How To Make Money Online For Free-20 Ideas But Do They Work?

With so many websites offering ways for you to make money online can be overwhelming and the problem is that most money-making websites ask for money upfront but ideally you would want to at least try before you buy. So with this in mind, I have written this article to show you how to make money online for free.

Can You Make Money Online For Free?

I have to be totally honest with you, if you search Google for ways to make money online for free, you will see millions upon millions of results but like most people (Including me) you will mainly focus on the first page, or maybe even the second.

The problem is that the first page of results is from paid ads and they all promote the same ways to make money online for free which include the following.

  • Get Paid To Take Part in Online Surveys.
  • Install Money Making Apps.
  • Make Use of Sign-Up Bonuses.
  • Open a High-Interest Savings Account.
  • Make Money By Watching Online Videos.
  • Earn Money Surfing The Web.
  • Invest in Forex.
  • Sell Personal Items.
  • Sell Photos.
  • Recycle Your Phone.
  • Paid Work Testing Websites.
  • Become a Freelance Writer.
  • Become a Virtual Assistant. 
  • Start a Dropshipping Business.
  • Start Your Own Website.
  • Invest in Property.
  • Matched Betting.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Online Competitions.
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

So that’s 20 ideas on how to make money online for free but I see a problem with almost all of these ideas (Some are good) and I know that it’s easy to be fooled into signing up with these as I have done so in the past when I was looking for simple ways to make money online.

I will explain in more detail about these online money making ideas and what you can really expect from them.

how to make money online for free.

Make Money Online For Free Opportunities Explained.

With all of these free money-making opportunities available online I will break-down what I truly think about these so-called opportunities.

    1. Getting Paid To Take Part in Online Surveys:

      When I first started to find ways to make money online in my spare time I looked into paid online surveys as did my wife, but unfortunately it was a complete waste of time as we spent days upon days filling in online surveys only to find out that our personal information was sold to other companies and we received so much junk mail that we had to change our email addresses. We never received any payment, only money off vouchers which were never worth it. I have already more about online surveys which you can read here ⇒  Are Online Surveys a scam?

    2. Installing Money Making Apps:

      I know how annoying it can be to watch video ads before you want to use your downloaded app, so why waste your time by doing it more often? First, you have to install the app which will take a lot of your memory, Data and Power then you will have to watch promotional ads, sometimes install more apps and you will get paid tiny money (if any) and I don’t know about you, but doing all of this is just annoying.

    3. Making Use of Sign-Up Bonuses:

      Almost all of the online gambling platforms offer sign-up bonuses if you were to open accounts with them, so basically if you were to open an account and deposit say $100, you will then receive $100 in bonuses which could be free bets, you can then withdraw your initial $100. But let’s face it, you will have free bets but there’s a high chance that you will lose this and it’s a trick, the gambling company will want you to get a buzz out of gambling and would hope that you come back for more and you will end up losing more money in the long-run (The only ones who make money are the gambling company)!

    4. Opening a High-Interest Savings Account: 

      You have searched for How to Make Money Online For Free, so in reality, you do not want to invest money and just leave it to mature, but if you do, you will need thousands and thousands of dollars just to make little extra many years in the future (It’s not to be relied upon)!

    5. Making Money By Watching Online Videos:

      See number 2, again ads, ads, and more ads.

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  1. Earning Money Surfing The Web:

    Again, this is similar to numbers 1, 2, and 5, it may sound nice getting paid to surf the web but in reality, you will be expected to watch videos, fill in online surveys, shop online, and buy stuff that you will not normally buy and basically give away your personal information. If anyone can get paid by surfing the web then everyone will be doing it!

  2. Investing in Forex:

    Riskier than number 4, and again you want to make money online without investment but investing in Forex is a very risky business where you can lose much more than your original investment.

  3. Selling Personal Items:

    Yes, it’s fine selling your personal items but only if you do not want them anymore but obviously you can not make a regular full-time or part-time income from selling your personal items.

  4. Selling Photos:

    There are online companies who buy photo’s but they offer very small money per photo (Around 30¢ for a good photo).

  5. Recycling Your Phone:

    Again with number 8, you can get money from recycling your old phone but nobody has unlimited old phones.

  6. Getting Paid To Test Websites: 

    This is a hard side-hustle to get into because so many people have signed up to test websites but if you are lucky enough to be chosen to test a website then you can expect to get paid a basic amount of around $3 for 15 minutes of work. You can make a bit of extra income by testing websites but it’s not an income to be relied on.

  7. Becoming a Freelance Writer:

    There are online companies that pay people to write for them, by doing tasks such as writing blogs, managing social network accounts, even building websites and money can be made but you need good experience to be able to sell yourself to potential clients. I have written an article about becoming a freelance writer but unfortunately, this is not free, they do charge a 1-time fee of $27 for training but if you would like to read the review click here ⇒ Paid Online Writing Jobs Review.

  8. Becoming a Virtual Assistant: 

    You could become a virtual assistant and offer your services through online platforms but it is a hard business to rely on a steady income because most online businesses hire virtual assistants from countries where the cost of living is low and in that way the company can pay a small wage. This is great if you are from one of those countries but unfortunately, it is hard to make a full-time income by becoming a VA if you are from where the cost of living is high for example, The USA, Australia, The UK, etc. But I do believe that if you do have the correct skills for being a virtual assistant then why not promote yourself on a platform such as You can easily showcase your skills and get business owners to hire you plus you can do this for free. Even if you only had basic online skills then I am sure that Fiverr will have something which you can offer and a lot of people are making good money on, you can check out how others are doing it by clicking on the following link ⇒ Fiverr Influencer Store

  9. Starting a Dropshipping Business:

    There are a lot of people making good money by dropshipping, I have personally done dropshipping in the past a made some profit but it can be a hard business to get into but can be rewarding if done correctly. You can read why I quit Dropshipping by reading my About Me Page.

  10. Starting Your Own Website: 

    There are many ways to make money with your own website, you could build a website and put banners on it, or you could promote something and get paid by the company that you are promoting (affiliate marketing) plus many, you could even promote your own services, there are endless opportunities to make money if you have your own website and building a free website is simple- Click Here To Build a Free Website Today

  11. Investing in Property:

    I’m not sure why websites would include property investing into the making money only niche and I guess that you are reading this article because you want to make an income by working online. Yes, you can make money by investing in property but this is a very long-term investment goal and it obviously costs a lot of money to get started but you are looking for ways on how to make money online for free.

  12. Matched Betting:

    This has the same problems as number 3, you invest money into gambling but using your own money plus the sign-up bonus you are able to bet on the 2 possible outcomes which will guarantee a winning result but again I would not recommend gambling as a reliable source of income plus it can lead to gambling addiction.

  13. Affiliate Marketing: 

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and safest ways to make money online today and some platforms offer free training but there are also many companies claiming to be the best out there so who can you trust? I have already reviewed what I believe to be the best and I am now personally a member of their online community. It is free to join and they offer free training plus a free website- Click Here to Read My Review.

  14. Online Competitions: 

    Doing online competitions is another trick by companies, all they do is take your personal information and sell it on to other companies who will then spam you with so many offers that you will end up deleting your personal email address. The chance of winning is almost zero but if you do decide to enter online competitions then I would recommend creating a new email address especially for this.

  15. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing):

    Multi-Level Marketing is most probably one of the biggest scams in history alongside pyramid schemes. With MLM you basically have the opportunity to sell a product but the MLM company would want you to recruit more people to sell the same products (hence the pyramid scheme) Most of the online scams I have found have been MLM companies which you can read about on some of my posts. I have also written an article on what is better MLM or Affiliate Marketing, you can read this by clicking here ⇒ Affiliate Marketing Or MLM?

how to make money online for free.

How To Make Money Online For Free Conclusion.

As you can see from this article, most websites recommend these 20 ideas but In my honest opinion I will only recommend 2 or 3 of these ideas with the main one being Affiliate Marking and creating your own niche website and by doing so you will be the owner of your online business and you can do affiliate marketing for residual income if done correctly.

Affiliate Marketing for residual income is the best option if you want something reliable where you can start for free and build your brand to be one of the leaders in your chosen niche (You can promote whatever you desire).

You can sign-up for free when you click on the following link and you will have the opportunity to create your very own online business, receive free training and support, plus a free website where you can promote anything and get paid for it.

Millions of people are benefiting from this free method and I have done so in the past, so if you wish to do affiliate marketing for residual income then click here ⇒ Free Starter Membership Offer.

I hope this article has shown you how to make money online for free but if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I will be happy to get back to you.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the success in whatever you do.


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