Is iCoinPRO a Scam? iCoinPro Review 2021

I couldn’t believe it when I first found out about iCoinPro, I mean, an MLM company promoting the sale of cryptocurrency-related products and based in South Africa, but is iCoinPro a Scam? Can you make money from home as an iCoin affiliate? After looking deeper into this company I am ready to reveal what I’ve found out about iCoin and you will be shocked to read what I have discovered in this iCoinPro Review.

Please note that I am not affiliated with iCoinPro, so I am not gaining anything by writing this article which makes this review 100% genuine and trustworthy.

What Is iCoinPro?

iCoinPro was founded in 2017 by South African national and marketing expert Paul de Sousa.

iCoinPro combines cryptocurrency training and multi-level marketing (MLM), by using the MLM model, individuals are able to sign up as paying members to the cryptocurrency training platform to get the opportunity to make extra money by selling membership of the training platform to other individuals (similar to pyramid schemes)

iCoinPro do not deal in cryptocurrency, it is only a training platform that teaches how to trade in this market and recruit others to join the training program

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What Does iCoinPro Sell?

iCoinPro sells membership to a cryptocurrency training platform which has claims to teach anybody everything there is to know about cryptocurrency, from beginner to expert.

There are 3 training modules on the platform which are as follows…

Module 1: Core Training

is icoinpro a scam core training

The core training module involves the introductory to cryptocurrency and offers 20 lessons which start with the introduction into making money through systems, currencies, and cryptocurrency and go on to explain more about bitcoin, the history of bitcoin, the buying and selling of bitcoin plus the myths and scams in cryptocurrency.

Module 2: Advanced 1

The first advance module focuses on subjects such as Mining Cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain, and Blockchain Technologies, Investing, Lending, Staking, Eltherum, Steem, plus Madesafecoin.

Module 3: Advanced 2

is icoinpro a scam advanced training

These lessons go even deeper into explaining cryptocurrencies and explain more about the likes of bitcoin plus many others such as Ripple, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Stella Lumens, Monero, Bytecoin, Augur, Golem, plus Dogecoin.

What Is The iCoinPro Affiliate Opportunity?

iCoinPro does offer an affiliate opportunity and this is where anyone can pay to become a member of the training program and promote the cryptocurrency training platform to others with the hope of receiving commission based on the sale.

This is a typical MLM scheme where most people will join after being referred by someone else, they will then try out the training platform, get to know the system, and then try to refer the training program to other people

iCoinPro Compensation Plan

Whilst most MLM show complicated plans, iCoinPro does offer a simple to understand compensation plan which is a bonus, but to simplify it even more I will break it down here.

If you were to become a paid member of iCoinPro, you can refer people to the platform and for every referral that pays to join as a member, you will receive 50% commissions on their initial payment, if your referrals go and recruit another member, you will then receive a downline commission of 10% and if that downline goes and recruits another paying member, you will receive a further 8% commission, the next level will be 5% and the final downing level will be at 3%.

I hope this makes sense, but if you want more of an understanding of the compensation plan, you can check out the following video.

How Much Does It Cost To Join iCoinPro Affiliate?

To join iCoinPro as an affiliate you will first have to pay to become a member of the cryptocurrency training platform and this has 3 payment options.

  1. Continuous payment of $39.95 per month 
  2. A payment of $229.95 every 6 months
  3. Or payment of $449.95 every 12 months

There is also a one-time fee of $40 to be paid if you would like to become an affiliate.

Can I Make Money With iCoinPro?

iCoinPro is saying that they give you possible 2 ways to make money.

  1. Learn all about cryptocurrency with their training platform, then buy and sell currency.
  2. Promote membership to their cryptocurrency training platform to receive a commission from the memberships.

The main problem I see with buying and selling cryptocurrency is a huge risk involved and it is absolutely impossible to say if you can make money by doing it this way.

iCoinPro is only a training platform, a knowledge base and they do not promise that you will make money dealing in cryptocurrency and they’ve also mentioned this in their disclaimer

is icoinpro a scam disclaimer

iCoinPro has also stated that all of the testimonials on their website claiming to make big money are from actual affiliates promoting the training platform, now I don’t know about you, but if I was making so much money solely by trading cryptocurrency, then I would not spend my time trying to make money by recruit other paying members, I would only concentrate on cryptocurrency itself.

You could probably make a bit of money by promoting the cryptocurrency training platform but would you really want to promote a product that carries a huge financial risk? I mean, people have lost their life savings investing into cryptocurrency, would you want this guilt on your mind?


Can Learn about Cryptocurrency: iCoinPro do offer some great training on their platform and you can learn a lot about cryptocurrency.

Easy to Understand Compensation Plan: Most MLM companies blind you with science with their compensation plans, but iCoinPro’s compensation plan is straight forward and simple to understand.

Good Commission Rates: 50% commission is a great rate for an MLM company, plus up to 10% from the further downlines.

Honest Disclaimers: what I do like about iCoinPro is that they are honest with their disclaimers, they never claim that you can become a millionaire by following their training and they do mention that there is a risk involved


Can Lose a Lot of Money: trying to make money in cryptocurrency comes with a very large financial risk, many people from all over the world have lost money on this market.

MLM Business Model: iCoinPro makes their money by marketing and by getting ordinary people to market for them, this is a clever but crafty way to market a business, and people have to pay to do this.

Pay to Become an Affiliate: To be an affiliate marketer for companies, these companies will often let you promote their products for free and then pay you, but with iCoinPro, you would have to pay them to become a member which again shows me that iCoinPro are making most of their income from referrals.

Testimonials only from Affiliates: The only testimonials which I have found are from people promoting the training platform as affiliates, so they will exaggerate claims to make the sales.

Most Information Can Be Found For FREE: You can take a look on YouTube and find most of the information that iCoinPro offer and for free

Young Company: Most MLM companies shut-down within 5 to 7 years and with iCoinPro, only time will tell.

Is iCoinPro a Scam?

With iCoinPro being a multi-level marketing company selling information about making money in cryptocurrency is iCoinPro a scam? It’s a hard question to answer but after all my research I will say that iCoinPro is not a scam but the MLM business model which they use is not right.

The training and support are legit, they have put in a lot of hard work and research and they keep it all updated but it’s still a marketing company run by a very clever marketer.

iCoinPro Reveiw Conclusion 

I know that this iCoinPro Review is quite neutral and it’s because I have mixed opinions about this company.

On one side iCoinPro looks good because they give out some great up to date training and support, they are honest about the risks involved in investments and they have worked hard to build the company but on the other side, it’s still a multi-level marketing company.

If iCoinPro were to allow people to market their training platform for free and on an affiliate marketing platform such as ClickBank, then this review would have been mostly positive but because you have to join as a full paying member, I would not recommend this to an affiliate marketer.

There are plenty of other companies which will let you promote their products for free and they will still pay great commissions.

You can also get FREE training on how to find these companies, how to promote the affiliate offers and you also get to build a free website.

To find out how to get all of this, check out my #1 recommendation to starting your online business, where you will get all of the tools to succeed and all the help and advice you require.

If you do have any questions or comments, please leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

All the best,


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Overall Quality



  • Good Compensation Plan
  • Great Commission
  • Honest Disclaimer


  • MLM Model
  • Can Lose Money
  • Pay to Become an Affiliate
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