Cryptotab Browser Review-is Cryptotab Browser a Scam?

Earning a bit of free extra money whilst browsing the Internet seems like an ideal opportunity and that is what Cryptotab claim to offer, by installing the Cryptotab Browser you can earn money just by doing your everyday things like watching videos, checking your social networks, etc. But is Cryptotab Browser a Scam or can you really make money by just letting it run in the background?

In this Cryptotab Browser review, I will break-down everything there is to know about this company to see if you really can make money just by surfing the web.

What is Cryptotab Browser?

Used by more than 10 million people across the globe, Cryptotab is the world’s very first free lightweight browser with a special feature for mining bitcoin. This allows internet users to make money whilst simply doing their everyday web surfing and allowing Cryptotab to run in the background.

The Cryptotab Opportunity.

This is a pretty simple opportunity which requires not much work but simply installing a browser similar to the Google Chrome Browser and then just continue doing your everyday online activities, you do not have to change anything which you normally do online, just continue surfing the net, watching videos, visiting your social network sites, etc, so basically, you are getting paid to be online.

Cryptotab will be working in the background gathering information, data, and mining for Monero(XMR) which will then be converted into bitcoin and can be withdrawn at any time.

You are able to install the free Cryptotab Browser to any desktop, laptop, and mobile, so it’s available to anything able to surf the internet (Windows and Mac).

A great feature with the Cryptotab Browser is that you use it exactly the same as Google Chrome and once installed you are still able to use your bookmarks and saved tabs, so you can not really see any difference.

The browser also runs smoothly, efficiently and all chrome-based plugins can be used without any problems.

It really is as simple as earning money whilst browsing the internet, you can even watch Netflix and let Cryptotab run in the background.

How Much Money Can You Make With Cryptotab Browser?

I can not say for sure how much money you can make with this Bitcoin Mining Browser, it all depends on how much time you spend online and if you decide to promote the browser (This will allow you the chance to get extra bitcoin).

You will never make millions of dollars, you may only make a small amount to treat yourself to a bottle of wine but it’s money for nothing.

I’ve read stories of people earning an extra few hundred dollars per month and I’ve read stories of people earning a few extra dollars per month so it all depends on how active you are online.

The best way to make good money with Cryptotab is promoting the browser through sites such as social media, blog-posts if you have a blog, YouTube if you have a channel (easy to get) plus there are other ways and by doing this you are able to receive a small percentage from your referrals earnings and this can amount to a lot of money over time if you were to get referrals.

But you do not have to promote the Cryptotab Browser if you don’t want to, you can simply leave it running whilst continuing your everyday internet activities.

Cryptotab Browser Review

How Much Does It Cost To Use Cryptotab?

Cryptotab offer a free download, it’s a simple extension to your browser and you would not even notice it being there, just download, install and carry on with your day-to-day activities


Earn Money Surfing the Internet

Where else can you earn money whilst simply watching videos, checking out your social networks, playing online games, visiting websites, or whatever you normally do online?

FREE Download

The Cryptotab is easy to download and install plus it is completely free.

Compatible with all Chrome-based Plugins

Just like Google Chrome, you will not see much difference and can still use all chrome plugins.

An Entry into Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a huge market, it would be so cool to tell people that you are involved with cryptocurrency.

Can use it as a Business

If you know how to promote things you may be able to make a lot of money by promoting the download of the Browser and maybe build a little website aimed at promoting Cryptotab? (there are many ways to promote)


Can take a While to Make Good Money.

You may not make any bitcoin for a few days or weeks but over time and by just letting it run you will see increases in your earnings.

I mean, you could install the browser today then forget about it until next year where you realize that you have a few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin to withdraw?

It’s based on the MLM Model.

If you take a look at my MLM reviews you will notice that I classed most of them as scams and only a few as legit because I do not like the MLM model (Multi-Level Marketing).

But with Cryptotab MLM it is different, mainly because it is free and you do not have to sell products (You have to pay money to most MLM schemes)

Is Cryptotab Browser a Scam?

After looking deep into this company I have realized that Cryptotab Browser is not a scam, there is a lot of positive feedback about the browser and also they do not claim that you can make millions of dollars by surfing the net like a lot of scams do.

Also, it’s free to download, so if it was a scam they will probably charge for the download and give false promises but Cryptotab does not.

Some people think it looks like a pyramid scheme and yes I agree, but again there is no investment required and most (if not all) pyramid schemes ask for payment upfront, so this is not a pyramid scheme.

The Browser also comes with a pop-up blocker extension, so you can be sure that Cryptotab will not bombard you with ads.

Cryptotab Browser Review

Final Thoughts on My Cryptotab Browser Review

When it comes to making money online you will see that there are endless opportunities out there and most of them are outright scams but I built this website to show people like you what are the legit companies to join and who to avoid.

I am always honest in my reviews and I really believed that Cryptotab would be another scam but whilst doing the research I could not see much negatively with this browser.

It’s a simple way to make money and is free to start, so there is nothing to lose by trying it as there is no commitment and at worse it can always be removed if you do not like it.

I am now using the Cryptotab Browser and it feels good to be part of the cryptocurrency market plus it’s slightly addictive watching the digits increase but it’s all good.

If you do decide to try out the browser then I hope you have some fun and earn a bit of extra money but if you would like more ways to earn money online then check out what I believe to be the best way to Start Your Own Online Business for FREE.

You can even run the Bitcoin mining Browser at the same time as starting your own online business and by doing this you earn whilst you learn as you have the chance to generate multiple income streams.

Thank you for reading this cryptotab browser review, I wish you all the best with your success.


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Cryptotab Browser






Overall Quality



  • Free Download
  • Easy Money
  • A Huge Market


  • Can Take Time To See Earnings
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