How To Get Cheap Travel Vacations By House Sitting

A little bit ‘Off The Subject’ regarding affiliate marketing but a great idea to able you to travel the world cheaply is to offer yourself for House Sitting, this is a simple way to achieve cheap travel vacations by house sitting, there are thousands of homeowners needing people just like you to care for their house or even house and pet sitting whilst they go away, maybe for a vacation or business travel and by doing this you are free to build your affiliate marketing website with your free time.

How To Get Cheap Travel Vacations By House Sitting

Unfortunately, after so much research I have been unable to find any company that offers paid house sitting jobs but what I have found is a sure way to have very cheap vacations which allows you to travel the world by offering you services looking after peoples properties and sometimes also their pets and in return, you are able to enjoy a vacation without the need to pay out for hotels which give you free time to learn new things and experiences  (sometimes the homeowner will pay travel expenses to the right person)

How Can I Do House And Pet Sitting?

The most simple way to offer yourself to care for someone’s home or pet is to register on a house sitting website where there will be many homeowners registered themselves and looking for people such as yourself.

You can even do a simple google search like How to Get Cheap Travel Vacations By House Sitting and you will see that people do offer the service.

You will be able to search where in the world you would like to travel to the property then direct message the homeowner, tell them about yourself to build up a good relationship, and then simply arrange a date for you to plan your journey.

Depending on how far you wish to travel, there are plenty of cheap travel deals to get to your destination with websites such as Skyscanner.

What Is The Best House Sitting And Pet Sitting Directory?

I believe that the best directory for a home or pet sitter will be, This is based on the fact that is one of the original worldwide home and pet sit directories on the internet which has been tried and trusted throughout time.

Launching way back in 2000 by Ian White, a native Australian, has gone from strength to strength and well respected in the industry.

They have changed lives, made traveling wishes come true with their passion and commitment to the business, they are truly the best out there.

House carers may not the biggest house sitting company but it is true the quality over quantity is always the best and I urge you to try out the free membership to have a look around and I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.

What Are The Benefits Of House And Pet Sitting?

The main benefit in my mind is the friendship that you achieve through your network of homeowners and pet owners and of course the benefit of having a cheap travel vacation.

The other benefits to get cheap travel vacations by house sitting are seeing the world! You could choose to do house sitting in Europe, In Australia, Asia, anywhere in the world, narrow down to any state/Provence or you could just stay local, to explore the local area, there are over 65 countries to choose from.

So that’s free accommodation whilst you explore the world, saving you lots and lots of money, you can do it for years to come which will save you thousands and that really is a very cheap travel vacation.

Ideal if you were thinking about relocating to the area, you could house sit and explore the local area and see if it suits you.

You could be in between moving home and need somewhere to stay, which will save you lots of money on rental costs or staying in a hotel.

It’s a Win-Win situation, a homeowner needs a house sitter, you need a vacation, everyone is happy!

How To Get Cheap Travel Vacations By House Sitting

Why Join Directory?

As mentioned before, is the best in the house and pet sitting industry after 19 years of experience and dedicated support, they are trusted by many people from all walks of life which has enabled them to build a great following with repeat customers from homeowners and house sitters.

There are two levels of membership, there is the Limited Free Membership and also the Full paid membership which I suggest you try out the Free Membership to have a look around the website to see how it all works.

With the Free Membership, you still get many benefits such as email notification when a house sitting opportunity appears in the areas in which you choose, your email will also be sent to potential homeowners, you receive your own profile page and you can post on the forums, you receive help and support from years of knowledge plus more.

Being with the paid membership you get much more from unlimited applications to homeowners, instant messages to and from homeowners, the option to give your direct phone number to the homeowners but hidden in your profile, you will appear as a featured house sitter on a rotational basis which can catch the eye of the homeowner.

Your own personal photo gallery with up to 14 photos and text of up to 150 words of text which should give you 8x more attention, you can also add personal references to your profile which again will increase your popularity, your own house sitter calendar which can be very impressive when you see all the bookings, plus much, much more and all of less than $1 per week, which in my mind is a bargain.

How To Get Cheap Travel Vacations By House Sitting

Get Paid Whilst Doing Something That You Enjoy.

If you are reading this after researching affiliate marketing then house sitting can be an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about affiliate marketing or continue to build your affiliate marketing brand due to your time freedom.

Even if you came to this website whilst searching for house sitting jobs and not interested in Affiliate marketing then this is okay as I have written this review on house carers which I hope has been of some value to you.

But With that being said, if you would like to read more information on affiliate marketing then please read my reviews of some of the best affiliate training platforms available online today which I am sure will be of some interest to you.

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I hope this article has been of some help to you and if you have any questions, comments, or could recommend a respected house/pet sitting company then please leave them below in the comment box and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.


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