Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM, a Pyramid Scheme-or is WA Legit?

The chances are you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and thinking about joining but you are not too sure because there are so many mixed reviews online, so you don’t know what to believe. I have seen many questions asked about WA and the most common questions I have seen are “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?” and “Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM Scam?” So I will answer these questions but first I will break down and explain more about WA.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform designed to help anybody become a success at affiliate marketing.

It was founded by 2 guys from Canada called Kyle Loudoun and Carlson Lim back in 2005.

Today, there are over 2 million members in the WA training program.

What Training Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 default training programs, with the main one being the Online Entrepreneur Certification which consists of 50 lessons over 5 courses.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course will teach you everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing and will teach you right from the beginning.

You will learn how to get your website started, choosing a winning niche, doing keyword research, how to get plenty of traffic to your website and monetize your website, whether it will be making affiliate sales through free organic traffic, making affiliate sells through paid traffic or putting ads on your site so that when a visitor clicks on your ad, you will receive income from that click.

is wealthy affiliate an mlm Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

The other training course is the Affiliate Bootcamp, which has 70 lessons over 7 courses.

The Affiliate Bookcamp is mostly aimed at people who cannot decide on their niche, so this course helps people like you and me to build an affiliate website by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn the same way as the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course but there will be extra lessons on how to promote WA, the best ways around it, and how to make reviews about other affiliate offers.

The Affiliate Bookcamp does not only encourage you to promote WA, but they also advise on promoting similar companies and comparing them to each other and giving your honest opinion.

is wealthy affiliate an mlm affiliate bootcamp

So you can earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, plus you can earn money promoting other affiliate programs.

For example, I promote WA because I know for a fact that the training works and it’s perfect for someone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing but at the same time I also promote ClickBank University 2.0 because I know that this also works but Clickbank University is mainly aimed at people who want to make and promote their very own digital products or get affiliates to sell for them, so they both have great training but teach different methods about making money online.

There is extra training in WA and that is with the live weekly webinars, this is where Jay teaches us even more about all subjects, from website design to Analytics, keyword research to email marketing, local SEO to social media marketing, Jay has it all covered.

The weekly webinars are live every Friday but if you can not make the live event, they do have replays which you can watch anytime and they are never removed, so you can watch replays from ages ago if you wished to.

is wealthy affiliate an mlm Jays training

There is also so much training, help, and advice withing the WA online community that it is impossible to go wrong and if there are any problems, there will always be someone available to help you.

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

If you follow all of the training, whether its the Affiliate Bootcamp or the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, then of course you can make money.

I can not tell you how much you can make because it depends on you, how much time you are willing to put into your online business, how big or small you want your business to be, even how much money you would like to invest…It cost nothing to get started but as you progress and start to make sales, then you may want to invest some money into other opportunities to make even more money, for example, you may wish to invest into Google Ads, Social Media Ads, An Email Responder, a better WordPress theme, you may even want to hire a writer.

There are people in WA who are making a lot of money, I have even written a separate blog post about the Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 

There are people in WA who are happy just learning a new skill and making a few extra dollars whilst doing so, so you can make money and a lot of it, but it depends on you, how committed you are and if you are willing to wait to see results because it will not happen overnight, most people who start with WA start seeing results after 3 months but to see big money coming in (and I mean big), it can take up to 2 years.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

If wealthy Affiliate was an MLM, I would not be with them today, so No Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM.

MLM companies pay commission to people who direct sell their products or services and I know that it may seem this way with WA but you do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate, there are no rules on what to promote, anybody who signs up to WA can choose to promote whatever they wish, whether it’s luxury cars or pet fish, the personal choices are endless.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme, for the same reason as above, nobody who joins WA has to promote them.

Wealthy Affiliate is mainly a training platform where you can learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, there are no strict rules, no pressure to promote them, it’s a platform for learning affiliate marketing.

But it’s not only training which is offered with WA, but they also give you a free WordPress website (10 websites for premium members) A keyword research tool made for affiliate marketers, super fast and secure hosting for your website plus so much more.

Wealthy Affiliate Core Updates November 2020

Since writing this post, Wealthy Affiliate has completely transformed its affiliate marketing train platform, it’s even better than before, and with so many more money-making opportunities you can not wish for a better training program than WA.

If you would like to find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Upgrade, then click on the following link.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, WA is a genuine training platform, it is not an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme, nor a scam and it was the training in Wealthy Affiliate which helped me become the successful Affiliate Marketer I am today

If it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I would be continually chasing that dream of working from home but now I am living my dream.

I have previously written an in-depth review on WA and if you would like to read it, you can by clicking on the link Wealthy Affiliate an Honest Review. You will learn even more about this amazing training program.

Or if you prefer to dive straight in, you can click on my special link below which will take you directly to the WA platform page where you can start today for free!

Click Here To Learn How To Build Your Money Making Website

I wish you all the success



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