Barefoot Books Ambassador-Make Money Selling Books?

Barefoot Books Ambassador

Making money by selling books as a Barefoot Books Ambassador sounds like an ideal opportunity. You can work from home by hosting little parties and selling these children’s books to friends and family.

It may seem a perfect business for you especially if you have a young family at home and just want to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time but can you really make money as a Barefoot Books Ambassador?

I have done some in-depth research on Barefoot Books including their MLM opportunity and I will break down what I have discovered in this review and then you can see for yourself if it is what you are looking for but please be aware that I am not affiliated with Barefoot books in any way so my review good or bad is my honest opinion…Enjoy.

Who are Barefoot Books?

Barefoot Books originally began as a home-based book publishing business in 1993 from two locations Bath, England plus London, England. The company was founded by two young mothers Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland, and between them, they had great knowledge of business studies and also books.

As having a young family (seven children between them) they continued to work from home for the following 7 years but during that time and by 1996 Barefoot Books were already doing about $2 million in sales and in that year they built their own website and it snowballed from thereon.

In 2013 they opened the Ambassador program which allowed people to host little selling parties from home or sale in schools etc to make a commission.

Barefoot books have had their ups and downs but have grown and expanded to other countries with headquarters now in Massachusetts US and in 2017 they were named as one of the top 25 best small companies in America from Forbes.

To this day Barefoot books have won many awards and are a multi-million dollar company that not only sells children books but also sells stories and music CDs plus lots of other children’s educational toys.

What is the Barefoot Books Ambassador opportunity?

You are able to join Barefoot Books as an ambassador and this will allow you to sell children’s books plus related products to your network of customers and you will make a commission on every sale that you make.

These sales can be made by hosting book-themed parties from your home to young families, selling at school and local events plus direct selling to friends and family or even by social media.

Barefoot Books Ambassador

Who is the Barefoot Ambassador Program For?

The Ambassador program is mostly good for someone who wants to make a little extra money by working between 5-10 hours per week promoting children’s books and related products which is ideal for someone with a young family and those who also have a network of friends or family members with young children.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Barefoot as an Ambassador?

It cost $159.99 (US) to become a barefoot book ambassador and this includes registration, training plus a starter pack consisting of  20 best selling children books

Plus to access the Ambassador Business Centre you will have to pay an extra $7.50 per month but only after the first 3 months

What Training Does Barefoot Books Offer?

There are extensive training options when it comes to being an ambassador which includes video training, downloadable PDFs, Live webinars plus they host an annual ambassador training conference should you wish to attend.

How Much Can I Earn as a Barefoot Book Ambassador?

How much you earn comes down to how much you sell and the commission rate on all sales coming from the events that you host will be 30% but you have to bear in mind that you are expected to sell a minimum of $300 during a quarter otherwise you will be demoted into the Living barefoot club where you will only receive 20% commissions and to go back to ambassador you would have to pay a $150 fee to able to receive the 30% commissions again based on the same rules

If you would like to see a full breakdown of the Ambassador compensation plan then you are welcome to view the PDF from here ⇒ Compensation Plan

Barefoot Books Ambassador

The Good and the Bad about Barefoot Books

As with all companies, there are the good points plus the bad points and I will break these down now…

The Good

  • Great Products: Books and educational needs for children always have been and always will be important for child development.
  • Award-Winning Company: With so many awards, this is a company that cares.
  • Good Reputation: Trading for almost 30 years.
  • Meet New People: If expanding your network you could meet new people and make new friends.
  • Use it as a Hobby: Perfect for anyone who loves books and wants to host themed parties.
  • Flexible hours: Ideally 5 to 10 hours per week.

The Bad

  • Not Reliable for an Income: It will be very hard to rely on an income from this business model and you should only think about being an ambassador if you just want a few extra dollars occasionally.
  • Expensive Start-up: $159.99 just to start but this does include 20 top-selling books, so it may be hard to earn a commission to cover the start-up cost if you do not do too well, to begin with.
  • Feel Pressure to Sell: You will feel under pressure to make sales of more than $300 per quarter as anything less will result in a reduction of commission rates from 30% to 20%.

Barefoot Books Ambassador

My Conclusion on Barefoot Books and are they Worth it?

Barefoot books as a company are great, the quality and the artwork of the books are up there with the best and the founders have worked so hard to get where they are now plus the company will continue to grow.

I know that Barefoot books in an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company and if you have read my other MLM reviews you will see mostly negativity from me but these are different and I like them.

The reason why I like them is that whilst doing my research expecting to see loads of complaints about scams, pyramid schemes, rip-offs, etc I couldn’t help but notice the good with the company and it is a clean well organized, respected business and the founders have worked very hard to make it so.

Most MLM company’s main focus is money, getting it quick, and building a pyramid of workers to sell for them without making anything in return, also often at a loss but barefoot books are not one of them.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that I am not affiliated with Barefoot books in any way and that this review is written with an honest opinion and this is true, you will not see a link from me promoting this company so I have nothing to gain in this post, I only enjoyed researching and writing about it.

So with that being said, is selling for Barefoot Books worth it? My answer is it depends on who you are and your own situation.

YES, it is worth it if you just want to promote to friends or family members also young families that you know maybe in the schools or in your local neighborhood which allows you to have a bit of fun and earn a little extra money on the side by working a few hours a week.

No, it’s not worth it if you want to rely on earning a regular income to pay bills, pay towards family vacations, be your own boss, be financially free and also it’s not worth it if you have no interest in children books or child education products.

Barefoot Books Ambassador

Is there an alternative option?

If promoting children’s books and related products doesn’t seem your thing then why not start your own business promoting something that you are passionate about? Something you enjoy most and are knowledgeable about?

It is easy to get started and you can even start for FREE!

If starting your very own business sounds good, you can create your own free website and receive free training towards promoting your business (even if you have no knowledge of building websites)

I’ve written a separate article on this subject and if interested you can read it by clicking here >> How to Start your own Business for FREE <<

I hope that this review has been of some interest to you and if you have any questions or comments (maybe you are already a Barefoot Books Ambassador and would like to leave a review?) then please leave them below and I will do my best to get back to you.

In the been time whatever you choose to do, stay safe, be well and good luck with all your future success.


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Barefoot Books Ambassador






Overall Quality



  • Great Products
  • Good Reputation
  • Flexible


  • Not For Reliable Income
  • Expensive
  • Pressure to Make Sales
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