Everra MLM Review-What is Everra Cosmetics+are they a Scam?

Welcome to my Everra MLM Review.

There is a lot of hype about Everra going around and it seems as though everyone is jumping on board to be an Influencer. But what is Everra Cosmetics about and why is everyone so excited about it? Also, why do I keep hearing about Christopher Welch the founder of the company, and his shady past? (His name does ring a bell)

I decided to do some research on Everra and it’s founder, to see what all the hype is about. Is Everra legit or are they a scam? You need to read what I have found out, it will shock you and you may think twice about becoming an Everra Influencer.

What is Everra Cosmetics?

Everra Cosmetics is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded by Christopher Welch and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was launched in 2019 with its main selling products being lashes. There are other products available by Everra and at the time of writing. The targeted audience is based in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

With Everra being an MLM company, anyone can promote the products by becoming an influencer after they pay a start-up fee. Almost all of the Everra influencers promote the products through social media.

I will explain more about Christopher Welch and his shady past later in this review.

What Products Do Everra Sell?

During Everra pre-launch they didn’t even have any products to sell (this is quite strange). But now, just over 1 year since launch, they do have some products. The Everra products fall into the following categories…

  • Lashes: A range of Everra branded lashes plus Adhesive Eye Liner, Magnetic Liner Remover plus Lashes Applicator.
  • Airbrush: Selection of Airbrush Blushers and Bronzer, Airbrush Highlighter plus Airbrush Foundations.
  • Skincare: Some Everra Eye Serum and Face Serum, plus the Everra InstaLast Serum
  • Wellness: Everra even sell Health and Wellness Supplements included calm pills (There is no sign of these being approved by the FDA)
  • Cosmetics: A selection of Lip Gloss, Mascara,  Everra Eyeshadow Palette, Full Coverage Concealer, Contour Palette plus a few other cosmetics.
  • Collections: A random collection of some of the above.

Everra MLM Review-What is Everra Cosmetics

What is The Everra Influencer Opportunity

Everra offers anyone the opportunity to make money by promoting and then selling their products. So once you pay the start-up fee, you will be given the materials to start promoting and when you make sales, you earn around 25% commission from the retail price.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a great opportunity for you. But I assure you that it’s not all that good.

Everra MLM Review binary system
Example of a Binary structure

For a start, you have to promote like crazy, you have to try and sell to everyone you know. You will be expected to be the face of the brand and reach out to all of your social network contacts, your family members, your friends, work colleagues, just about everyone on your radar.

It doesn’t stop there, as this is an MLM and it uses a Binary structure, you would be expected to recruit these contacts into joining Everra also as Influencers (Influencers are just fancy names for consultants).

The people who you sign-up as fellow influencers will then have to go on and recruit other members, it goes on and on.

As you can see, it looks like a Pyramid Scheme, and how they get away with it, I don’t know?

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The Everra Compensation Plan

Everra does have a Compensation plan which you can download here⇒ Everra Compensation Plan. But to be honest with you, I always find the Compensation plans very confusing and extremely hard to explain in-depth, especially in writing.

So if you would like a more in-depth explanation then check out this YouTube video. Please be aware that this is another influencer in the video, so she will only explain the positive points and not how hard it is to be successful with Everra.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Everra as an Influencer?

It only cost $34.00 to join everra as an Influencer which is quite cheap for an MLM company, so it’s not a lot to lose if anything went wrong. You even get some freebies included in the price, and this is a choice of a few products which are…

  • Glow to Go Bronzer color of your choice
  • Lip gloss color of your choice
  • Easy on the Eye mascara

Of course, you will have to use these products and promote them, mostly via video.

From what I understand, if you were to join, you will get a webpage (not a website). So you will have a page on the actual Everra website where they will take payments from your online orders.

If you would like to use your own website for promoting products, you would have to seek approval, there is a huge document related to this. If you would like to take your time and read it, you can download the pdf here⇒ Policies-and-Procedures.

Can You Make Money With Everra?

This is a hard question to answer because it all depends on the person selling the product. I mean, if you’re an established and popular Influencer with lots of followers on say, Instagram, then yes, you can make money with Everra, and a lot of it.

If you are outgoing and have a good network of contacts, then maybe you can make a bit of extra money selling to these. Or you could set-up a video blog promoting the product and sending people to your webpage, but then you have to be good at SEO and marketing.

But if you are quite shy and don’t know many people, it can be almost impossible to make any money. In all honesty, even if you were to make some money, I really don’t see this business lasing very long and I will explain more on this later on in this review.


  • Low-Cost Start-up: For only $34.00 you can start to promote Everra products and in the worst case, it’s not a lot to lose.
  • Young Company: A young company with plenty of hype. There are not thousands of influencers promoting at the moment. So as the saying goes “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” it won’t last forever.
  • Good Commission Rates: 25% commissions is not a bad rate for an MLM company.


Where do I start?

  • MLM Business Model: Did you know that only 1% of people selling MLM products actually make decent money? Just a quick google search will show you, and this is from official agencies like FTC ⇒FTC MLM Investigation Report.
  • Pyramid Scheme in Disguise: You will be highly encouraged to try and recruit other people into joining Everra. Then you will have to encourage them to recruit, and so on. This is the making of the great Pyramid Scheme.
  • You Will Lose Friends: Again you are told to promote, promote and promote more. To your sister, mum, gran, cousin, old school friends that you haven’t talked to in years, your work colleges, ex-work colleges. Basically, you are told to write a list of everyone you know and promote to them. In the end, you will be avoided and unfortunately, lose friendship and reputation.
  • Competitive Market: The Cosmetic market is one of the most competitive around today and it’s so hard to get into. Unless of course, you are already a highly respected beauty influencer? There are other similar companies who are starting to feel the struggle, like Tori Belle who started too quickly. Then there are the big companies such as Mary Kay, Younique, and Avon who are killing it. People need to trust the cosmetic industry and most only use the well-established ones.
  • Everra Founder Christopher Welch: The founder of Everra doesn’t have the best history in the business. There have been a few bad stories about this shady businessman and this brings me to the next part of this post.

Who is Everra Founder Christopher Welch?

Everra MLM Review Chris welchChristopher Welch does have a bit of a dodgy history with business dealings. He has even been regarded as a con artist by some people. With most of his work in the MLM business, his past includes the following…

  • 2014-2016 Christopher Welch was vice president of international marketing for Younique. (another MLM company). There are rumors that he was asked to leave due to misconduct.
  • 2016-2017 Chris Welch founded another MLM in the beauty industry called Maëlle but it wasn’t long before the company stopped trading. Welch was alleged to have tried to recruit consultants directly from Younique and this resulted in Younique filing a lawsuit against Maëlle. Younique won the case and Maëlle was shut down for 5 months which resulted in 7,000 consultants without work. Maëlle never came back.
  • 2018-2019 Christopher Welch founded an online ESL teacher program called Naativ. Loads of teachers signed up to Naativ and were given so many promises of work by teaching English as a second language. The program completely failed and left lots of teachers without the promised work. Welch just walked away.
  • 2019-present day Everra was founded and launched…What will happen next? Only time will tell, but I personally believe that it won’t be around for very much longer.
Everra MLM Review Christopher Welch
glassdoor Employee Review Naativ

Is Everra a Pyramid Scam?

I can’t say that Everra is a Pyramid Scheme or an MLM scam. Firstly, they sell their own branded products. Also, they can’t be classed as a pyramid scheme because it is not a necessary requirement to recruit other members, only highly recommended.

I don’t know Chris Welch personally, so maybe he believes in himself and he’s trying to build a long-term successful business. But I don’t see it lasting very long based on Welches past and the fact that it’s an MLM business. Most MLM schemes last less than 5 years

Everra MLM Review Conclusion

Well, there you have it, my Everra MLM Review which I know is quite negative. I’m always completely honest in my reviews and if you want you can take a look at my other ones, where some are good and some are bad. I have nothing to gain or lose with my MLM reviews because I am not affiliated with them in any way. I do not get paid by these MLM companies.

If you do want to try out MLM, I do wish you all the best. But I would recommend that you read reviews. Not just on my site, but you can read other reviews and you will see that we almost say the same thing. And that is MLMs are hard work.

I Can Point You in the Right Direction if You Want to Avoid MLMs.

There is a much better and easier way to make money working for yourself and that is Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate Marketing, there are no recruiting others to join, no targets to meet and you do not have to promote to friends or family. People look for you and often like what you offer.

Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote whatever you wish, there are literally millions of products available to promote and you just need to take your pick. Most affiliate marketers promote something which they are passionate about. I have a few affiliate websites which are making me money and I’ve built these on products that I have knowledge about.

If your passion is cosmetics, then why not build a blog about cosmetics and become an affiliate for some of the more established and respected companies. As I said before, the beauty market is hard to get into but with the correct training, you can be a success. It’s not hard once you know how to do it and it’s a long-term business. Not a short-term MLM scheme.

I want to help you avoid schemes like MLMs and Pyramid scams. I can show you how affiliate marketing can be much better for you and much more profitable. But it’s a lot of extra information to write in this post. So If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing and making more money check out the link below.

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Thank you for reading this Everra MLM Review.

Have you been a victim of an MLM scam or maybe you’ve been ripped off by Christopher Welch? If so, please tell in the comment section of this post (you do not need to leave your email address and can even remain anonymous if you wish.

If you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

I wish you all the best in your success.



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Overall Quality



  • Good Commissions
  • New Company
  • Cheap to Start


  • MLM Company
  • Highly Competitive
  • Loss of Friends
  • Founders History
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