CROWD1 MLM REVIEW-Is Crowd1 Legit or is it a Pyramid Scam?

What is Crowd1 and is Crowd1 Legit? Or is crowd1 some sort of Pyramid Scam? What you read in the Crowd1 MLM Review may shock you! I have heard the name of this business pop-up all over the internet recently as an MLM company and there seems to be a lot of hype but who are they and can you really make good money with them? I have spent endless hours researching Crowd1 and I have now come to my conclusion which I will break-down what I discovered in this Crowd1 MLM Review.

How Does Crowd1 Work?-The Opportunity!

First of all, you have to become a member of crowd1 and invest a fee from $99 to $2,499 and by doing this you get “owner rights” which will allow you to promote the invisible products (Sorry, I meant Digital Software!)

So you buy shares into the Crowd1 scheme and the company then promises you a return on your investment as you have “owner rights” and the company will use your investment for advertising to get more even investors (You still personally have to find investors) The payment fee’s for shares have 4 tiers which are …

  • White: $99 Investment for Company Shares Worth $100
  • Black: $299 Investment for Company Shares Worth $300
  • Gold: $799 Investment for Company Shares Worth $1,000
  • Titanium: $2,499 Investment for Company Shares Worth $3,500

But there is a slight catch, when you pay your investment you will have to personally recruit a minimum amount of other investors for you to get paid commissions which will be 10% of their investment.

So, again broken down it looks like this…

  • Invest $99 into the White Tier, you would have to recruit a minimum of 4 investors to qualify for the 10% commissions from level 1
  • Invest $299 into the Black Tier, you have to recruit a minimum of 8 investors to qualify for the 10% commissions from level 1 and 2
  • Recruit 12 Investors to qualify for 10% commissions from your referrals investing on levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Invest $799 into the Gold Tier you would have to recruit a minimum of 16 investors to qualify for 10% commissions from levels 1,2,3 and 4
  • Invest $2,499 into the Titanium Tier to receive 10% from your referrals investing into levels 1,2,3,4 and 5

There is a bonus though! and that bonus is called “Fear of Loss Bonus” which encourages you to hurry up and recruit investors before you realize that Crowd1 is a scam and before Crowd1 gets shut down by the governments.

So within 14 days of joining Crowd1, you are encouraged to promote like crazy and rip people off by offering the “Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime” and by doing this you can have a nice “Fear Of Loss bonus” of the following…

  • $125 for recruiting 4 Investors into the White Tier
  • $375 for recruiting 4 Investors into the Black Tier
  • $1,000 for recruiting 4 investors into the Gold Tier
  • $3,000 for recruiting 4 investors into the Titanium Tier

I have to be honest with you, It took me such a long time to research Crowd1 and their so-called software products but all I could understand is that there are no good products to promote, they are only recruiting people to buy shares into their company!

Can You Make Money With Crowd1 and How Much?

Yes, you probably can make money and maybe quite a bit but it will be short-lived and you will make money from gullible people, hopeful people, and desperate people, so basically you can make money by scamming people until the company gets shut down which will hopefully be soon!

How much Does it Cost to Join Crowd1?

  • $99 for the White Starter Package
  • $299 for the Black Package
  • $799 for the Gold Package
  • $2,499 for the Titanium 

What is Good about Crowd1?


Crowd1 MLM Review
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What is Bad about Crowd1?


Crowd1 are basically recruiting a network of people to recruit more and more people then taking everyone’s money by promising to help the developing countries gain access to quality software when in reality these developing country residents pay some money (the little they can afford) after reading false hope claims of wealth and but they get in return for their money is crappy Investment ideas and worse still, Some Dodgy Gambling Systems!

Crowd1 are targeting the vulnerable people in developing countries by just giving them so much Spam, it’s the same systems that existed back in the day when the Internet became popular in the developed world, everybody was getting scam offers sent to their email inboxes and that’s why Spam folders were designed.

Is Crowd1 Legit?

No, not at all! If Crowd1 was legit and did offer genuine investment shares in the company then why are they not registered with any Financial Regulators?

Why is there no full descriptions about the products being sold to developing countries? (I shall tell you why further on down)

Is Crowd1 a Scam?

Yes, of course, Crowd1 is a Scam! Growd1 was founded by Cypriot Stelios Piskopianos and Stelios is the founder of other platforms including AffilGo and if you have never heard of AffilGo it is similar to ClickBank where it is full of Digital Product Information and affiliates get paid to promote these products. (you can check these out but I am not going to link to them)

Stelios is also the Founder of GritHub and Grithub sell Online Digital Courses priced from $99-$2,499

The most interesting thing is that Stelios Piskopianos has recently started to develop a new website called MIGGSTER which claims to be the next big thing in Social Gaming (in Pre-Launch at the moment but the website is live)

And My Conclusion?

Stelios Piskopianos is a clever man, he is mainly focusing on his future website Miggster and he needs investments.

He is offering a crafty way for people to invest in Crowd1 and invest quickly, these investors believe that they have a share in Crowd1 so they promote the company and recruit more investors.

The product that they do sell will be cheap worthless Digital Information Products from the online platform AffilGo and they will also sell online digital courses from the other website GritHub (Both owned by Stelios)

All of the Revenue earned by Crowd1 will be used to directly fund the Gaming Platform MIGGSTER.

Soon and very soon, the company Crowd1 will be shut-down either by authorities or by Stelios himself when the referrals slow down and it is already starting to happen!

Crowd1 MLM Review scam

PROOF: In February 2020 The Bank of Namibia has already banned Crowd1 after classing it as a pyramid scheme (Bank of Namibia Official Letter)

Crowd1 MLM Review pyramis scam

When this does happen, all of the people who think they have shares in Crowd1 will have nothing! The business will fold and remember that they are not registered with any Financial Regulators so there is no financial compensation.

The shareholders may be out of pocket and no longer exist but at least AffilGo, GritHub, and Miggster have access to millions of personal email addresses of potential buyers for their software

Crowd1 as a company will eventually fold and Stelios knows this and he planned it all along!

UPDATE April 29th, 2020: The Crowd1 Scheme has now had a fraud warning Issued from the Philippines and you can read this proof here ⇒ 2020Advisory_Crowd1-Asia-Pacific-Inc.04282020

Final Thoughts

I do hope you have taken this information seriously and I know that it can be upsetting believing that you have found the perfect business opportunity but then to find that it’s been a scam all along, I have been there before and I know that there are thousands upon thousands of scams online.

I really hope that you haven’t fallen for such scams in the past and I hope you do find the best opportunity for you in the future.

My website is still in the early stages of development and my aim now is to find good opportunities to make a business online but it is hard to find great trusted companies as there are so many bad scams out there.

I have written some reviews on MLM scams and will continue to add more going forward, you can read these reviews by clicking on my blog and take note of the ones to avoid.

You can also see how I started my own online business by my Start Here Page which will hopefully teach you some good things.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read this Crowd1 MLM Review, I do hope it’s been of some value to you.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get right back to you.

I wish you all the success for now and for the future and remember Crowd1-Nothing is Possible!








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