How to Get Traffic to a Website for Beginners-The Easy Way!

Everyone knows that to get visitors to your website/blog you need traffic and you need the traffic to get you sales.

There are plenty of ways to get traffic to a website and the main sauce of traffic which I prefer is free organic traffic driven by writing lots of content as this will be free and you will be found with a simple search in the search engines.

Get Traffic to a Website

There are off course other options to get traffic to a website with the likes of paid advertising by paying for google ads, bing ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and this option can be good or bad depending on the research, I mean they obviously cost money which can make you a loss but at the same time if you have a little bit of extra cash you can always play about with advertising.

You can pay as little as $5.00 per day to experiment and see what targeted traffic you can send to your website and from there you can analyze the data and then decide if you want to scale up or abandon your campaign.

Another way to get traffic is to comment on other peoples pages, groups, or blogs and put in your own URL but to me, this is just spamming which I don’t really like this because it’s only a temporary thing and really you want to be in this long-term if you want long-term profits.

Get Traffic to a Website Organically By Writing Content.

Get Traffic to a Website

A great way to get traffic to your site is by doing what I already mentioned, you have to write plenty of content on your website posts, ideally 1500 to 2000 words per post (This is a fun post and not for SEO) and write as many posts as possible (Google will love it if you had around 300 posts on your website).

You have to have good keywords that are searched for but with little competition and then you are away, but in the meanwhile every time you write a post you can even put that post on a social network page that you have already set up before then hopefully people can see and share this post which will get you even more traffic.

Get Free Traffic Through Social Networks.

How to Get Traffic to a Website for Beginners

You can get social network pages or groups like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc for free, build up a following of trusting people and when you write a post on your website you can then upload it onto your social network page/group and then you have the traffic coming from the search engines plus the social networks, so in my mind, the best option for traffic will always be the organic choice which is always free and you build up your trust with your followers which long-term can make you an authority in your niche and can make you a lot of money.

I learned how to get free traffic by following some great online training videos which taught me so much and that’s where I decided not to try and get traffic quick but just to take it steadily then wait for the coming rewards.

So to summarise things, you have to research your niche, write lots of original content which is keyword rich, promote your posts on your social networks (For Free) then ask people to like and share which will get you loads of visitors to your website and hopefully lots of sales.

It is a little bit time-consuming but well worth the time as it costs no money (Only your time) and long-term you time will pay-off hugely and you will reap the rewards greatly.

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I hope this short post has been of some value to you, should you have any comments or questions then please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I wish you all the best for your future success.


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