keyword Research for Articles-How to Outrank The Best!

Doing keyword research for articles is one of the most important tasks when writing your posts, you may have a well-written article with lots of content but without any good keywords it will be almost impossible for anyone to find your website in the search engines but with this short guide on keyword research, I hope to give you some help with this and to show you how I do it for my blog posts.

keyword Research for Articles

Why do we use Keywords?

Everything that is written on the internet has keywords, every single post/article/blog or whatever you want to call it to have loads of written keywords so there are literately billions and billions of keywords out there on the internet but the most important keywords are the ones that people are searching for.

For example, the main focus keyword on this post is “Keyword Research for Articles” and hopefully you found this blog post by typing these words into your search engine. There are other keywords in this post but these are my main ones.

To have the best chance of being found in the search engines I would write the focus keyword or phrase into my post header then write the same word or phrase into the first few lines of my post, but it’s not as simple as it seems because there are a few other very important things to look into before deciding on the best keywords.

What Makes a Good Keyword?Doing keyword Research for Articles tick

A good keyword can be a word or a phrase that has high search volume (People entering it into the search engines) and low competition by other blog posts or websites within the same niche as you, plus it also has to make grammatical sense.

What is a Good Keyword Search Volume?

A good keyword search volume really depends on the niche, the keyword itself, and how much competition there is, so when doing my keyword research on my chosen keyword research tool (Jaaxy) I will always look for keywords that have more than 50 searches per month but less than 100 competing websites showing the same website.

How do I choose the Right Keywords?

If you want to do Keyword Research for articles there is a little trick that I do for choosing the right keywords and the first thing I do is to come up with a keyword idea in my mind, then I enter the keyword into Google search, for example, I can enter “how do I choose the right keywords” and then on the first page of google you can see a little feedback box which says “People Also Ask”, So I take these ideas and write them down.

Doing keyword Research for Articles

I then use the main keyword do my keyword research on Jaaxy and if the results are good (High search/Low Competition) I can then use this keyword as my main header and then also use the information from the “People also Ask” feedback box as my subheadings (H2)

By doing this I can create a post with many great ideas and keywords plus be ranked by these extra keywords.

keyword Research for Articles Plus Analysis.

As I mentioned already, I use a brilliant keyword tool called Jaaxy but this tool not only researches my keywords but it also does research analysis on other related websites to see what Meta keywords these competitors are using and also I am able to see how many words are on their posts, how many backlinks they have, how many external and internal links they have plus much more analysis.

keyword research for articles

I will take all of this data and I will then aim to create my post on doing something similar or better than what they are doing (Yes it is spying).

What is the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool?

There are many keyword research tools online, some good, some bad, some expensive, some free, so how do you decide on what’s best for you?

I have tried a few but with not much success and a lot of useless inaccurate data, until finally, I found the perfect keyword research tool Jaaxy which has been built by Internet Marketers and made for internet marketing, Jaaxy is the best SEO Keyword Research Tool and has everything that you can possibly need to be a success online.

In my previous post, I wrote an in-depth review of the power of Jaaxy and it’s great features which you can read by clicking on the following link

⇒ Jaaxy Review-The Best Keyword Research Tool for Internet Marketers ⇐

Try Keyword Research For FREE!

If you wish you can do keyword research for articles yourself by having a little play on this cool Jaaxy widget for free!

Just write your keyword/phrase into the search box then click ‘Find Keyword’ and within a matter of seconds, you will see your results.

I hope this post has been of some value to you or if you know someone who might be interested in this post then you are more than welcome to share, also please feel free to leave any comments or questions down below and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

In the meantime have a great day/evening whatever you are doing and I wish you all the best for your success.


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