Juice Plus MLM Review (The Truth About Juice Plus+)

Are you considering selling Juice Plus+ products by becoming part of the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise? If you are, then I guess that you are searching the internet and reading all of the reviews. I have reviewed many companies and I want to assure you that I am not associated with Juice Plus in any way, I have nothing to gain or lose with this Juice Plus MLM review, so what I do reveal is the truth but in all honesty, you may be shocked with what I have discovered!

What is Juice Plus MLM?

Juice Plus+ is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of daily vitamins containing concentrated fruit and vegetable extract.

Juice Plus became an MLM company in 1993 which allowed individuals the opportunity to buy into the franchise and work from home selling Juice Plus products. With each sell made, the individual can receive a commission (around 14%).

What Products Do Juice Plus Sell?

Juice Plus+ offers a large range of dietary supplements and falls into the following categories…

  • Capsules: A selection of daily supplements which include a fruit blend, vegetable blend, and a berry blend, these cost from $22.25 per month to $61.75 per month (Paid every 4 months)
  • Chewables: A choice of 3 nutritional chews, Premium Soft Chewables, Fruit and Vegetables Blend, plus Berry Blend, these are available for $27.50 to $42.00 per month (Paid 4 weekly)
  • Complete: A range of shakes, fruit bars, and vegetable soups.
  • Uplift: A food supplement added to water that claims to provide energy and reduce tiredness @$17.50 per month (Paid 4 weekly)
  • Bundles: A choice of bundles based on a combination mix of any of the above already mentioned.

The Juice Plus MLM Opportunity.

Juice Plus offers a virtual franchise where anyone who pays the franchise fee can direct sell the Juice Plus+ Products and then receive a commission from each sale achieved.

You can work from home by promoting products through your website, on social media platforms, selling to friends, family work colleagues, etc, and also organizing selling events.

There is also an option to make extra commissions by recruiting other people to also become direct sellers, where you can receive a commission based on their sales.

Juice Plus does have a training manual which I have managed to find, this download reveals the tips and the tricks to selling the products.

If you would like to take a look into what’s expected from a Juice Plus+ seller then you can download the PDF here ⇒ Juice Plus Sellers Guide


How Much Does It Cost To Join Juice Plus?

It only costs $52 to join Juice Plus+ as a seller plus a $35 annual renewal fee but Juice Plus does recommend that you buy the products for yourself and this can amount to a lot.

I mean, a simple bundle product can cost you as much as $240 and they would expect you to buy this as you would be the face of your business, you will need to know what you are selling, so you will be encouraged to try before you sell.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Juice Plus?

Unless you are the greatest salesperson or have a huge network of contacts, I’m afraid to say that it is almost impossible to make any money direct selling with Juice Plus and this is for many reasons but I believe the main reason is the cost of the product and the competition.

There are much better quality supplements at much cheaper prices on the market, so to compete with them will make it almost impossible to make any money.

You may be able to sell to say, friends and family but believe that they will buy from you out of kindness and will most probably stop buying after a short time.

As this is an MLM model, there is another opportunity to make money with Juice Plus and that is to recruit other sellers (downline) and this allows you to receive commissions based on their sales, but again, these products are very hard to sell and there will be a very low chance of making money from your downlines.

Is Juice Plus a Scam?

No, Juice Plus is not a scam as such but it’s very hard to make money from and the people making the money are the ones on top (The owners, managers, etc) and this is because it’s an MLM (multi-level-marketing).

It’s a win-win situation for the people way above you because they only have to pay out on sales, so the more sales you make, the more money the people above you make, and if no sales are made, then the company pays out no money as they have no employees, no contracts, no minimum wage, and no salaries to payout.

Basically, they just send out a lot of salespeople and if they make a sale, then great, if they don’t make a sale, then they are forgotten about.

But even if you make no sales, they still have your start-up payment of $52 plus the profits from the products that you had bought for yourself to try.

So Juice Plus has received many payments of $52 from people hoping to sell for them, plus extra from the products ordered for themselves and the other $52 from the downlines if they were to recruit others.

So this is not a scam, but it is crafty, it also looks like a pyramid scheme but legally it is not a pyramid scheme because they are selling a product, and it’s not compulsory to recruit other people, it is only encouraged.


  • Established business: Juice Plus+ has been an MLM business since 1993 and the parent company NSA (National Safety Associates) was founded in 1970, so they have 50 years of running a successful business.
  • Low Start-up Cost: For only $52 you can get started by selling juice plus products, so it is not too much money to lose should you make no sales


  • Expensive Products: Juice plus products are expensive and there are much better quality products similar to juice plus+ and even cheaper.
  • Too much competition: There are so many people selling the product online that unless you are great at online marketing and outranking the competition, then, unfortunately, it can be very hard to sell.
  • MLM Model: It’s been proven over and over again that over 99% of people direct selling for an MLM company make very little money or even make a loss, see here ⇒ FTC MLM Investigation Report 
  • You Will Lose Freinds: Juice Plus try to make you promote to all of your social network contacts and there have been stories of people being blocked as they try to oversell products to other people.
  • Lots and Lots of Negative Reviews: With so many negative reviews online by previous sellers for Juice Plus, it is hard to promote the company and there is a feeling of mistrust towards direct sellers as seen on the screenshots below…

Juice Plus MLM Reviews

Juice Plus MLM Review

Juice Plus MLM Review

juice plus mlm review screenshot


Juice Plus MLM Review reddit

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My Juice Plus MLM Review Conclusion.

As you can see from what I have already written in this Juice Plus MLM Review, this company should be avoided if you want to make money online or offline.

I would not even class the opportunity as a franchise, it is simply a way of hiding the fact that they are an MLM company, and some might say a scam or a pyramid scheme in disguise.

I can repeat over and over again, that it is very, very hard to make money with MLM companies unless you are the best at selling or you have a huge network of contacts who will want supplements and are willing to pay above the average price.

There are a few companies where you can make a little extra money working from home in your spare time (But little money) and I have reviewed some of them such as Barefoot Books, so I do not always look for the negative side, I always try and look into the positive but unfortunately Juice Plus is a huge no from me and I will not recommend this company.

Final Thoughts

I hope this Juice Plus MLM Review has not put you off trying to make money online because even though most MLM companies make it hard to earn, there are plenty of better ways to make money working from home.

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Juice Plus MLM






Overall Quality



  • Established since 1970
  • Low Start-Up


  • Expensive Product
  • MLM Business
  • Negative Reviews
  • Highly Competitive
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