Forever Living MLM Review 2021-Get The Truth-Legit or Scam?

Are you passionate about health and beauty? Maybe you would like to start your own business selling personal care products and you are looking for the perfect business opportunity. Working from home by selling in this highly popular niche can be very lucrative and Forever Living claims to offer such an opportunity. But can they be trusted? This Forever Living MLM Review will reveal the truth. By the end of this post, you will know whether Forever Living is Legit or a complete scam (You may be surprised).

What Is Forever Living MLM?

Forever Living Products is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that was founded way back in 1978 by Rex Maughan and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Forever Living specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of aloe vera-based drinks, diet supplements, cosmetics, and bee-based personal care products.

With more than 10 million distributors in over 165 countries, Forever Living had estimated annual revenue of $2.4 billion in 2019.

forever living mlm review

What Products Do Forever Living Sale?

Forever Living sells a large range of plant-based health and beauty products. They grow and harvest Aloe Vera from their plantation in the Dominican Republic and then ship to Texas for manufacturing.

There are far too many products to list here but the main categories are as follows…

  • Immune Health: A selection of products that help support your body’s health and wellness. 
  • Drinks: Aloe vera gel drinks claim to promote a healthy immune system, help improve energy levels, and also support your digestive system.
  • Bee Products: From Forever Bee pollen tablets to Forever Bee honey and jelly.
  • Nutritional: Nutritional daily supplements to help with digestive issues and give energy boosts.
  • Weight Management: If you want to lose weight or build muscle, Forever Living offers weight management products from shakes to snack bars.
  • Skin Care: Daily Aloe Vera Skin Care, from everyday lotions to Aloe Sunscreen and eye cream to lip balm, Forever Living has it covered.
  • Personal Care: From shampoo and soap to tooth gel and massage lotion, even perfume, and cologne, everything for your personal care.
  • Household: Forever Living even sells a small selection of household products for cleaning.
  • Essential Oils: A collection of essential soothing oils.
  • Accessories: Gift bags, teddies, tweezers, and even pencil sharpeners.

Forever Living mlm review products

The Forever Living Opportunity

Forever Living is a multi-level marketing company. By being an MLM company they can allow anybody to make some extra money by selling their products.

What normally happens is someone will sign-up to become an FBO (Forever Business Owner) for Forever Living. They would usually promote health and beauty products to friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues, etc.

For every sale made, the distributor would earn a gift or a commission based on the sale.

These sales are often made from home by hosting a selling party and showcasing the products.

In most cases, the host at the selling party would also recommend others to sign-up as an FBO (downline). By doing so, the person who made the recommendation will become the personal sponsor and receive even more commission based on the downline sales (sort of like a pyramid scheme).

MLM marketing has the same business model as companies such as AVON Cosmetics, Amway, Mary Kay, plus many more which I am sure you have heard of.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Forever Living?

It is free to sign-up to Forever Living but there is a catch…

Once signed up as an FBO (Forever Business Owner) you would have to buy some of the products to promote. You can not host a selling party as an FBO without anything to show. But unfortunately, Forever Living does not supply samples.

So the starter price for the products will cost you almost $500. Which is unfair and a bit of a selling trick from Forever Living.

Forever Living does not have a compensation plan but I have found what they call their Company Policies and Procedures. This explains the start-up costs and earning potential. 

Can You Make Money With Forever Living?

To be straight forward and honest with you. I do not believe that anyone can make much money with Forever Living unless you have a huge network of people willing to buy these products and for these people to buy products regularly.

For a start, you will have to buy around $450 worth of products upfront before you even begin to sell. So you will have to make $450 in sales before you see any profit. But if you do host a selling party from home, then you might sell this amount, depending on how many people are at your party.

The actual selling of the products is hard because this product can be found elsewhere at a much lower cost. People may buy from you at your home selling party but in reality, they will only buy out of kindness. You can not have these home parties every week.

In the end, you may make a bit of money only to cover your costs, but there is also a high chance that you will make a loss (as with most MLM schemes).

If you do manage to earn back your initial investment, you might then be able to make a few extra dollars in your spare time by selling to friends or family members. But to make a good reliable income from selling for Forever Living will be almost impossible.

You could try to sell the products online, but there is so much competition. With over 10 million other distributors selling the same products at the same price. Unless you have great online marketing skills then again it is a very tough competitive market.

Trying to sell MLM products through social network platforms will likely get you blocked by people in your network.

This has been proven, you only need to join a group like MLM Lies Exposed. Where you will read stories about people blocking friends. Because of their over-promoting products, so long-term you can lose friends and also lose money

Some people try to sell Forever Living products from pop-up stores in places like outdoor shows, school events, even at the local shopping mall.

But this method has never been proven as a success.

forever living mlm review making money

The Pros and Cons of Forever Living MLM


  • Can Be Fun: Having a few friends come to your house by hosting a selling party can be fun. Having a few drinks and snacks plus a chat and making a bit of extra money whilst doing so.
  • Personal Discounts: Even if you find it hard to sell. At least you can take advantage of the discount and use this discount to purchase the products for yourself or as gifts.
  • Evergreen Products: Everybody likes to care for their wellbeing throughout the year.  Forever Living makes these evergreen products
  • Can Choose Your Hours: That’s the great thing about being your own boss. You can choose the hours which suit you.
  • Long-Standing Business: Forever Living has been around for over 40 years. Whereas most MLM companies only last for up to 5 years.


  • MLM company: It’s very hard to make money selling for an MLM company. It’s been proven over time that more than 99% of people selling MLM products make very little money or make minus…Click the link to read the FTC MLM Report. 
  • Expensive Start-up Cost: Just under $450 to payout before start-up is a lot to spend. Especially if you are not guaranteed to sell, so no money-back guarantee.
  • Lose Friendship: As mentioned before. People will start to ignore you when you try to promote MLM products.
  • Highly Competitive: With over 10 million people selling the same products. It has very high competition.
  • High Demands: Once signed-up your Forever Living Sponsor will pressure you into recruiting other FBO’s. (Forever Business Owners). Just so they can get even more commission and get more bonuses. But would you really want to recruit others knowing that there is a high possibility that they will also fail to sell? 
  • GREED: The same as above. Everybody in the MLM game realizes that it’s hard to sell the actual products. They try and recruit other FBO’s (downlines) to do the selling for them. Then pressure the new recruits to also recruit..this is greed and this is how MLM’s act!

Is Forever Living Pyramid Selling?

Forever Living is not an illegal pyramid scheme as such because they produce their own products. The FBO’s can still earn small commissions by just selling the products. So it’s not necessary to recruit others, it is only encouraged. It will be highly recommended to recruit by your sponsor…Sort of like a pyramid scheme in disguise. 

forever living mlm review pyramid scheme

So, Is Forever Living An MLM Scam?

I can not say that the Forever Living company is a scam. But I believe that the business model which they are using (multi-level marketing) is a scam.

MLM is and always has been a scam. The business model is terrible, it is full of greed, false hope, and false promises. Plus some Forever Living FBOs have been involved in making fake claims just to make sales.

Plus even more false claims by Forever Living in the UK which was was criticized by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Forever Living MLM Review Conclusion

When researching for this Forever Living MLM review, I was hoping (but not expecting) to find some positives. But unfortunately, all I see is the MLM model plus the $450 start-up cost.  I can not see much past this because these are the biggest 2 disadvantages of this company.

Yes, there are false claims. But considering that over 10 million people are selling Forever Living products, this is a very, very small percentage of FBO’s lies.

But I would still avoid trying to sell for this company as I believe that it is impossible to make money from selling Forever Living MLM products.

Final Thoughts

I hope this Forever Living MLM review has not discouraged you from finding ways to make some extra money in your spare time. There are still some genuine companies out there.

I have reviewed the good and the bad, I know what works and what doesn’t so I can recommend what I believe to be the best way to get started online.

If you are still interested in becoming your own boss and choosing your hours. Then why not start your own business and try it out for free. (you can even promote health and beauty products). No start-up costs, No pressure, No greed, No false claims, No loss of friends, No demands, and best of all, No MLM!

You can start today by clicking on the following link and reading my positive review.→ My #1 Recommendation to Starting Your Own Online Business For Free!

If you do need any further help or advice, leave a comment down below and I will get right back to you.

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Forever Living MLM






Overall Quality



  • Personal Discounts
  • Good Products
  • EST 1978


  • MLM Company
  • Expensive Start-Up
  • Competitive
  • High Demands
  • Greed
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