Cash FX Group Review-Is Cash fx Group a Forex Scam?

Receiving large amounts of money for doing almost nothing sounds like a perfect opportunity for many people and this is what Cash fx Group claims to offer, but who are Cash fx, and how does this work? In this Cash fx Group Review, I will break down everything that I have discovered about this investment opportunity and see if it really is a scam. I think you will be shocked to read what I have found out!


What Is Cash fx Group?

Cash fx Group (or Cash Forex Group) was founded by Huascar Lopez from the Dominican Republic with its headquarters in Panama City, Panama.

The Group is made up of a further 12 members and each of them has specialist knowledge within the trading industry from Marketing experts and Trading experts to technology consultants.

The Cash fx Group claim to be able to teach individuals to trade on the Foreign Exchange Market for them to make a large amount of cash from their investments

What is the Opportunity?

Cash fx Group offers you the opportunity to learn how to make money by trading on the Foreign Exchange Market and by joining the online trading academy you could 15%+ per week on your investments.

The Cash fx Group Academy offers different ways to teach you how to invest and these training modules include…

  • Video Courses
  • ebooks
  • Live Webinars
  • Online Interactive Quizzes

The Trading Academy offers a number of options depending on how much money you would like to invest in “Yourself” and these plans include…

Academy Plans: 

  • Academy 240 Elemental Module- Module 1 and 2, teaching the basic requirements needed towards Forex trading.
  • Academy 900 Elemental Module- Module 1 and 4, an introduction to Japanese Candlesticks (an analyst tool)

Elemental Plans:

  • 5 Elemental plans to choose from depending on how much you want to deposit (from $210 to $2,100)

Advance Plans:

  • A choice 5 Advance Plans aimed towards leaders but with a required deposit of between $3,500 to $14,000.

Supreme Plans:

  • If you are able to deposit between $21,000 and $70,000 you will be able to join the Supreme Plans (Crazy)

Can I make Money With Cash fx Group?

Well first of you you have think about the ROI that is claimed by cash Forex Group which is 15% weekly and only from that statement you can see that it is an outright lie.

I mean, 15% ROI in a week!! Impossible claims and with no proof of these returns which shows me that because of these outrageous claims, I believe you will probably make no cash return on your investment but you might get a little bit of your initial investment returned to you and this is only to show you that you can make some money, but it will be much less than you originally invested.

If Cash Forex Group claimed you could receive 0.5% then I may have given them a bit of credit but no, not at 15%!

Put it this way, if the 15% weekly were to be true, then everyone will be putting all of their money into this system and everybody will become millionaires in no time at all.

But with all this being claimed, cash Forex Group does have an earning disclosure claim which shows that it is not always possible to make an income and are shown in the Terms and Conditions.

CASH FX GROUP REVIEW can i make money

How much do I Have To Pay Cash fx Group?

You will have to deposit a minimum amount of $300 to join Cash Fx Group and up to a crazy amount of $70,000.

The Good and the Bad About Cash fx Group

I have looked deep into this company and have found it hard to find positives, there are many positive reviews online but I have noticed that these have tracking codes in the redirected URL’s which shows me that these are members of Cash fx Group and will receive commissions from anyone joining from their link, so the pros and cons which I have found are..


  • Can Receive a Trickle of Money Being Returned
  • Can Learn how Pyramid Schemes work
  • Can Learn How the MLM Model Works
  • Financial Trading Will Be Around Forever
  • Can learn about the Foreign Exchange Market


  • Will Never Receive a Generous Return on Investment
  • Is a Pyramid Scheme
  • Is an MLM Model
  • Financial Trading Is a Risky Business
  • No Actual Proof of High Earnings

Is Cash fx Group a Scam?

It is hard for me to say if Cash FX is a Scam or not and I know that If I say that it’s a scam then I will get a lot of abuse in the comments by people affiliated with Cash fx Group.

But what I can tell you is that Cash fx Group members do not make money from Forex and that the Group is basically a Multi-Level Marketing Group (MLM)who specialize in recruiting paying members then training them to recruit other paying members and by doing this the member who recruited an individual will receive commissions from the individuals joining fees.

Because there is no actual product to sell (only training), this MLM model then becomes a pyramid scheme.

So, Cash FX Group is a Pyramid Scheme!

My Final Thoughts on the Cash FX Group Review

Investing in the Foreign Exchange Market is a very risky business and a lot of people lose more than they invest but then again there are people making a lot of money on the Foreign Exchange Market.

But to do this you need the correct training and a lot of money to invest, you can not spend more than you can afford to lose which makes it extra risky.

I am sure that there are genuine training platforms that can teach you how to trade on the exchanges but finding them is hard (I am going to continue to look)

If you think about it, why would anyone want to train people to make such a huge amount of money trading when they could just do it themselves without the stress and bother training other people? It’s because they want “your money”

If they could make 15% ROI then surely they will reinvest their own profits and only focus on that because trading on the Foreign Exchange can be a full-time business, so how would they find time to train other people?

Is There an Alternative?

If you would like to try and make money on the financial market then I wish you well, but unfortunately, I can not recommend a good training platform yet.

But if you are just looking for ways to make money from home then why not start your own business website promoting something that you enjoy?

Building your own website and promoting offers is a much safer and easier way to make money online and without the risks.

You can even start for free by reading how I did it by looking at my homepage or you can read my in-depth review on what I believe to be the best training platform to teach you how to start your own online business by clicking here⇒ My #1 Recommendation to creating your own business.

I hope this Cash fx Group Review has been of some value to you, please feel free to leave a comment, maybe you have been involved with Cash Forex Group before and would like to make a comment, or maybe you would recommend another Forex Trading training platform, then please let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading,


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Cash FX Group






Overall Quality



  • Can Learn About Foreign Exchange


  • Expensive
  • Pyramid Scheme
  • MLM Model
  • Huge financial Risk Involved
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