Cutco Knives MLM Review-Make Money Selling Knives?

Making a bit of extra money by working from home may seem appealing for most people and many companies are offering this opportunity with Cutco Knives being one but is there money to be made with Cutco or are they an MLM scam? In this Cutco Knives MLM Review, I break down everything there is to be known, and by the end of this review, you will have a better understanding of their MLM model and then can decide whether its something you would like to do or completely avoid (You may be surprised)

What Is Cutco Knives MLM?

Cutco Knives MLM Review

Cutco Knives is a New York-based company that was founded way back in 1949 and specializes in the production and sales of Knives and other related products.

Cutco is also part of Vector Marketing and is an MLM (Multi-level marketing) company and by being an MLM company, anyone who wishes to sell the Cutco brand has the opportunity to join and make a commission from every sale that they make.

What Other Products Do Cutco Sell?

Cutco not only sell Kitchen knives but they sell other knife-related products such as scissors, vegetable peelers, garden tools, pocket knives, etc and they have over 100 kitchen cutlery products being sold under the Cutco name.

Where are Cutco Knives Made?

Cutco Knives themselves are produced in Olean, New York, where they have around 600 employees but they also have many other related products that are made in Mexico and China.

Cutco knives prices-Are They Worth It?

Although the quality of Cutco knives are high and the customer reviews are positive, I do believe that the prices are high compared to similar quality items. I mean, for a vegetable peeler would cost you around $44 which is not too expensive and will last you a long time but then you are looking at spending around $1,600 for a complete kitchen knife set (I had to double-check when I saw the cost)

Cutco Knives MLM Review price

For similar quality products and still with great product reviews, there are many other options at a much-reduced cost and this is what your potential customer may find.

Cutco Knives MLM Review

Cutco MLM Business Opportunity-How To Sell Cutco Knives

Now that you have some idea of the company and its products, you would want to know about the Cutco MLM business opportunity which is pretty straight forward.

If you were to join Cutco as a seller, you will have the opportunity to make a commission from each sale made and this can be from 5% to 10% but a positive point for Cutco is that if you were unable to make a single sale, Cutco will pay you for your time, and this is the first time I have seen an MLM company make this offer.

The most common way to sell the products will be to host a selling party from home and this is when you invite friends/family members to your home and make a presentation and demonstration of the Cutco products with the aim of selling as many items as possible.

You can also visit the potential customer’s homes to demonstrate the products.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Cutco Knives as a Rep?

As far as I can tell, it is free to join Cutco Knives as a seller but you would have to be mindful that you will need to receive training which takes around 1 week and this will be at your own cost, you will not get paid to receive training.

You do not have to purchase your own products to showcase, and this is another positive note.

Can You Make Money Selling Cutco Products?

If you are great at selling and you know quite a lot of people then yes, you can make money selling Cutco products but this will most likely be short-term and I can not see anyone making a regular income by selling the products, this is mainly because of the products themselves.

For example, you invite some friends around and you demonstrate the knife set, your friend will then purchase a set of great quality knives for around $200, they are very happy with the purchase and you receive between $10 and $20 in commission, you friend has their knives and because they are great quality they will use them for years to come, so they will not need to buy any more knives and that is your customer gone, you could try and upsell to them by offering them a vegetable peeler for $44 and you will get around $4 commission but you can not always sell products to that one friend, so you will need many friends to sell to (if that makes sense?)

To make an income from selling Cutco, you will need to sell more than $30,000 worth of products per month, which can be very hard to achieve.

Are There Other Ways To Sell Cutco Products?

Apart from selling the products from home or other peoples homes, there are other ways to sell the Cutco Products and this can be done online through platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Marketplace, etc but the problem is that many other people are selling the same products and at the same price (unless they are pre-owned).

You could set-up a Youtube channel promoting the products but again unless you are great at video marketing, there will be high competition.

You could start a Facebook group/page but then you are likely to get blocked by your contacts or even reported for being too pushy and this is a common fact when people are trying to promote MLM products on Facebook, just a simple search on MLM will prove this.

So as you can see, there are other ways to sell the Cutco Products but they can be complicated unless of course, you know a lot about marketing.

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You Get Paid Even If You Don’t Sell

As mentioned before, Cutco Knives are the only MLM company in which I have researched that actually pays you if you fail to make any sales, it may not be a lot of money but at least it’s a little bit to cover your costs of fuel, refreshments, etc.

Great Quality Products

Cutco Products have some amazing product reviews, it is hard to find anything negative about the quality.

They also offer a lifetime guarantee and a free sharpening service on all of their products.

Stood The Test Of Time

With Cutco being an MLM company, most similar companies stop trading within 5 to 7 years but Cutco has been around since 1949 so they must be doing something right.

Good Range Of Products

It’s not just kitchen knives that are sold, but also cookware, tableware, other kitchen accessories, plus also outdoor accessories such as garden tools and pocket knives.

Free To Join

Most MLM companies charge a joining fee, that is where they get most of their money from but joining Cutco as a rep is free.


Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM)

People normally run a mile when they hear the word MLM because of its bad reputation, the MLM model is terrible and it’s where most of the money is made by the people at the top.

Poor Commission Rates

The commission is between 5% and 10%, so you will need to sell thousands of dollars worth of products just to make ends meet.

Expensive Products

Even though the quality is great and can last a lifetime, the price of the products can be very high and I think that the cost of the products will make people think twice about buying.

Highly Competitive

There are so many people trying to sell the same products and at the same price, it will be hard to compete with others which means you are limited to only selling to the people you personally know.

You Need Lots of Personal Contacts

During the training prosses, you are required to make a list of 50 personal contacts who you would have to cold-call to make an appointment to demonstrate the products (I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have 50 personal contacts)

You Can Lose Friends and Family

Related to the above issue, you are required to make personal contact with people you already know, this has led to people selling MLM products being avoided or blocked on social networks (ever heard of the phrase “Hey hun”?)

Is Cutco Knives a Scam?

Cutco Knives is certainly not a scam even though they use the MLM model. The quality of the products is great but the prices are expensive compared to similar quality items. The commission rates are very low but at the same time you can be guaranteed to be paid a little bit of commission if you fail to sale and this is a great plus point and this point makes it more legitimate.

Cutco MLM Review-Conclusion 

I have to say that I do like this company, they are a genuine company selling some great products which will last you forever but I don’t see anyone make a good living out of selling these items, especially with the low commission rates.

You can have fun selling Cutco knives by hosting a small selling party from the comfort of your home and make a bit of extra money at the same time but people can not continue to make purchases.

So maybe, if you want to earn a little extra income towards a one-time purchase of say, a weekend vacation then yes, you can do this, but you can not rely on any possible future earnings.

Final Thoughts

I am always honest with my reviews and I know that this Cutco MLM review can seem a bit bland and disappointing but I don’t want you to leave here thinking that there are not many opportunities to make money from home, because there are many, many money-making opportunities out there, you just need to know where to look.

If selling knives is your thing, then you can make so much more money and have a more open market if you were to learn how to promote offers online. 

You can easily build a website/blog and write reviews on any product from any company and when the sale is made, you will make a commission which can be more than 10% and the great thing is you don’t even need to know the people who you are selling to, so no pressure selling to friends/family members.

If you are genuinely interested in this opportunity, you can check out my #1 recommendation on how to start your own business where you’ll get your own website, hosting, training, and support plus everything you need to start a successful business, you can even start for FREE, no payment card needed.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the success, and if you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please do so below and I will get right back to you.

To your success



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Overall Quality



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  • MLM Model
  • Expensive Products
  • Highly Competitive
  • Low Commission
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