Color Street MLM Review-Is Selling Color Street Worth it?

Starting your own business may seem like a perfect opportunity and can be very rewarding but who can you trust to help you start? Color Street offers such an opportunity but is selling color street worth it? In this Color Street MLM Review I have broken down everything there is to know about this nail polish company and reveal if they are an MLM Pyramid Scheme or if they are legit (you may be shocked with what I have found)

What Is Color Street?

Founded in 2017 by Fa Park, Color Street is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company based in New Jersey that specializes in nail art and nail polish.

Individuals have the opportunity to start their own nail bar business by joining Color Street as MLM consultants.

To this date August 2020, Color Street has over 6,000 consultants and has recorded revenue of more than $120 million in 2019.

You can check out this YouTube video from the founder Fa Park to see how Color Street began

What Products Does Color Street Sell?

Color Street sells a huge range of nail polish strips in many designs for all occasions, these strips are made with 100% actual nail polish which can fit on your own nails.

Costing only $13 these Color Street Nail Polish Strips can last up to 2 weeks and only can easily be removed with nail polish remover.

color street mlm review nail strips

Color Street MLM Business Opportunity

Color Street became an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company in 2017 and allowed Color Street to recruit consultants to do the selling for them and in return for each sale, the consultants are able to receive commissions.

The commission rates are 25% from all sales but there are options to receive more commissions and this is by recruiting other members to join Color Street as consultants (downlines), so by doing this you will be able to receive extra small commissions and you will also have the chance to receive bonuses such as team building bonuses, leadership bonus and even the chance to earn a new car

There are many ways to promote Color Street and the most common way is to host a party from your home, this is where your invite friends and family to your home, supply them with refreshments, and showcase your nail strip products with the intention to getting some sales.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Color Street?

There is a start-up kit if you were to join Color Street and the basic cost is $129 but there is the option to upgrade to the $299 for the deluxe showcase kit

For the $129 basic start-up kit you will receive $250 worth of products and tools but for the $299 kit, you will receive $600 worth of products, added accessories plus more promotional tools

color street mlm review starter kit

Can You Make Money With Color Street?

My honest opinion is that I believe it will be very hard to make money with color street with the main reason being the cost, I mean the nail strips alone cost a very little £13 so if you were to sell a set of nail strips for $13, you will receive 25% commission which results in $3.25 and if you consider that these nail strips last for up to 2 weeks then how often or how many strips will your customers buy?

It can be a good opportunity to make a few extra dollars by hosting a home selling party but to make a full-time income from selling nail strips, unfortunately, will be impossible unless you have a very large network of friends and family members.

25% commission is very generous for an MLM company but the cost of the product is small and if you were to host a home selling party then you will need to consider your initial financial outlay, this could include food and drinks, plus your personal time getting things ready, hosting the nail bar party, cleaning up after your gusts plus processing the orders, this all equals to a lot of cost and time.

So if you wanted to rely on a full-time income from selling color street nail strips, you would have to sell around 300 sets of nail strips per week to make an fairly decent income but to make those sales will be almost impossible.


Good Product: The nail strips is a good product to sell to your network of friends or family members, it is quite a unique product in the MLM market so not too common.

Fun Selling: It can be fun to host a party from your home and make a few extra dollars whilst doing so.

Great Commission Rates: A basic rate of 25% commission is great, plus there is the chance of earning more from recruiting other sellers.

Your Personal Website: If you sign up with color street, you will get your personal website where you can promote through platforms such as Facebook, etc

Low Start-Up Cost: From only $129 you can start your nail strip business, so it is not a huge amount of money to lose should you be unable to sell and you do get $250 worth of products included in the start-up cost


MLM Company: It is a well-known fact that over 99% of people selling for MLM companies fail to make any money or even make a loss!

Cheap Product: Each product only costs around $13, to make any good money, you will have to sell hundreds of products, so will need a large network of contacts.

Too Much Competition: There are thousands of people selling color street products online which makes it hard to promote online unless you are great at internet marketing and can outrank your competitors, so you are limited to only your own social circle.

You Will Lose Friends: It is sad but true, there have been so many people trying to over-promote their products on social media that their social network contacts actually end up blocking them

Negative Product Reviews: Just a quick look on Amazon will reveal that these products are poorly made and there have been complaints on BBB

color street mlm review complaints

Is Color Street an MLM Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

No, color street is neither an MLM scam nor a pyramid scheme, they do sale their own unique products but as I have already mentioned it is hard to sell and most consultants who do find it hard to sell MLM products go on to try and recruit other members (downlines) so that they can make commissions from their downlines and this is why people often consider Color Street as a pyramid scheme, but it is not necessary to recruit others, it’s only advised but would you really want to promote an MLM scheme when you know that there’s a 99% chance of failure?

My Color Street MLM Review Conclusion-Is Selling Color Street Worth it?

I think you can see from what I have already written, the answer to the question Is Selling Color Street Wort It? Is a big NO, unless you only want to have a bit of fun and hopefully make a small amount of extra money whilst doing so, but to sell the products as a business opportunity will ultimately fail, the same as 99% of other consultants selling for MLM companies and as proven by research.

But Please Do Not Give Up Hope! There are plenty of other ways to make good money from home and I have reviewed some of the best.

If you are serious about making money from home and would like to start an online business then check out my other post where you can read where to get the best training, a free website and you can promote anything in which you wish (no need for MLM companies, you can work for yourself)

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I hope this color street MLM review has been of some value to you, if you do have any questions or comments then please leave them in the comment box and I will get right back to you.

To your success


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Color Street MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good Commission Rate
  • Low Start-Up
  • Personal Website


  • MLM Company
  • Cheap Product
  • Negative Product Reviews
  • Competitive
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