Arbonne International MLM Scam-Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

Have you ever wondered if Arbonne International MLM is a scam or a pyramid scheme? I have spent endless hours researching this MLM company and I have read the good plus the bad points and now I am able to give you my honest opinion on whether or not they are worth doing business with.

Please be aware that I am not affiliated with Arbonne International in any way, so I have nothing to gain or lose should you wish to join or not.

What is Arbonne International MLM?

Arbonne International (multi-level marketing) was founded in 1980 by Norwegian born entrepreneur Petter Morck and the main selling products include vegan Skincare, Nutrition, and Cosmetics. The first headquarters were in Utah before locating to Irvine, California where they have grown into a large MLM company with reported annual sales in 2017 of  $544 Million US, and to this day they also have headquarters in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, and the United Kingdom.
Arbonne is named after a village in Switzerland where Petter Morck had once worked.

What Are Arbonne International Products?

Arbonne sells a great range of products that are not only certified by the Vegan society but also certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organisation (, Informed-Sport plus PETA (products are not tested on animals), and Kosher. Arbonne claims that the products they sell are Pure, Safe plus Beneficial and these products fall into the following categories…


  • RE9 Advanced: A collection of  products and is the premium anti-aging treatment
  • RE9 Advanced Prep-work: There are 4 products in this collection which promote a healthy glow
  • RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring:  Items to help with hydrating formulas helping facial contours look firmer, tighter, and more defined.
  • RE9 Advanced For Men: Products just for men to help gain strong and healthy skin.
  • Arbonne Intelligence: Formulas to help brighten complexion, hydrate and illuminate the face, soften lips, deeply hydrates head to toe, concealing blemishes and dark spots
  • Clear Future: products for daily use, daily cleanser, daily moisturizer plus soothing eye gel

Bath & Body

  • Rescue and Renew: A range of products to help detoxify the body and protect the skins moisture barrier
  • Pure Essential Oils: 100% Pure with a choice of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Harmony, Tea Tree, Focus, and Warrior.
  • ABC Arbonne Baby Care: A collection of formulas for the baby delicate skin from hair and body wash to sunscreen.
  • Shea Butter: A large collection of Shea Butter products to promote healthy radiant skin
  • Pure Mint: Natural mint toothpaste and deodorant


  • A Collection of daily shampoo, conditioner anti-frizz treatment


  • A Huge Make-up collection made from the safest ingredients  for eyes, lips, face, and cheeks


  • A large selection of daily health nutrition from pea protein powder to energy fizz sticks

arbonne international mlm


Are Arbonne Products Worth Their Price?

After much research, I have seen a mixed response about Arbonne product prices but unfortunately, a majority of them are saying that the prices are too expensive for what they are.

The product quality is good but similar quality items can be found much cheaper in common beauty stores and even the premium department stores sell better-branded products for around the same price.

I believe the products are worth 50% less than the actual recommended retail price but saying that Arbonne does have to make a profit and they do offer a discount of between 20%-40 % if a customer signs up to their ‘preferred client’ Reward program.

The Arbonne International MLM Opportunity

As with most MLM companies, there are 2 ways to make commissions with the 1st being a simple Arbonne product seller and earning retail commissions then there is the 2nd that is recruiting other members to become product sellers.

So the 1st and the most common is the ‘Arbonne Host’ which is basically direct selling and making a profit from the sales (up to 35%), this is where most people start because it’s easy to do it once or twice and not bad for making money from home selling to friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

But then there is the other way ‘Arbonne Independent Consultant’ and people often sign up to this when they want to make more commissions or find it hard to direct sell products themselves so they try to recruit other people to become hosts and by doing this they are able to receive commissions from the host’s orders.

If this host then decides becomes an independent consultant themselves the consultant who signed them up, in the beginning, receives a small commission from them plus the hosts that they signed up (I hope this makes sense?)

This is where people start to believe that Arbonne is a pyramid scheme because it is based on that model

Arbonne International MLM


Arbonne International Compensation Plan PDF

Arbonne international does have a compensation plan but they like to call it the “Arbonne Success Plan”

The Arbonne International Compensation plan has 20 pages of information and most of it is in-depth which I was going to write about here but I thought that it will be better and easier to share the compensation by PDF download and that way if anyone would like to read it in their own time then they are free to download it and save it from here ⇒ Arbonne International Compensation Plan PDF

How Much Does It Cost To Join Arbonne International?

To become an Arbonne Consultant you would have to pay for a starter kit which includes everything you need to get started plus some samples of their branded products and this costs $79

There is also a $30 yearly charge to remain an Arbonne International Consultant.

But samples are not really good if you want to host a demonstration so Arbonne advise the consultant to buy products to show and most consultants spend around $200-$300

Can You Make Money With Arbonne International?

Yes, you can make money but it won’t be life-changing or long-lasting, you may make a bit of extra money by hosting a selling party from home and selling to friends or family, you may even sell at work by promoting the products to work colleagues but as for making a reliable income, it is quite hard to do so.

You will have to have a huge network of contacts if you were to make any good money and it is also hard to promote online because it is a brand and every consultant is selling that same brand.

As will all MLM’s the only people who make good money are the ones at the top of the ladder and unfortunately a huge percentage make no money at all or even make a loss.

The Pros and Cons of Arbonne


  • Low Start-up Costs
  • Good Quality Products
  • A Good Range of Products
  • Products Not Tested on Animals
  • Can Make Small Money Selling to Friends etc
  • BBB Accredited
  • A Member of DSA


  • Products can be expensive
  • Too much Competition
  • Low Success Rate for Sales
  • A Few Lawsuits against Arbonne (one was for disability discrimination $30,000 fine and the other one was accusations of fraud by using the business as a pyramid scheme but this was dismissed)
  • Have to Meet Monthly Targets to Receive Commission
  • Quite a Few Recalls on Products

Is Arbonne International a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

No Arbonne International is not a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme the business has been around for a long time now plus it is BBB accredited and a member of DSA so this goes to show that it’s not a scam and also they produce their own products so its not a pyramid scheme.

But with that being said, they are also a very clever company and they will always find people to sell for them, so people will come and go, be fed promises and lies but they will never make any good money with an MLM company.

I have said it in my other MLM review posts and I will say it again it is almost impossible to make money with an MLM company and the only people making the big bucks are the directors!

Take this chart as an example↓

Arbonne International MLM Scam

I know that it’s a dream for most people to be able to work from home, be their own boss, make a good income and just be free but this can’t be unfortunately this cannot be the case with MLM’s but there are always other ways and better ways to make money from home and by starting your own business.

If you are serious about making a living being your own boss then why not start your own website and promote whatever you wish? Maybe promote something that you enjoy and are passionate about instead of looking for MLM opportunities where you will only be fed false hope and empty promises.

If you want flexibility and freedom there are great platforms where you can build your own free websites and also have video training which will help you start your own online business and give you lots of encouragement on the way.

I have written an article on this subject which you can check out by following this link >> My Number 1 Recommendation << Go ahead and give it a try, it is free and you have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

I hope this review of Arbonne International MLM has been of some value to you also if you have any comments or questions then please feel free to post them below and I will get right back to you.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best towards your success.



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Arbonne International MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good Products
  • Low Cost Start-up
  • Not Tested on Animals


  • Competitive
  • Low Success Rate
  • Lawsuits
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