Coway MLM Review- Make Money From Water and Air Purifiers?

Making money by starting your own business and selling much-needed products can seem like a dream to most people but can you really make money from water and air purifiers? Coway seems to think so, but are they telling the truth? Can you be a Life Care Specialist? In this Coway MLM review, I look into the products and the business opportunity. So by the end of this review, you will know whether Coway offers a great business idea or whether it should be avoided. The result may surprise you.

What is Coway MLM?

Coway is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that was founded in South Korea back in 1998. Coway is the largest MLM/direct sales company in Korea and the 8th largest MLM company in the world.

In 2020 Coway reported revenue of $2.59 Billion from its global sales which are from Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, China, Indonesia, The Netherlands, and more.

With the main selling products being Water and Air Purifiers, Coway also sells other products including mattresses and beauty products.

What Products do Coway Sell?

Coway not only sells Water Purifiers but also Air Purifiers, Bathroom Accessories, Outdoor Water Filter Systems, and even Mattresses.

These Coway products are broken down into the following categories…

  • Water Purifier: A selection of 10 water purifiers, with 7 being used for tabletops and 3 being freestanding.
  • Air Purifier: A choice of 5 available air purifiers, all freestanding.
  • Bathroom: From a choice of 3 bidets to a water softener which can be also used as a shower.
  • Outdoor: An outdoor water filter system.
  • Mattress: The Coway prime series mattress comes with a personal mattress cleaning service.

Coway MLM review product

Are Coway Products Worth Their Cost?

Even though Coway products come with a free 1-year service and the products have a good reliable reputation. I do however believe that the Coway products are quite expensive compared to other similar products online.

For example, if you take the lowest cost Coway Air Purifier (BREEZE (AP-1018F) which retails at 2500 Malaysian Ringgit (615 US Dollar). You can find a similar or even better Air Purifier on Amazon for only $164.99 (670 MYR).

Coway MLM Review cost

The same goes for the other products. There are similar or better quality, and even more popular branded Water and Air Purifiers, like Dyson, at a much more reasonable cost.

The Coway MLM Opportunity

As Coway is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, anyone who joins them as a direct seller will have the opportunity to make commissions by selling or renting out the Coway products.

People who join Coway as a direct seller also have the opportunity to make more money by recruiting other people to be sellers (Sort of like a pyramid scheme).

Direct sellers are expected to promote the Coway products by visiting households and businesses. The commission rates are a basic 15% for sales achieved.

Can You Make Money Selling Coway?

Unfortunately due to the selling method which Coway uses (door-to-door) and with the current pandemic. The door-to-door direct selling method is just not working anymore, and to be honest, I believe that door-to-door direct selling has finished completely.

I know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of Coway salespeople left the direct selling model to focus on Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping, as there was no longer any money being made because of the social restrictions.

So, the only way to make money selling Coway is to sell the products online. But then you have to forget the direct face-to-face sales talk and concentrate on things such as local SEO, keyword research, social media marketing, and a lot more.

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Established Company: Coway has been around since 1998 and is now one of the largest MLM companies in the world.

Good Quality Products: The reviews of the products are great and they are much-needed products. Everyone needs clean water and clean air.

Great Commission Rates: 15% basic commission may not seem a lot, but with the product being quite expensive, you can make a lot of money from each sale.

Chance of Residual Income: Coway also rents out their products, so if you were to rent something to a customer, you will earn a 15% commission from the monthly rental costs.


MLM Model: It can be very hard to make money by selling for an MLM company and it is proven that less than 1% of people direct selling for MLMs actually make good money.

Outdated Sales Method: Going door-to-door and visiting homes and businesses no longer works very well. People like to buy online and read reviews from real people who have previously purchased the same product.

Expensive Products: Even though they are of good quality, Coway products can be quite expensive and similar items can be sourced at a much lower cost.

Hard to Sale: You can not expect to sell every day and a sale will be hard to come by. So you could be wasting a lot of time and energy whilst making no money.

Is Coway a Scam?

Coway is most definitely not a scam, they produce good quality products. It is only the business model that they use (MLM) which makes it look like a scam.

I mean, people trying to sell Coway products have been out day and night, desperately trying to get a sale. But in the end, go home in disappointment, this is how MLMs work (No sale=No support=No Money)

Coway MLM Review Conclusion.

Whilst the Coway MLM business is huge, especially in the Malaysian market, it is unfortunately not as good as it sounds. There are literally thousands and thousands of people out there trying to sell the same products but without success.

Gone are the days of door-to-door selling. The people who are making the money are the ones that are making the sales online, and these sellers know how to promote online. But unfortunately, Coway does not teach this method, so the training is very outdated.

If you do know internet marketing, then great, you could make good money by dropshipping Coway products. But then, if you know about Internet marketing, you could promote just about anything and make better commissions.

Final Thoughts

I know that this Coway MLM review is quite neutral and if you were to become a direct seller for Coway, I wish you all the success. But it is a very hard business to make money from.

If you are interested in making some extra money then why not start your own online business? There is literally a choice of millions of products to promote. There will be no door-to-door selling and people will come to you.

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Overall Quality



  • Great Products
  • Established Company
  • Good Commission Rates


  • MLM Company
  • Expensive Products
  • Hard to Sell
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