HB NATURALS REVIEW-Is Heart and Body Naturals a Scam?

Welcome to my HB Naturals Review, for this review I have researched the company Heart and Body Naturals to see if they are a Scam or if you really can make money selling natural health Products by becoming a consultant.

Maybe you are looking for ways to make money online from home and have come across this opportunity but are not sure if it is legit?

Please note that I am not affiliated with HB Naturals in any way nor am I promoting any natural product offers, so I have nothing to gain or lose by doing this review, you can trust that I will be 100% honest with my findings.

HB Naturals Review


What is HB Naturals?

HB Naturals (Heart & Body Naturals) is an MLM company founded in 2017 by Ben Scarcella, Paula Scarcella, and Aromatherapy Formulator Alexandria Brighton.

HB Naturals specialize in the production and selling of Hemp Oils, Tea and Coffee, Superfoods, pet products, and other Hemp related products.

With Heart & Body being a Multi-level marketing company (MLM), Individuals have to opportunity to promote the HB products by becoming consultants and in return can receive commissions from the sales.

What Products Do HB Naturals Sell?

HB Naturals sell a large range of plant-based products for the mind, body, and soul which Guarantee to be 100% organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Cruelty-Free,

These Heart & Body Natural Products are priced from as little as $1.95 to $299.95 and fall into the following categories…

  • Love Boxes: A handpicked selection of products for Aromatherapy, Heart, Liver, Wellness plus Slimming.
  • CBD & Black Seed: A large range of oils to choose from.
  • Coffee & Tea: From CBD Coffee to Detox Tea.
  • BioMinerals: Everything from Iron supplement to Pain Relief Lotion.
  • Superfoods: A range of superfoods for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Personal Care: From CBD Skincare to Black Seed Skincare plus Hair & Body Bars to Intimacy Enhancement.
  • Pet Products: CBD and essential oils for the wellness of your pet.

The HB Naturals Consultant Opportunity

HB Naturals offer 7 ways to earn a bit of extra money by promoting HB Natural products and best of all it is free to join (Unlike many other MLM companies)

Individuals are given the chance to become consultants/independent distributors and by doing this, they can earn as much as 50% commission from each retail order they receive.

When becoming an HB Consultant you do get the option to promote the products through your own eCommerce website, so it is recommended to share information online or through social media sites to your network of contacts.

You are also encouraged to recruit new members (downlines) for you to make extra commissions.

Heart & Body Naturals do have a more detailed compensation plan, or as they like to call it the Incentive plan which I will highlight here⇓

HB Naturals Compensation Plan (Incentive plan)

There are a number of ways to make money from being a consultant with HB Naturals and these can be found in the HB Naturals compensation plan but a basic overview of this has the following…

Retail Commissions: You can earn 50% of the commissionable volume (CV) on sales from your HB Naturals website, you do not have to personally purchase the items to get this 50%

Fast Start Bonus: You can earn between 20% and 30% on wholesales orders placed by your team members (downlines) during their first 90 days of joining.

Star Bonus: You have the chance to earn unlimited bonuses when you have 100 personal volume (PV) and 2 of your 1st generation members have 100 PV, 4 2nd generation have 100 PV and 8 3rd generation have 100 PV

Matrix Bonus: Earn $1 for every 50 CV by your downlines when you have 25 or 50 PV

Binary Bonus: Depending on your own PV you can earn up to 12% if there is 200 CV in 1 leg and 200 CV in the other.

Binary Match Commissions: Earn up to 50% of binary commissions on exclusive consultants in your team which can be up to 7 generations deep.

Rank Advancement Bonus: The more you advance in your rank, the more cash you make. (up to $190,000 but I believe this has not been met yet).

HB Naturals Review compensation plan

How Much Does it Cost to Join HB Naturals?

It is 100% Free to join as a Heart & Body Naturals Consultant, which is great considering HB Naturals are an MLM Company and even the website is free (There is normally a website hosting charge with most MLM’s)

So there are no membership fees, no yearly fees, no website fees, only pay for the products which you purchase from HB Naturals.

How Much Money Can I Make with HB Naturals?

This is impossible to answer for a few reasons, the first reason is that it depends on the person selling the product, I mean to make money selling HB Natural Products you will have to know about promoting online, you have been good at SEO (search engine optimization), you would have to understand how promoting on social media works (without spamming) plus you will need a good network of contacts, you need to be outgoing and obviously you need to know how to sell.

Another reason why it’s impossible to say if you can make money with HB Naturals is that the company itself is quite new and there are not many genuine stories of how much money consultants have made over the years, so there is an income disclosure that covers HB Naturals but dated from November 2018.

HB Naturals Review income disclosure

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The Pros and Cons of Becoming an HB Naturals Consultant

With all companies there are the good and also the bad, so with this HB Naturals Review, I will break these down right here…


  • Free Start-up: As I have mentioned already, Most MLM schemes charge a start-up fee but heart and body do not, plus there are no hidden charges which I have found.
  • Free Website: This is another free bonus, not many MLM companies give free websites, they normally charge for hosting as a minimum.
  • A Good Range of Products: With this range of products you may find it easier to sell by narrowing down your niche, for example, if you could not keep up with the high competition then maybe you could focus on say, CBD Pet Supplies? Then you can concentrate on targeting Pet Owners by helping to calm nervous dogs?
  • Good Commission Rates: Up to 50% of commission rates is respectable.
  • Growing Market: Everybody wants to be healthy and the health industry will keep growing.


  • MLM Model: This is the biggest con of them all. MLM’s are the easiest business to get started with but it’s also the hardest way to make long-term profits and it has been proven over and over again that 99% of people direct selling for MLM companies make very little money or even make a loss FTC MLM Investigation Report
  • High Competition: To make money you will have to be great at selling because there are so many people selling the same or similar (even cheaper) products which makes it hard to compete. You will have to be better than the rest but I don’t think HB Naturals train people well enough with the likes of online advertising, SEO, Content Creation, Targeted Traffic, Social Networking, etc.
  • Recruitment: To make better commissions in MLM it is recommended to recruit other people to become consultants for you to make extra commissions as their sponsor, so most of your time will be spent recruiting people rather than selling (and that’s even harder)
  • Time-Consuming: You will be spending so much of your time promoting, selling, and recruiting that you will realize that you are working for much less than the minimum income or even for free.
  • Stress: It can be stressful working with MLM companies, I have heard so many stories of consultants being pressured to sell, sell, sell and this pressure will be from your sponsor who will also be pressured to sell from their very own sponsor.

Is Heart and Body Naturals a Scam?

Heart and Body naturals is not a scam neither is it a pyramid scheme, it’s a legit MLM company but HB Naturals is a difficult company to make a reliable income from as with all MLM companies.

It’s good that it’s free to join so you have nothing to lose if you were to become a consultant (only your time) and at least you will be able to get a good discount on the products by becoming an HB consultant.

Most people make a little bit of extra spending money when joining MLM companies by selling to close friends and family members by basically sharing the discount and then giving up after a few months.

Final Thoughts

Selling products through MLM companies is a hard business to make money from, it’s stressful, time-consuming and with most MLM companies it can work out expensive in the long run.

There are better and much easier ways to make money online where you are the boss, you call the shots and you build a steady reliable income for years to come.

If you are serious about starting your own online business promoting whatever you wish, then check out my #1 Recommendation where you will learn how to create your very own online business, you will still get your own website, training, and support plus you can start for FREE!

I hope this HB Naturals Review has been of some value to you, if you would like to leave a comment or ask a question then please feel free to do so and I will get right back to you. Meanwhile, I wish you all the future success in whatever you choose to do.



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HB Naturals






Overall Quality



  • Great Commissions
  • Free Website
  • Good Products


  • MLM Company
  • Highly Competitive
  • Time Consuming
  • Stressful
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20 thoughts on “HB NATURALS REVIEW-Is Heart and Body Naturals a Scam?”

  1. Thanks for clarifying that there is no HB scam. I am always scared of MLMs as most of them turn out to be scams.

    • Thank you for reading the review Patricia, yes there are so many MLM scams online which you need to avoid and it is hard to find the legit ones.

  2. This has to be the most detailed HB naturals review I have come across. I now have all the information I may need on HB to make a decision. This is very much appreciated.

  3. I am not very familiar with the heart & body naturals market. However, the commissions here are attractive and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

  4. Great review, the products are amazing and I also like HB Naturals Compensation Plan. It would be wonderful to try their products and to make some extra cash.

  5. I think HB is one of the few heart & body naturals selling programmes around. I am surprised I never knew about it until today.

    • There are a lot of mlm scams out there but hb naturals are legit, even though it is still hard to make any good money with them.

    • Yes the heart & body Naturals compensation plan looks good and they do have some great bonuses but unfortunately some of the higher bonuses are hard to achieve.

  6. Thanks for this honest HB naturals review. The fact that you are not affiliated with the company makes the review very trustworthy.

    • Thanks, Roy,
      I am always honest in my reviews and yes, with the fact that I am not affiliated with hb naturals makes it even more trustworthy.
      I’m glad that this article has been of some value to you.
      To your success,

  7. The heart & body naturals market is very huge and always growing. I think this would be a very good investment.

    • Hi Meg,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You are correct that Heart and Body Naturals is a growing market but at the same time it is hard to make a good profit from your investment.
      There are better and safer ways to make money online and if you would like to take a look through my website or just check out how I finally made money online https://smartaffiliatetraining.com/ then I’m sure you will not be disapointed.
      Kind regards

    • Yes Oliver, the commissions are great, but only if you are able to sell.
      Selling is complicated in MLM’s but if done correctly you are able to make a lot of money.
      Unfortunately, 99% of people fail to make money working with MLM companies which makes it a hard business to be involved in.
      Thanks for your comment,


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