In this Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review, I will show you if this MLM Business Opportunity can really make you money and allow you to become your own boss because that’s what you’re here for right? You have most probably heard of Farmasi Beauty and you are thinking about selling their products to make a bit of extra income and you have done the correct thing by first looking into the reviews, so I will help you out and show you the truth about becoming a Farmasi Beauty Influencer.

Who is Farmasi Beauty?

Farmasi has actually been around for quite a long time, Based in Turkey, Farmasi started out as a pharmaceutical company way back in the 1950s by founder Dr. Tuna.

As the Business developed Farmasi decided to expand and began to manufacture cosmetics.

Being located in Istanbul Turkey, the Farmasi manufacturing plant is now one of the largest in the world at 120,000 m² and produces more than 2,000 products which are distributed to over 125 countries

Since 2010 Farmasi became an MLM company which allowed Individuals in Europe to sell products for them and by doing so can make commissions from the direct sales

In 2018 Farmasi expanded into the United States where their popularity has grown dramatically.

farmasi beauty influencer review

What Products Do Farmasi Beauty Sell?

Farmasi Beauty sells a huge range of Branded Beauty Products (more than 2,000) plus they also other related items and all of their product fall into the following categories…

  • The Dr. C Tuna Brand: These care products include a large range of Skincare, Hair Care, Foot Care, Oral Care (toothpaste) The Skincare products are for all ages from newborns to adults.
  • Fragrance: A generous range of fragrances for men and for women.
  • Makeup: Farmasi sell a very large range of branded make-up for the Face, Lips, Eyes, Nails, and Body
  • Personal Care: From Masks to cleansers.
  • Accessories: It’s not all skincare, they also sell accessories such as personal bags plus hairbrushes and mirrors.
  • Men: A range of quality products for Men.
  • New Arrivals: Farmasi will regularly add new branded products when they arrive.

What is the Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

Back in 2010 Farmasi Beauty became a Multi-level-marketing (MLM) Company which gave individuals across Europe the business opportunity to earn commissions from selling Farmasi branded products by becoming an Influencer.

This business opportunity expanded into The United States in 2018 and has since become very popular with people working from home direct selling the Farmasi Beauty products to friends, family members, work colleagues, etc plus promoting the brand through Social Network Sites.

Plus there is the chance to make more commissions by becoming a sponsor and recruiting more participants (downlines) to also sell Farmasi Products.

Is Farmasi Beauty a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people may think that Farmasi Beauty is a pyramid scheme because they encourage the influencer to recruit more people to sell the products but this is not a compulsorily rule so if the influencer only wanted to concentrate on direct selling the branded products then this is acceptable and for that reason, Farmasi Beauty is Not a Pyramid Scheme.

The Farmasi Compensation Plan-AKA Opportunity Plan!

Farmasi Beauty does have a compensation plan but they prefer to call it their opportunity Plan and the first impression of the plan looks good and much better than most MLM schemes, so this is a basic summary of the opportunities most important parts.

The commission rates are at a very generous 50% which means whatever you sell, you will receive 50% from the retail price.

Starter Kit and Welcome Pack: After you sign-up, you get the starter kit which consists of a variety of products, Dr. C Tuna’s Skincare Guide, Welcome Letter, some brochures to give out to potential recruits plus a discount code which you can use for buying goods from the company website.

You can check out the Farmasi Make-Up Starter Kit here⇓

The Welcome Program: Farmasi say that the first 4 months are the most important months as they can see that if you were to do well within the first 4 months then this gives great scope for the future and with this in mind they offer an incentive by giving you a bunch of products if you were to accumulate 200 personal points ($400 in retail) in each of your first 4 months (⇓the products are shown below⇓)

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review products

Founders Club: To become eligible for the founders club, you will have to be one of the first 100 influencers to achieve the 25% bonus level (Director+ levels) and by achieving this you will have the following…

  • An all-expenses-paid visit to the main Farmasi Manufacturing plant in Turkey to receive in-depth product training.
  • FREE Shipping on all orders
  • FREE Monthly Premium Samples
  • FREE Website Exposure
  • FREE Invitations to Promotional Events=Leads
  • Early Access to Try New Products

Team Building Program: When you get recruits (downlines) you become the sponsor, and any of your recruits spend a minimum of $250 on Farmasi Beauty Products during the calendar month, you will then $30 from each of them.

Personal Bonus: For every personal sale that you make, you will get a personal bonus of between 3%-25% depending on how much you sell and how large your group is (on top of your commissions)

Group Bonus: This is the complicated part, but it basically says that the more people you recruit and the more they themselves recruit,  you can get a personal bonus from all of the combined sales that they achieve which depending on how many people are in your group you can receive great bonuses.

Leadership Bonus: Again, the more people you recruit (downlines) and depending on how good they perform you can become the leader in your group which will promote you to Director Status and from there you can earn even more bonuses, but your downlines will have to become leaders also, so they will have to recruit good selling influencers themselves (sounds similar to a pyramid scheme but it not, it’s only an incentive)

Car Allowance: Depending on the status (above the director title), Farmasi influencers can receive a car allowance if they use their personal car to meet their teams and this can range from $300-$650.

Cash Bonus: For every title from Golden Director+ you can receive a cash bonus if you maintain that title for 5 consecutive months, these are the big bucks for the most developed and can range from the $2,000 Golden Director Bonus up to a massive $128,000 for the Big Boss

The FarmaCity Discovery Program: If you worked great and made your way up the ranks, you become highly involved in the company and Farmasi encourages influencers to visit the headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey to see how it all happens.

I have broken down as much as I can with this is a well-detailed compensation plan/opportunity plan but if you would like to see it for yourself then please click here.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

The start-up cost to become a beauty influencer is only $19.99 with no monthly fee’s and this is for the basic kit but from there you are able to add extras kits, so these kits look like this.

The $19.99 Basic Start-up Kit:

  • A Welcome Letter
  • The Dr.C Tuna Skincare Guide
  • Farmasi Makeup Color Chart
  • A Promotion Catalogue
  • 50% discount from the products
  • Some Product Samples

The $49.99 Kit:

  • Everything from the Start-up Kit
  • Farmasi Lipstick and Lip Liner
  • Branded Anti-Ageing Product
  • Tea Tree Oil Serum
  • Farmasi Cream Eyeshadow
  • Farmasi Branded Eyeliner
  • Lash and Eyebrow Serum
  • Plus Farmasi Beauty Mascara

The Big $125 Kit: This includes everything from above kits plus.

  • Farmasi BB Cream and CC Cream
  • Farmasi 3D Mascara
  • Makeup Primer
  • Tea Tree Oil Cream
  • Charcoal Cleanser
  • Deep Hydration Calendula Cream
  • Some Peeling Masks
  • Plus Many More Branded Products

Can I Make Money by Being a Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

I believe that yes it is possible to make a bit of extra money selling Farmasi beauty products as an influencer but it also depends on the person selling it. I mean you have to be confident in direct selling (face-to-face) you have to have an outgoing personality, you need a good network of people that you know, friends family, work colleagues, etc and it’s most probably profitable to sell through social networks.

The only problem that I see by selling on social networks is that many other people are doing the same, so really you need to be better than them, maybe promoting Farmasi by video marketing (YouTube, Instagram)

So, yes you can make money, but to make good money and receive a regular income as a Beauty Influencer you can not rely on just your network of close people because they would not want to buy from you all of the time, so you have to expand your network and their only way to do this would be to promote organically online (not paid ads).

The Good and the Bad about Farmasi Beauty.

As with all companies, there are the good points and the bad points and I will break these down now.

The Good:

  • Very Low Start-up Cost: Only $19.99 to start with no monthly fees.
  • A Young Company In the US: The US Market is not saturated yet.
  • Good Quality Products: I have not read any bad reviews on the quality.
  • The Cost of the Products: The Products are surprisingly good Value (most MLM companies charge too much just to cover costs).
  • Many Products to Promote: With so many products to choose from, it will be easy to narrow down your niche and concentrate on promoting the products that you believe will sell better.
  • A Great Commission Rate: Up to 50% Commissions is very generous especially with MLM companies.
  • Good Reviews: Farmasi Beauty has good reviews, most being from influencers and some which are not promotional.

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review good

The Bad:

  • An MLM company: People selling MLM products often get bad publicity, mainly because 99% of MLM’s fail to make money.
  • Farmasi Login: A strange one but many so many people have had problems with the Farmasi login page and had to set up new accounts because of this (I don’t know why?)
  • Cannot Make a Reliable Income: You can not sell makeup products every day as it is a huge global market and hard to get into, so you have to be better than your competitors.
  • Most Money is Made by Recruitment: The same as above, you cannot make regular income only selling beauty products, you can only make money if you expand and recruit, so you make money from your downlines and their sales.
  • Nobody Makes Money at the Bottom: Again, the only people making good money are the people above you, your sponsors, their sponsors, and so-on and it takes time, hard work, stress and worry, dedication plus so much time commitment to build a team of influencers, it is very hard work.
  • 99% of MLM’s make No Money: It’s a hard fact and sad to say but it’s true that only 1% of people promoting for MLM companies actually make money, and this is common knowledge that it not hard to find should you wish to look.
  • No confirmed Earnings: The company is still very young, so there is not enough data to show potential earnings but Farmasi have mentioned this in their income disclosure (See Below).

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review income disclaimer

My Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review Conclusion!

After doing my research I have found Farmasi to be a genuine respectable company and they have worked so hard to achieve the respect that they have right now.

From a pharmaceutical lab in the 1950s to a global production and distribution Business in the 2020s, Farmasi will continue to grow and have a huge network of sellers worldwide.

Normally when doing my reviews I look deep into all the negative things about MLM companies but it is hard to find negatives about Farmasi, maybe because they are still young but the main downside about Farmasi is that they are actually an MLM company and obviously they use the MLM model (similar to a pyramid scheme) but the Farmasi Company itself is good, the products are good and the prices are great, even the perks in the compensation plan are good!

Final Thoughts

This is the part where I normally offer you a great alternative after reviewing a scam company but to be honest, if you want to try being a Farmasi Beauty Influencer then for only $19.99 you have not much to lose if it does go wrong but hopefully, everything works out well for you and you do become a success.

But saying that, I will still offer alternatives and if you would rather start your own business promoting other products that you are personally passionate about then why not learn from the experts in internet marketing? It’s free to join and you can read my review about it here ⇒ My number 1 Recommendation.

I hope that my Farmasi Beauty Influencer Review has been of some value to you and if you do have any questions or comments, then please leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

But whatever you chose to do, I wish you all the success for your future.








Overall Quality



  • Low Start-Up
  • Good Quality Product
  • Great Commission
  • Good Product Reviews


  • MLM Company
  • Login Problems
  • Hard to Make an Income
  • Similar to a Pyramid Scheme
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