IS SCENTSY A MLM SCAM?-The Truth About Scentsy Exposed!

Making a bit of extra money from your home as a Scentsy Consultant may seem like a perfect opportunity (my sister-in-law even sells it). But is Scentsy a MLM Scam or can you really make money selling candles and other related products to friends and family?

In this Scentsy review, I will break-down what the company is really about and if it’s worth becoming a Scentsy Consultant.

is Scentsy a MLM Scam

What is Scentsy MLM?

Scentsy was founded in 2003 by sister-in-laws Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell from their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The business was sold only 1 year later to Husband and Wife team Orville and Heidi Thompson and relocated to Meridian, Idaho. The Thompsons re-launched the Scentsy Brand by using the Multi-Level Marketing Model (MLM).

By 2011 Scentsy MLM had already expanded into other countries including Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. To this date, they offer the MLM business opportunity to 11 countries.

In 2017 Scentsy was at number 44 on the Direct Selling News List after making a reported $450 million in annual sales. Making them one of the top direct selling companies in the world.

What Products do Scentsy Sell?

Scentsy does not only sell candles but they also sell a huge amount of related products in a variety of categories which include.

  • Scent: With a choice of 95 Scents from Citrus to woods and Disney to Kids, so many to choose from.
  • Warmers and Wax: 60+ Warmer designs to chose from and with over 80 Wax Fragrances.
  • Diffusers and Oils: From Premium Diffusers to Deluxe Diffusers Plus a variety of Oils.
  • Fan Diffusers: A Collection of simple but effective Plug-in Diffusers.
  • Unplugged: Fragrance for Every Available Non-Plug-in Space Including Cars.
  • Laundry and Clean: From High-Performance Bathroom Cleaner to General Fragrance Scented Clothes.
  • Body: Fragrance Scented Body Wash, Hand Cream, Hand Soap, and Scentsy Body Bath Soak.
  • Kids: A selection of Scentsy Products Especially For Children.
  • Pets: From Pet Shampoo to Doggies Deodorant, Scentsy covers them all.
  • Collections: A massive Collection of Licensed Fragrances from Disney to Marvel.
  • Gift Guide: A large gift guide from him to her, from a new home to a new job, mothers day to Easter, everything is covered
  • Specials: Regular Special Offers from Bundle Packs to Scent of the Month.

Is Scentsy a MLM Scam starter pack

The Scentsy MLM Independent Consultant Opportunity

Scentsy became an MLM company back in 2004 which allowed individuals to sell Scentsy products and receive a commission from the sales.

By doing this the seller can work from anywhere as an Independent Consultant (Mostly from home) selling Scentsy Products to friends, family members, work colleges, etc. From every retail sale that the seller achieved, they will personally receive a certain percentage of the sale.

But first of all, you would need a Scentsy Sponsor (another Consultant). If there is not a consultant nearby then they will find the closest one available.

Then when you join, you will receive your very own Starter kit which consists of…

  • The Consultant Guide: A Step-by-Step Guild to Starting Your Scentsy Business.
  • A Warmer: The Best Selling Scentsy Warmer, so you can get to know the product.
  • Wax: Some Scentsy Fragrances Bars, so that your potential customers can test smell for themselves.
  • Laundry Products: A sample of Laundry Products for the customer to see the quality.
  • Fragrance Testers: A small selection of scented wax for you to promote.
  • Catalogs: Catalogues full of Scentsy Product Descriptions for you to Share.
  • Product Training Guide: Help and Advice in a Book Aimed to help You Achieve Sells.

So now that you have your very own starter kit you are free to sell the Scentsy Product. The best way to sell the products is to have a hosting party from home. This will involve selling to your network of people including friends and family members.

By making sales, you are able to make commissions, so the more you sell, the more money you make. (They say 20% but I worked it out at 16% after expenses)

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How much Does it Cost to Join as a Scentsy MLM Consultant?

It cost $99 to join Scentsy if you buy the starter kit plus local tax and shipping. Or if you were to host a home selling party, then your Host-Exclusive Starter kit can be paid for by the commissions earned from the home party sales.

You would also have to take out 3rd party insurance to cover any theft or damage of your products or business material. Plus renew your membership yearly.

There is also a fee of $10 per month to keep your own personal website space.

Can You Make Money as a Scentsy MLM Consultant?

It is possible to make a little bit of extra money as a Scentsy Consultant but it can never be relied on for a regular income.

For a start, the Scentsy program is an MLM Model. Sadly it’s a well-known fact that almost all MLM consultants make either no money at all or just a minimum.

But saying that, if you want to give it a try and sell Scentsy products then you should be able to earn a bit of money by hosting selling parties from home. This is where you show samples to people within your network of friends and family and take orders. You will then earn a commission from the sale.

You also get your own personal website space. So you can promote the products through your social media, etc, but you will have a good network of followers to make sales.

Another possible way to make selling Scentsy Products would be to show product samples within your community. Maybe if your child attends school, you could show samples to the other parents or carers. Or the local church, even at your place of work?

If you want to make better money, as with all MLM models. It is recommended to recruit other consultants and build a team of sellers. By doing this you are able to receive commissions from their sales. If done correctly can be quite lucrative but it’s very hard to achieve.

You can see the percentage of all possible sells in this Scentsy Compensation Plan PDF ⇒Scentsy Compensation Plan

is Scentsy a MLM scam Compensation Plan

The Good and Bad about Becoming a Scentsy MLM Consultant

As with all businesses especially MLM’s, there are pluses and minuses. I do like to be honest in my reviews, so what are the pros and cons of Scentsy?

The Pros:

  • A Great Range of Products to Promote: With many products to promote, you are not only limited to candles. So you can narrow down your selling niche.
  • Good Quality Products Made in the USA: All Scentsy products are locally made so are not mass produced from the likes of China.
  • Your very own Website Page: A great tool for you to promote products on social network sites like Facebook. (Not good for spamming though)
  • Can Work From Anywhere: You are able to work from home hosting parties. Or if you want to concentrate on promoting Scentsy products online then you can really work from anywhere.
  • Available in Other Countries: Scentsy Consultants are not just limited to the US. The opportunity is also available in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, The UK plus a few other countries.

The Cons

  • The MLM Model: It is a sad fact but also a common fact that around 99.25% of MLM consultants make very little or no money from MLM companies.
  • Expensive Products: I know the products are made in the US but the same quality products can be found in local stores for more than half of the price. Selling the items may my tricky.
  • Poor Customer Service: There are many reports online about poor customer service with calls not returned. Most complaints are about items not received.
  • Too much Commitment: You will have to be totally committed to Scentsy if you want to do well. This means spending most of your free time promoting the company which is hard to do if you have bigger commitments. For example, a young family to care for or a full-time job.

Scentsy Consultant Reviews

There are so many Scentsy consultant reviews online and quite mixed. But the biggest thing which stood out for me was that most of the Scentsy Consultants are doing it mainly for the fun.

I imagine most of the consultants are outgoing and enjoy being sociable. So selling Scentsy products to friends can be part of their social life.

I’ve not read one consultant review where they mention that the money is good. It just goes to show that most consultants are not doing it for the money, but more for fun.

I’m sure it can be fun. But to make a reliable income from selling Scentsy cannot be relied upon.

Is Scentsy a MLM Scam?

No Scentsy is Not a Scam but it is hard to make good money working with them. It may seem nice to host a party promoting the products but you have to think about the food and drinks that you will supply as a host. (the expenditure can eat into the profits). Plus all of the people in your home, you will have to keep them entertained. You won’t be able to use this selling method all of the time. So it can’t be relied upon as a regular income.

The website is a good idea but you will still have to make sales to cover the $10 per month website hosting charge. If you don’t know much about running a website then it can be very hard.

Scentsy is not a bad business. There are plenty of terrible MLM companies out there but as I already mentioned, MLM companies are very hard to work for and not profitable. It’s only a bit of fun hosting parties from home plus maybe meeting new people and making a little bit of extra spending money.

My Final Thoughts About Scentsy MLM

If you really want to try out Scentsy then I wish you luck. It’s only $99 to start so it is not a lot of money to lose if you do not manage to make sales, it will mostly be about the time lost.

I have built this website to review companies that promise to help people make money online. There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also good companies that can help.

If you are serious about starting your very own business and are looking into all options to make money from home. Then please take a look through my website where I will hopefully help you to avoid scams and also show you the most helpful companies.

Or you want to go straight to my number 1 recommendation then please check this out here My #1 Recommendation on Starting Your Own Business.

I hope this ‘Is Scentsy a MLM Scam’ article has been of some help to you. If you would like to leave a comment or ask a question then please do so and I will get right back to you.

But whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best for your success.


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Overall Quality



  • Great Products
  • Own Website
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Low Cost Start-up


  • MLM Company
  • Expencive
  • Poor Customer support
  • Too much Commitment
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  1. Every MLM is a fucking scam. Why even have this website? If people are dumb enough to fall for this I have no pity on them. Dumb as rocks.

  2. Hi Matt, This is a great review, and you have so many helpful reviews on here. Excellent! I do love Scentsy warmers. Happen to have 3 of my own. Do Scentsy MLM reps get the products cheaper through the company? I did think about doing this MLM but am dragging my feet because I fell on my face with another MLM a few years back.


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