Cove Creek MLM Review-Skin Care Opportunity with Goat Milk?

If you are looking for ways to make money from home, signing up as a consultant with an MLM company may seem ideal to you. Most MLM opportunities are easy and affordable to get started. Cove Creek offers this business opportunity with its unique skincare brand formulated using goat milk. In this Cove Creek MLM Review, I’ll check out the company and the products to see if you can make money as a consultant. Is this the opportunity you’ve been looking for? It may not be as simple as you think.

What is Cove Creek MLM?

Cove Creek is a young multi-level marketing (MLM) company based in Old Fort, North Carolina. The company was founded by Carol Tanner and specializes in natural beauty and skincare products made from goat milk.

The Cove Creek Company is run from Carol Tanner’s family farm where chickens, ducks, alpacas, and goats freely roam.

Cove Creek makes skincare and body care products using their own farm goat milk. From January 2020, individuals were given the opportunity to sell the skincare products as consultants and by doing so can earn a commission based on the sales achieved. 

At the time of writing this review, the Cove Creek MLM opportunity is only available in the US.

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What Products Do Cove Creek Sell?

Cove Creek sells a large range of skincare and body care products made from natural ingredients and these are broken down into the following categories.

  • Bundled Savings: A great range of bundles and duo’s from the popular products. Prices range from $24.00 for a duo to $141.00 for a bundle.
  • Face: From Lip Soothers to goat milk mud masks at a cost from $14.00 to $141.00
  • Body: All natural products for the care of your body, from goat milk bath salts to after sun aloe gel. Costing from $22.95 to $94.00
  • Hair: From a sweet orange and clove shampoo bar for $15.30 to a Love my Hair bundle pack for $60.00. Cove Creek products care for hair.
  • Bath: Natural products for baths and showers. From relaxation shower mist for $14.45 to a bath and body bundle pack for $94.00.
  • Pets: Every pet owner only wants the best for their pets and Cove Creek offers pet care products. They offer Flee and Tick shampoo bars filled with moisturizer and cinnamon for $20.00 which can be ordered as a one-time purchase or a monthly auto-ship.
  • Clearance: This is regularly updated, so you can always grab yourself a bargain.

Cove Creek MLM Review product

Are Cove Creek Products Worth Their Price?

To be fair, the price for the Cove Creek products is reasonable and is in line with other similar items sold online, and is produced from the family farm which makes it even more worth the price.

Yes, you can find slightly cheaper items on sites such as Amazon, but these could be massively produced and then fulfilled by Amazon (as you can see in the image below). So even the thought of goats roaming freely on the farm makes the product price most definitely worth it.

cove creek mlm review amazon product

The Cove Creek MLM Opportunity

As Cove Creek uses the multi-level marketing (MLM)business plan, anyone who decides to join will have the opportunity to make a bit of extra money by selling the branded product as a consultant. This extra money will be paid in commissions, so the more products you sell, the more commission you make. 

The MLM business model can be quite confusing because it’s not all about selling the product but it’s also about building a team of other consultants (sort of like a pyramid).

You can easily solely concentrate on selling the product as an active consultant and by doing this you can be a simple seller and sell to your network of contacts (friends/family members). As an active consultant, you can receive up to 25% commission from the sales which you make.

If you want to level-up, you can start by recruiting other people to become consultants (downlines). By doing this, you will become a managing consultant where you earn even more commission based on your downline sales. This is only the second level and there are 9 levels in totals, which are…

  1. Active Consultant
  2. Managing Consultant
  3. Directing Consultant
  4. Silver Consultant
  5. Gold Consultant
  6. Platinum Consultant
  7. 1 Star Diamond Consultant
  8. 2 Star Diamond Consultant
  9. 3 Star Diamond Consultant

Cove Creek MLM Review Star Diamond Consultant

It takes a lot of hard work to get past the managing consultant status.

As I’ve already mentioned, the MLM business model can be very confusing, and if you want to take a deeper look into the details, you can download the Cove Creek compensation plan here.

There are also extra bonuses based on performance, such as company profit share. Again, this can look confusing but you can check out the cove creek compensation plan for a more detailed explanation.

Cove Creek MLM Review compensation plan bonus

How Much Does It Cost to Join Cove Creek as a Consultant?

It costs only $29.95 to join Cove Creek as a consultant and for this, you get a personalized website, training, and support.There is an annual fee of $29.95 which covers the maintenance of your website, training, etc. There are no monthly fees.

To remain an active Cove Creek Consultant, there is a requirement that you will have to maintain $150.00 in sales every 3 rolling months.

There is no requirement to purchase a starter pack, but there is an offer for new start-ups to purchase a product pack at a discounted price. These products can be used for showcasing, selling, or can be for your personal use.

Can You Make Money With Cove Creek?

Yes, it’s quite possible to make money with Cove Creek and I believe that it’s because of the uniqueness of the product, the benefits, the story behind the product (remember free-roaming goats). Also, it is possible to make money by selling these products because the company is still young and it’s not oversaturated as similar companies such as Natura Brasil (who own The Bodyshop and Avon).

I can’t say how much you can make, this all depends on a number of things such as how many contacts you have, how good you are at selling.

Because you also get a personalized website, you will need to get people to visit. So, you will need to know about SEO, Social Networking, etc. But if you master this, you can get a lot of sales and lots of commission.

But long-term results? It’s hard to say and only time will tell!


A Young Company

Consultants began working with Cove Creek in early 2020, so the world is only starting to hear about it as the hype is there and are probably looking for their closest consultant but not everyone is selling it at the moment (not like Avon or Tupperware).

Great Products and Cruelty-Free

People care about animals, and it’s becoming ever so trendy to purchase cruelty-free products. Cove Creek work from the family farm where all the animals live a happy life (so I believe). This is a huge plus for me and plenty of others.

Low Start-up Costs

For only $29.95 per year, you can be up and running in no time at all, so you could probably have a return on your investment after the first few sells.

Personalized Website and Training

The website and maintenance are included in the start-up costs. I am not 100% sure if there are any website hosting fees, but I don’t believe there are any.


MLM Business Model

Even though I like the company itself, I am totally against the MLM business model. It is a fact that over 99% of people doing MLM make very little money or even make a loss. This is quite a concern!

Run the Risk of Losing Friends

I’m not sure what the marketing strategy is for selling these products but I guess that it’s similar to other MLM programs. Most MLM consultants are encouraged to promote the products on social media platforms but this leads to being reported as spam and gets you blocked. Long-term you run the risk of losing friends and losing your reputation.

Can be mistaken as a Pyramid Scheme

A big part of MLM is to build a team by recruiting other people to join as consultants (downlines) and to try and level-up by getting these downlines to also recruit. This makes it look like a pyramid scheme but it’s not compulsory to recruit, only recommended.

Cove Creek MLM review pyramid scheme

Is Cove Creek a Scam?

I wouldn’t say that Cove Creek is a scam but the business model that they use should be some-how changed. They have worked hard to get where they are now, they have a good product and I can see them doing very well. It’s just a shame that they use the MLM method. 

Cove Creek MLM Review Conclusion 

If it wasn’t for the MLM side of the business, then this Cove Creek Review will be 100% positive. As you can see from the Cons, the only negative parts are related to MLM.

If only Cove Creek sold their products in the stores or on 1 website instead of recruiting consultants, then this will be a different story. (maybe they will someday?). They are a good company and I wish them all the success for the future.

I would be happy to know if this Cove Creek MLM review has helped you in any way and if it has, then please leave a comment down below. (you don’t have to insert your email address).

If after reading this review you have decided not to try MLM and would like to look into other options, then you could always look into affiliate marketing. I have reviewed so many “online money-making opportunities”. It always comes down to affiliate marketing being the best.

If this option interests you, then check out my number 1 recommended Product here. It gives you step-by-step video training, all the tools to be successful, two money-making websites. Best of all it’s free to join.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the success.


Cove Creek MLM






Overall Quality



  • Personal Website
  • Training Included
  • Great Range Of Products
  • Low Cost Start-up


  • MLM Company
  • Risk losing Friends
  • Can be mistaken as a Pyramid Scheme
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2 thoughts on “Cove Creek MLM Review-Skin Care Opportunity with Goat Milk?”

  1. The products are not made with ingredients from their family farm! They source ingredients used in their products! Also, the prices are high compared to other similar products on the market today. Do your research, there are better priced and better quality products on the market than what they offer. The company isn’t run from a farm, it’s run from a warehouse. There is nothing unique about this brand. There are other direct sales companies with far superior all natural products and there are also the Mom & Pop run businesses that offer better products, much better prices and all natural products.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your comment. It looks like I was misled whilst doing my research.
      That’s the clever thing about online marketing, you never know who to trust and I have always had an open mind when doing my reviews.
      Thank you for the eye-opener, I will look more deeply into Cove Creek and update my review in due course.
      Please feel free to send a link to a Mom & Pop run business.
      Thanks again,


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