Is American Online Jobs Legit? I guess you have you be searching the internet looking for work from home jobs and have come across a website offering you good money for working online? Then the chances are you’ve seen American online Jobs.

There are so many websites offering paid online jobs, but most of them are outright scams and only a few of them are actually Legit, so who can you trust?

In this American Online Jobs Review, I will reveal everything which I have discovered about this company to see if you really can make money with American Online Jobs and I think you will be surprised at what I have found.

Is American Online Jobs Legit

What is American Online Jobs?

American Online Jobs may seem a bit misleading as it’s basically an online training platform that offers you help and advice to making money online so it is not a job board as such and there are no jobs offered.

The main selling point of the website is how to make money doing online surveys but there are more online opportunities offered such as…

  • How to Make Money with American Online Jobs
  • How to Set-up an American Online Jobs Website
  • How to make money by Promoting on Social Media
  • The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and MLM
  • Plus a List Of Online Surveys You Can Join

Can I find Work With American Online Jobs?

The straight forward answer is NO you can not find work with American Online Jobs, it is only a website showing you how to make money online by filling in surveys and promoting the surveys through a website or through social media.

It is a misleading title “American Online Jobs” and it is a shame because many people are looking for work and to have the opportunity to work from home would be great but I’m afraid you cannot have the opportunity with this company.

It is said that there are so many misleading employment websites, I have seen loads and just recently I wrote a review about a similar type of website offering false employment opportunities.

Maybe you have heard of Click Earners? If not or you were thinking of Joining, I will save you the time and say do not bother with Click Earners It is similar to American Online Jobs and you can read this review here Click Earners Review.

So How Does American Online Jobs Work?

First of all, you have to answer 6 simple Pre-Screening questions.

Q1: How Did You Hear About Us? There are only 4 possible answers which are Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder or Monster!

Now I don’t know about you, but I didn’t hear about American Online Jobs through any of these (Only from a google search, but this is not an option)

Q 2: Are You At Least 18 Years Of Age? An easy option of Yes or No.

Q 3: Do You Own a Computer Or Smartphone with Internet Access? Another simple Yes or No.

Q 4: Are You Capable Of Following Detailed Instructions? Again Yes or No.

Q 5: How Do You Wish To Be Paid? Please Choose 1 Option Only, The options are Company Check Via Mail or Direct Deposit? (This is a trick where they get your hopes up)!

Q 6: Applying Takes Approximately 15 Minutes. Are You Ready To Get Started Now? Yes or No.

Below the Pre-Screening questions there will be a video which is 36 seconds long but it tells you to Click to Apply and fill-in at least 3 surveys, I clicked to apply and  all I got was this⇓⇓

Is American Online Jobs Legit

Then there is another video which says click here to go to step #2, I clicked on this and I was directed to a page which had 8 online survey offers for me to register with.

After entering my email address I had 2 new tabs open up, 1 which offered me a chance to win £500 to spend at Apple and the other where I think I won a Galaxy S10? (wow it’s my lucky day)

Is American Online Jobs Legit

Is American Online Jobs Legit

Finally, I managed to get through all of the junk and make my way to the Member Area and this was quite interesting!

American Online Jobs Members Area

In the American Online Jobs members area, there are 9 lessons but it only shows lessons 2-9 on the training platform.

But to progress, through the following lessons, you would first need to join 2 companies with the Survey Club.

These so-called lessons are simply some very short 3 minutes YouTube videos and a couple of links to online articles.

Lesson 2: Facebook-A brief video description about Facebook groups and ads.

Lesson 3: Craigslist- A 3-minute video on Craigslist.

Lesson 4: Bing Ads-How to set up ads on Bing.

Lesson 5: YouTube-How to promote on YouTube.

Lesson 6: Instagram-This has a link to an article about Instagram (I don’t know why they did this)?

Lesson 7: Pinterest-Again another link to an article about Pinterest (these are not lessons)!

Lesson 8: Get Response- A Video Promoting American Online Jobs.

Lesson 9: Create Your Free Website: You can create a website but can only promote American Online Jobs (and it’s not free).

Is American Online Jobs Legit classroom

To be honest, you can find much better information going direct to YouTube to watch videos and doing a simple Google search to find information on Instagram and Pinterest!

Can I make Money With American Online Jobs?

American Online Jobs Claim that you can earn $237 per day but these claims are absolutely false…I mean, $86,505 per year filling in online surveys? If that was the case, then every man and his dog will be filling in online surveys! They have no proof of this unbelievable income claim and have no right to claim this.

Maybe American Online Jobs are earning $237 per day from the Survey companies because some people believe these claims and the survey company will pay American Online Jobs for sending people to them.

I have recently written a small article about how online surveys work.

These are lies and it is sad to give people such high hopes of these money claims.

I suggest if you really do want to find online jobs working with an official online job website, then you could always look into government job sites or websites such as Upwork? (These shouldn’t involve surveys)

Is American Online Jobs Legit or a Scam?

There are a few review sites saying that American Online Jobs is not a scam but they are only misleading. I will disagree with this and say that American Online Jobs is a complete scam, they are not only misleading but they are very deceiving and they are a fraud, give false income claims and they scam people by sending them to survey offers and also getting people to promote them.

If you were to join American Online Jobs you will basically spend hours and hours filling in online surveys, earn peanuts, probably a couple of discount vouchers, and then have so much spam being sent to your email address, spam messages to your phone, even voice calls plus letters in the post, all because your personal information was sold on by these online survey companies.

American Online Jobs Review Conclusion.

I think by reading this review you have already come to your own conclusion and this is an American Online Scam.

The more I research Companies like this, the more I want to warn people like you about online scams. I write not also from my mind but also from my heart and I despise people who offer hope and dreams to people like us.

I have been in the situation of desperately looking for ways to make extra money and I have been scammed many times in the past, even with online surveys.

In these times of financial uncertainty, there will be more and more websites trying to scam people out of their money and it’s a sad fact that there will also be more victims because more people are searching for extra ways to make money online.

Final Thoughts

It is my intention to research and write about these companies and to warn people. I have already started, I have written about the good and the bad but unfortunately, I have reviewed mostly the bad.

I want to help you and I’m not going to bombard you with promises of wealth and success but what I can do is ask for you to take a look around this website, you can see for yourself what works and what are scams then decide what can work for you.

If you want, you can start on the Home Page and go from there to the Blogs where I have reviewed some of the scams and I will keep updating as I go on with my research…But please avoid online surveys!

Thanks for reading my post ‘Is American Online Jobs Legit’ Article, If you do have any Questions/Comments or even offer others advice on avoiding online scams then please leave them below and I will get right back to you.

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best with whatever you do and I hope to hear from you.

Update May 2020 I have just written a review on a good way to make money from home by paid social media jobs, if you would like to read this review then click here ⇒ Paid Social Media Jobs


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