Affiliate Marketing or MLM-Which 1 is The Best For Success?

I’m sure that you’ve been looking online for ways to make money and have seen endless opportunities in the results, with things like Affiliate Marketing or MLM, Online surveys or At-home jobs, Investments, or Pyramids Schemes.

There are thousands and thousands of so-called money-making opportunities out there, but to be honest most of them are scams and only want to make money from you.

In this article, aimed for beginners, I’m going to concentrate on the biggest opportunities online today which are Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), and hopefully, show you which one option is the best for achieving success.

Affiliate Marketing or MLM

What Are MLM Companies?

Multi-Level Marketing (also known as MLM) is a marketing strategy used by companies to get ordinary people to direct sell products or services to receive a certain percentage of commission from the sales and a large part of the MLM system is getting the sellers to recruit other people to also sell, and so on and so on, similar to a pyramid scheme.

I will use the top 3 MLM companies in the world today as an example and I’m sure you have heard of these.

  1. Amway (I have already written an Amway review)
  2. Herbalife
  3. Avon products

It will typically go like this, you want to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time and have heard great things about MLM so you look into say, Avon!

You meet up with an Avon Rep and they tell you how good the company is, how well they are doing and offer you to become an Avon Rep yourself, so you pay a small start-up fee and promote Avon products to your network of contacts (friends and family) so from your sales, you will earn commissions and your Avon Rep will also earn small commissions from your sales.

It may seem good at first but then you realize that you are not earning as much as you hoped so you are advised to recruit other Avon Reps (downlines) and receive small commissions from their sales (Plus your rep will again receive commissions from the sales).

This can go on and on (Like a Pyramid) You will receive small money, but when your downline decides to stop selling, you will have nothing but the Avon Company will still receive revenue from all of the other downlines and this is what an MLM company is and this is how they make their money, not only from products but mostly from recruitment, it is a legal Pyramid Scheme!

These 3 MLM companies alone have combined revenue of over $18 billion and there are hundreds of MLM companies out there which make the figures shocking, but where does the revenue go? To the people on top!

Affiliate Marketing or MLM

What Is Affiliate Marketing?-Beginners Guide?

Affiliate Marketing is a different ballgame from the MLM model and much more secure.

With Affiliate Marketing you get paid a commission from everything you sell, Similar to MLM but with Affiliate Marketing you are the one in charge and you can choose whatever you wish to promote.

You will never have to recruit people and it is in no way associated with the Pyramid Scheme, there is also no commitment so if you decide that you don’t like the product that you are promoting, just drop it and promote something else.

The best place to find affiliate offers in my opinion is the following.

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale

You can even promote affiliate offers by simply doing a google search for a product that you like then scroll to the bottom of the web-page where there is normally a link saying “Affiliates” so you can promote the product.

So for example you like flying drones and you have knowledge about drones, you will never be able to sell drones through an MLM company but you can 100% promote drones as an affiliate and make money from the sales.

I would do it this way, I would first research the drone market by doing keyword research (easy when you know how), Then I will set-up a basic WordPress Website and come up with a catchy name involving the word drone, then I would then write an article most probably something like “Top 10 Drones” and just write content based on my knowledge or research, I would write reviews on the top 10 and then put a link to where to buy the drones and from the sales, I would receive a commission.

The best thing about this is that you only have to write this article once, then let the search engines do its work and you can have paying visitors coming to your site and reading your reviews for years to come.

You can use this example to expand, maybe write a blog about the best places to fly drones then put links to hotels, you could write about paid drone clubs and get commissions from the membership clubs (If there are any).

This is just an example (I have never used a drone before) But hopefully, you can see where I’m coming from and you can see the power and potential of Affiliate marketing.

You can turn any passion or hobby into an income just by writing about it and there are millions of products to choose from, just look on Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing or MLM success

Are Online Surveys Scams?

This blog post is about what’s better, Affiliate Marketing or MLM and I wasn’t going to include Online Surveys but I have decided to warn you about this online scam only because you may be looking into this and I want to help you out.

There are a lot of Online Survey Scams which promise to pay you money just for filling in forms and I have been a victim of this scam in the past.

Before I started making money online I would often search the internet looking for easy ways to make money and would get excited seeing websites promoting online surveys, I mean what could be easier than filling in a few forms and getting paid for it?

I thought it would be a good idea to get my wife involved and both of us spent days and days filling in online survey forms, but guess what? We made no money, only money off vouchers!

Paid online surveys are just a clever trick to get people like you and me to fill in online offers from companies, then with these offers, the companies have your email address to send you lots of spam, but the worst part is that the actual Survey website gets paid good money for each email address that they send to the online offer!

So, for example, you get asked to fill in a survey about Insurance, you take a while to fill in your details about your home, motor, health, work, income plus everyday habits and after doing this you will maybe receive a gift voucher for money off something but meanwhile, the company that sent you the survey will have been paid money from the Insurance company because they have your details, they probably get paid a few dollars per email but getting thousands of emails per day can amount to lots of money for the survey company.

In the end, my wife and I had to set-up new email accounts because we were receiving so much spam, So I would highly advise avoiding online surveys.

Some Facts about the Success Rate Of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

It is a proven fact that more than 99% of people direct selling for MLM companies make very little money or no money at all, and even the Federal Trade Commission make their investigation based on 15 years of research on 350 leading MLM company business models, it was found that less than 1% of MLM consultants made a profit and the FTC even classed MLM’s worse than Pyramid Scheme’s, so these are scary statistics.

There is a huge 40-page official report on this MLM FTC investigation and you can read it right here ⇒ FTC MLM Investigation Report

Affiliate Marketing or MLM

What is Better Affiliate Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

I think after reading this article I have shown you what is best and of course, that would be Affiliate Marketing and the best thing about this online model is that you can take your time to build a profitable business that will last for years to come.

Affiliate marketing is still a growing business and it will continue to grow, businesses rely on Affiliate Marketers to promote their products, Amazon became as big as they are now mainly from referrals by Marketers, it is a huge industry and it’s evergreen.

So if you are new to making money online and would like to know more, you can look at my home page to see how I got started and how I finally made a success online after so many failures.

Or you can go straight to my review on the best way to get started in Affiliate Marketing, where you will learn how to get free online training, a free website, and lots of help and support from a large network of Affiliate Marketers.

To start your very own Affiliate Marketing Business click here⇒ Free Training to Make Money Online.

I hope now you know what is better Affiliate Marketing or MLM, but if you do have any questions then feel free to ask and I will get right back to you.

Meanwhile, whatever you do I wish you all the success,


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