CLICK EARNERS Review-is Click Earners an Employment Scam?

I have written this Click Earners Review based on the fact that there are so many people staying at home during the Global pandemic plus many people have lost their employment and I am sure that there are thousands of people looking online to see if there are any ways to make a bit of extra income working online from home whilst on lockdown.

If this is you and you have come across Click Earners in your search results you may be excited to find such a company to offer you work during these hard times but it’s not all as good as it seems and I will explain this to you by breaking down what I have found and then you can decide for yourself if joining Click Earners is for you.

What is Click Earners?

Once on the website of, it shows you something that is similar to an employment agency offering you the chance to work from anywhere with an Internet connection by becoming an online assistant.

It also says that you will “Discover” how to be an online assistant and get paid to do all types of freelancing work for companies (Note that I quoted “Discover” and you will find out why soon), this freelance work includes…

  • Data Entry/Input
  • Customer Service
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Admin and Secretarial
  • Typing and Writing
  • Online Research
  • Social Media Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Product Testing

They also offer help to have opportunities to do things such as envelope filling and mystery shopping.

Who is Click Earners For?

Clickearners website claim that anyone with an internet connection can be an online assistant, which means you can work from home or anywhere else in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

It is also claimed that anyone can do it no matter your age, ability, or background and you can be as flexible as you wish by setting your own working hours…Sounds Ideal Right?

But they also say that you have to be Reliable, Trustworthy, well organized and have great communication skills.

Click Earners Review Register

How Much Does it Cost to Join Click Earners?

First of all, you have to get approved by giving your email, and when you do get to the APPROVED Great News! You Have Been Accepted page you will then get a box appear telling you that there are limited spaces remaining and because you are based in “Your Country” you are entitled to a 50% discount but you have to proceed straight away and there are 2 payment options.

  • $27 for 12 months access-50% Discount Applied, was $54
  • $57 for a lifetime access-50% Discount Applied, was $114

Click Earners Refund Policy

One good thing about Clickearners is that they do offer a 60-day refund policy and they will refund 100% but in the worst case if you do not get a refund you can always appeal to ClickBank for a refund as this is a ClickBank product

How Much Can I earn With Click Earners?

Clickearners website claim that a typical virtual assistant can earn between $25-$30 per hour and yes this may be true but it does not say that click earners actually pay you nor does it say that they process any payments from any agency so please be aware that these are only general statistics if you were to freelance for a good company yourself.

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My Click Earners Review

I hope you have been able to digest the information that I have written so far because now I will give my honest review and tell you what I have found out about this company and go through this in more depth.

First of all, this is a ClickBank product and I’m not sure if you already know about ClickBank but basically, they sell a digital product so if you were to pay and join Click Earners you will only receive a digital product which will most likely be some PDF’s and worksheets.

So you may think that this website looks like an employment site but it’s not, it is only an informational website and you will pay for information that is mostly free to find online anyway.

You will be given written instructions on topics such as registering with real freelance websites such as UpWork, Fivver, etc and these are free to join plus you can get help on their platforms or even look it up on YouTube and google.

They will show you what social network groups to join where a community of people gives help and advice towards freelancing.

Clickearners will give you PDF downloads with descriptions of online freelancing jobs but not training on how to do them.

They give you templates for cover letter resumes but again you can get these for free online and on job search websites.

Once you are a member and you pay for this widely available information, will have your information because you will be on their email list for them to start sending you emails regarding upsells and added bonuses which they will want to sell to you.

All of this is fine if you want to pay a minimum of $27 for basic information and have all of this information in one go and paying this is fine if you do not want to research these things yourself and $27 is not a huge amount of money to lose.

I am an affiliate marketer and I get paid for promoting companies but I am honest so I write honest reviews and I would not tell lies just to make a sale but if you still believe that you will want to join Click Earners then you can do so through this link>>Click Here to Buy Click Earners and I will get commissions from what you buy (told you I’m honest)!

The Good and the Bad about Click Earners.

As with all companies, there are pros and there are cons and I will break these down for you…


  • Not a bad Price: $27 is cheap for some written information, a few tips and ideas that may be of some value to you if you just focus on this source of information only and not look elsewhere.
  • 60-day money-back Guarantee: Quite a good guarantee and 100% so you could always try it out for a few months and if you see no progress that you can ask for your money back.
  • Updated Information: The information is updated with new social media groups and new freelance companies.


  • A Very Misleading Website: Without looking too deep into the website you would assume that it was a job site and they know the companies hiring freelancers but they are merely relaying already known public information and that is why they wrote the sentence You will “Discover” how to be an online assistant!
  • Anyone Can Register: I clicked that I had No Internet Access and No time to commit but they still Approved and accepted me which goes to show that they only want to sell the PDFs.
  • No About Us Page: I believe that to be trusted online you need to have an about page with the information on the company founders, the story behind the company, and the intention of the business.
  •  Misleading Again: They can target you by your location so when you go on their website it will instantly tell you that they need more members from “your country” and they will insert your country name.
  • Upsells: Most companies use the upsell method but you would never originally assume this when you register as you are to believe that it is a job website.
  • Emails: I’ve updated this part because just researching the company, I have had so many emails from them into my research email address, plus more spam and some scams that they are affiliated with.

Is Click Earners a Scam?

No Click Earners is not a scam but they are very misleading, they should at least tell people what they will receive before they pay for anything, they should show people what they will get for their money and they should be honest with it but at least they do have a money-back guarantee.

Click Earners Review very small print
Click Earners Review very small print

Final Thoughts

If you really want to be an online assistant I will save you $27 right now by advising you for free on a similar strategy to Click Earners.

  1. Update your resume for free on Canva or similar
  2. Join big well-known freelance platforms online such as UpWork
  3. Offer your services on platforms such as Fiverr Click Here To Read More About Fiverr
  4. Join freelancing groups on Facebook
  5. Search online forums for groups

I am not affiliated with these platforms (apart from but this is basically what Clickearners offer.

Or you can do the same as me which is making money online by affiliate marketing and working for yourself.

It is not the business to make money quickly as it takes time to build a website and to receive training but it is possible to start making money within a few months and you can always try for FREE!

In one of my other reviews, you can read what I believe to be the best platform for helping start an online business, it’s free to join and you can check this out here >>> My Number 1 Recommendation to Starting a Business Online

I hope this Click Earners Review has been of some valuable information to you, should you have any comments or questions then please feel free to leave them below and I will get right back to you.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best with whatever you do.

Stay safe,


*Update-within 3 days of writing this Click Earners Review I have been bombarded with emails from the company which are all Spam, so I will advise on Not dealing with them and I have now reduced my rating*

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Overall Quality



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  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Misleading Information
  • Spam
  • Too Many Upsells
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