FM World MLM Review-Make Money Selling Perfumes?

Making a bit of extra money in your spare time by working from home may seem like a perfect opportunity, especially if you like the products that you are selling. If you are into perfumes and cosmetics, then the chances are, you have known about FM World and the opportunity to make money by selling their products. But you are most probably thinking whether FM World is legit or a scam and if you really can make money. In this FM World MLM review, I reveal all there is to know about this company.

By the end of this review, you will have a better understanding. And going forward, you will know whether it’s good for you to join. Or it’s best to be avoided (You may be surprised what I have discovered).

What Is FM World?

FM World was founded in Wrocław, Poland back in 2004 by Artur Trawinski. But you may recognize the name as FM Cosmetics, FM Perfumes, or even FM Fragrances.

In only 16 years, FM World has branched out to over 50 countries and has become highly popular with more than 1 million people direst selling FM World Perfumes and cosmetics.

With FM World being a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Company. Individuals have the opportunity to join them as a seller. And have the chance to make money by selling the FM branded products.

FM World MLM review

What Do FM World Sell?

You are probably most familiar with FM perfumes. But FM world not only sells fragrances. They also sell cosmetics, body care, household products plus surprisingly coffee, tea, and food supplements.

So, to simplify things, I will break these down into the following categories…

  • FM Perfumes: A huge variety of perfumes such as Utique Collection, Luxury Collection, Pure Royal Gold Edition Unisex, Pure Royal Unisex, Pure Royal, Pure Collection, Intense Collection, and Pheromone Collection. Each with its own unique fragrance.
  • Body Care: FM World offer face and body care products in collections with the likes of…Fontainavie Collection, Utique Collection, Complete Care Collection, Gold Regenesis Collection, β-Glucan Active Collection, Aloe Vera Collection, Hello Honey Collection, Hello Honey, Manuka, Perfumed Cosmetics, Refreshing Collection plus Foot Care.
  • FM make-up: Another collection of FM make-up such as ALAYA – Luxury Makeup Collection, make-up for the face, eyes, lips, make-up removers, hand care, and accessories.
  • FM Pure Home: A large range of household cleaning products, not only for the kitchen and bathroom but also for the car and laundry.
  • FM Tea and Coffee: FMs own brand of Instant, Natural, Functional, and Flavoured Coffee, plus Loose Leaf Tea and Sweets.
  • FM Food Supplements: Vitamins and Supplements to help with everyday wellbeing.

You can check out this video to see more about the FM Perfumes

FM World MLM Opportunity

With FM World being a Multi-Level-Marketing company (MLM). Anyone who signs up to become a distributor will have the opportunity to buy FM products at a discounted cost. And then direct sell the products for a profit.

This is the same business model as the likes of Avon Cosmetics, Mary Kay, Younique, Farmasi Beauty, Tori Belle, and companies like that

Most people who sign up as a distributor often make a bit of extra money by selling to friends, family members, work colleges, etc.

If you were to become a distributor. You will also be encouraged to recruit other distributors (downlines) (You will be the sponsor). By doing this, you are able to make a commission from your downlines possible future sales.

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Is FM World a Pyramid Scheme?

No, FM World is not a pyramid scheme because it is not necessary to recruit others. It is only recommended, so you can easily just concentrate on making sales and earn a basic profit from the sales

How Much Does It Cost To Join FM World as a Seller?

A good thing about FM World is that it’s free to join as a seller (distributor). You can start selling perfumes, cosmetics, household products, and all other FM products almost straight away. Plus there are no monthly fee’s which makes it a positive point of this review. Because most MLM companies charge a joining fee plus a recurring monthly charge.

But with that said, there is an option to purchase a starter set at a cost. Which consists of a few samples and a catalog, the price for this will be set by your sponsor.

Can You Make Money With FM World?

This all depends on a number of things. Such as, how many people you know, how good you are at selling, is there a special celebration such as Christmas? But basically, you will earn 30% on all retail sales. So for example, you join FM World and sell at retail a perfume for $20 but you would have paid $14 for that perfume which leaves you $6 in profit.

$100 worth of products would cost you $70, so if you were to sell these products, you will make $30.

As mentioned before, there are other ways to make money with FM World. This is by recruiting other people to do the selling. By doing this, you are able to make small commissions from their sales and these commission rates range from 3% to 21%.  (This is similar to a pyramid scheme, but you do not have to take up this option)

FM World MLM review business opportunity


  • Free to Get Started: Where most MLM companies charge a start-up fee. FM World is free to join and there are no monthly fees.
  • Large Range of Products: It’s not just perfume, but also cosmetics, household products, tea and coffee, products for kids plus much more.
  • Good Commission: With a 30% commission on retail, plus between 3% and 21% as a sponsor. FM World does offer great commission rates.
  • Ideal to Earn Short-Term Money: It’s ideal for making a bit of extra money in your spare time. Especially during the festive season when everybody is buying. With so many products to choose from, you could easily sell to friends and family members.


  • MLM Company: It’s a proven fact that more than 99% of people selling for MLM companies make very little money. Or even make a complete loss.
  • Too Much Competition: With over 1 million distributors selling the same products and at the same price, there is so much competition. You are mostly limited selling to people who you personally know.
  • Can Lose Freinds: There are so many reports about people trying to sell FM Perfumes and cosmetics to their social network contacts. People are being blocked and even reported for spam. FM World does encourage you to promote the products through your social network profile. Just a quick look at the Facebook group “MLM Lies Exposed” will reveal to you some of the shocking stories.
  • Can Even Lose Money: As mentioned already, a huge percentage of people selling MLM products lose money. Some distributors over-order supplies but fail to make a sale and in this case, they are stuck with too much stock. They end up selling it as a loss.
  • Not a Reliable Income: It is very rare for people to make a full-time income from selling FM World products. I mean, they will have to sell more than $4,000 worth of products per month just to get by. Again, you will need a large network of contacts to sell to. This is hard because too many people are selling the same products.

Is FM World a Scam?

No, FM World is not a scam. Artur Trawinski has built a very profitable and respectable business. The only issue I have personally with FM World is that it uses the MLM business model and this is also similar to the pyramid scheme. But FM World is legit and a very successful business.

FM World MLM review business opportunity

FM World MLM Review Conclusion

I quite like FM World and this is quite unusual for me because I am anti-MLM. But this is a good business and a legit one. Artur Trawinski worked hard to get his business to where it is now and I can only see it getting bigger. The main problem is that it’s an MLM company which makes it very hard to make money.

Yes, you can make a bit of money in your spare time by selling to friends and family. Enough to treat yourself and your family to those small extras. But it is near impossible to make a full-time reliable income.

I do see a good opportunity to make money by promoting FM World products (I’m even tempted to try this myself). This is slightly different from the traditional way to sell and this is done by creating your own review website.

You could easily join FM World as a distributor. You buy a few products at the 30% discounted cost, you then review these products and write about them on your personal blog. Even a video blog, you can then set-up a link to a shopping cart where people all across the globe can purchase your reviewed FM World product. This way you still get the 30% profit and you have a much bigger audience. This is how you can do better than your competitors because you are actually reviewing the products. (You do not need many products to get started, maybe 10?)

This is a bit of a slower way to make money. But once you learn how to promote the products through your own website, you will then build up a steady flow of traffic. This traffic will convert to sales. The best thing is, people will search for you. So you do not have to search for them as it will snowball (This cuts out the spamming!).

Final Thoughts

I do honestly believe that creating a review website is the best way to go when selling FM World products. The products are great, so they will always sell if you target the correct people and do it though just writing reviews. Because everyday people read reviews, they search online for product reviews. I’m guessing that’s why you are reading this right now, you searched for the FM World MLM Review and you found it here.

If you are serious about making money online by reviewing and selling perfume, cosmetics or any other products then check out my #1 recommendation for starting your own business. You will get all the tools you need to succeed. Including a website, domain name, training, and support, you can even start today for free.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best.

Feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get right back to you.

FM World






Overall Quality



  • Good Commissions
  • Free To Start
  • Great Range Of Products


  • MLM Company
  • Highly Competitive
  • Loss of Friends
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