discounts yourself, but you can only do this if you would not have to pay any money out in the first place because you will always be in the minus (If that makes sense?)

I wouldn’t be too bad if ACN did not charge a monthly fee but, sadly, ACN is still making money from people even when they are not selling, so it’s a great business plan from ACN but a poor one for the seller.

Final Thoughts

Even though I do not like the MLM model, I do believe that there are better MLM opportunities available (Compared to ACN) should you wish to use that method but it is very hard to make a reliable income doing so.

But if you do decide on promoting products using an MLM company then it’s best to find one who offers it for free and then there’s no financial risk for you.

Or if you would rather look at other ways to make money from home then why not start your very own online business by making money from something that you enjoy?

It’s easier and safer to do plus you can start for free!

If you are interested in building your own online business, check out my #1 Recommendation. Where you will learn everything there is to know about running a successful business online, You will get your website, training, 24/7 support plus so much more.

I hope this ACN MLM Review has been of some value to you, if you do have any questions or comments then feel free to leave them down below and I will get right back to you.


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Overall Quality



  • Great Product
  • Evergreen
  • Established Company


  • MLM Company
  • Hidden Costs
  • Bad History
  • High Competition
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