How Do I Become a Affiliate Marketer-The Beginners Guide

In this blog post, I will answer the commonly asked question of How do I become a affiliate marketer.
How Do I Become a Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate marketer and make money is straight forward but it is not a get rich overnight program, it takes time, practice, and patience, there is a lot to learn and a lot to do but I will try to simplify it by this affiliate marketing guide.

What are the Main Things an Affiliate Marketer Needs?

The main things a affiliate marketer needs are as follows, which I will break down throughout this post.

1 – An Idea, A Hobby, A knowledgeable subject (A Niche).

2 – A Product to Promote.

3 – A Domain Name.

4 – A Website.

5 – Hosting.

6 – A Keyword Research Tool.

7 – Lots of Quality Content.

8 – Traffic (and lots of it).

The Niche-Your Knowledge Can Be Your Success.

Everyone knows something a little more in which other people are in need of help or want advice with, for example, you could know a lot about drones, you know the best drones and what to look for in a drone and you could write many articles about drones (Your Niche) so people can find you.

You could have knowledge of animals, dogs, cats, horses, etc, maybe write blogs about the best way to care for an anxious dog, how to house train your dog, how to litter train your cat, what are the best saddles or harnesses for horses.

For every subject, there is always something to promote and there is endless information that you can provide on your chosen niche.

Your Chosen Product to Promote-You are the Brand.

Once you chose your niche, you become the brand of the product, the expert in your field, respected and looked up at above others, there are literally millions of products Digital and physical to promote through platforms such as, ClickBank, ShareASale, LeadPages, CJ Affiliate plus many, many more you can even monetize your website through Google AdSense where you get paid every time somebody clicks on the related advertisement that google puts on your website.

Your Own Domain-it’s Your Choice- Your Business.

how do i become a affiliate marketer

A domain name can be anything that you wish, but ideally, it will be a name related to your website, one that can easily be remembered and ideally with the .com.

For example, if I were to promote picture frames on amazon I would choose a name such as, it not only looks good but it’s also a keyword, so when someone searches for the best picture frames there will be a good chance that they will find me on the first page of Google and other search engines if I also have good written content about the best picture frames.

The price for domain names depend on the name itself, you can get a free domain or a typical domain name can be around 10 USD per year, and the most common companies to buy from are from the likes of…

  • (Free if used for hosting)

A Website- The Heart of Your Online Success.

I am a true believer that you must have a website for affiliate marketing to make a success online as it can be so hard to make money online if you are only direct linking affiliate offers via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and spamming them, not only will it get you banned but it can never be a reliable future online income.How Do I Become a Affiliate Marketer


To start affiliate marketing with a website is the best option, it is reliable, you can build content on it over time and be an authority in your niche which will in return give you respect and trust not only by your visitors but also by the search engines, so the more trust the higher the rankings which mean a more reliable online income.

The best website framework in my opinion is WordPress, you can easily set up WordPress in minutes and with thousands of templates and tens of thousands of add on features it truly is the best as you do not even need coding knowledge as it can be written in ‘human’ language, so it’s quite simple to start affiliate marketing with a website.

Web Hosting-Use the Best to Be the Best.

You can buy a domain and build a website but to actually be online and to be seen you will have to pay a hosting company to use their servers to publish your website and your web host has to be fast and secure.

It is simple to use a web hosting company and there is a lot of help and support within the big web hosting companies plus guidance in forums and YouTube videos but I do prefer to use only one main company to manage my domain, WordPress website, and my hosting all together so that it stops confusion with moving one thing to the other.

An example is that I would not like to buy a domain name from GoDaddy but use Bluehost for hosting because I would need to get codes, migrate my site, sometime there is a 30-day wait for domain transfers, so in the end, I believe that it is much more simple to use one company for everything regarding building and hosting a website.

If you would like to try it out yourself for a free domain and website click the link below and it will give you the basics for no cost, no annoying upsells but you do have the option to upgrade should you wish to do so.

Keyword Research-the Pathway to Your Success.

Using keywords within the content of your website is one of the most important things that you must master, a keyword can be from a single word to a complete phrase (Long Tail Keyword).

A website will not rank very well without targeted keywords and also new website can not rank very well with a keyword that is too common, the targeted keyword ‘Make Money Online’ on a google search comes back as 5,300,000,000 results with websites using these words so as you can see it will be almost impossible to rank with these certain keywords.

To do keyword research alone is such a hard task, you need plenty of data relating to the keyword itself, like how many websites focus on the keyword, how many searches does it get per month, what traffic would you expect regarding the keyword, it is so complicated but it has to be done to get a good result which will get you traffic

There are keyword research tools available online, some good, some bad, some cheap some at a big expense, and even some free outdated sources via YouTube.

I use a keyword tool called Jaxxy which I have written about in another post, if you would like more information about it then >>>>> please check it out by clicking here <<<<< or if you would rather have a quick look and maybe search some keywords you can try it out below.


Content-The King of the Search Engines.

They say that Content is King and I certainly agree, as without great original content there will be nothing to show which means not even being noticed by the search engines.

To have great content and top search rankings it has to be original, a lot of it, and centered around your chosen keywords.

There is a lot of information online about content creation and most of it is basically saying write content and write a lot of it, keep at it, write new posts frequently, update old posts, write more, and more.

This website is new but I aim to write between 1500 and 2000 words per post with a lot of paragraphs and headings which makes it easy to read and written around my keywords.

I do have a few websites but when I first started I struggled to write more than 300 words, I even outsourced my content and paid someone else to write for me but in the end, I thought it was best that all the content was coming from myself, then I knew that it was original, good for the search engines and I could learn how to write more words, plus faster (and cheaper)

Traffic- It Can Drive You To Financial Freedom.

Every affiliate marketers dream is to have unlimited traffic coming to their website, the more the traffic, the more sales and there are many ways to drive traffic to your website that include,

  •  Paid Traffic
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Adverts on other websites
  • Creating videos
  • Writing content

My number one choice is organic traffic but this only comes from great targeted keywords and writing lots of original content as previously mentioned.

Driving traffic organically through written content also feels rewarding because you know yourself that you have driven that traffic by your hard work and dedication, it feels such an achievement seeing your work come together, and as I said, the more content you put in, the more traffic you will drive to your site.

Receive the Help That You Need, You are Not Alone.

As many people have tried to be a success most have failed, I myself have tried and failed many times in the past because I tried to do everything I could all by myself, I watched endless hours of videos on YouTube about affiliate marketing but unfortunately, I failed.

After many failures I managed to save up some money and pay for an affiliate marketing program which cost me quite a lot but again it was a failure, there was no support and everything that they would teach was easy to find for free plus they had so many upsells, they were even marketing domains, hosting, website builders, keyword research tools, paid to advertise and much more to me, if I had stayed with them and believed in them it would have cost me thousands and thousands without making much myself.

I Finally Found an Affiliate Community that Cares!

I have finally managed to find a great affiliate community online where you have everything included from full up to date training on affiliate marketing, a website builder, keyword research tool, domains, hosting, a great community of over 2 million affiliate marketers full of help and support, it’s free to use as a starter and I have written a full review which you can >>>>> Read by clicking here <<<<<<

Or if you can not wait and would like direct access to the community then please click here and I promise that you will not be disappointed.


I hope that you have enjoyed this article ‘How do I Become a Affiliate Marketer’ Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and I will be more than happy to reply.

I wish you all the success and luck for the future



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