Matilda Jane MLM Review-Make Money Selling Fancy Clothes?

If like many others you have a passion for clothes, you have most probably thought about starting your own business selling clothing. The chances are, you have come across Matilda Jane Clothing and are already considering working with them, but is it really worth it and can you make money? This Matilda Jane MLM Review will reveal what it is really like to sell for Matilda Jane Clothing and if you can be a make it a success.

What Is Matilda Jane Clothing?

Matilda Jane Clothing was founded in 2006 and owned by Denise DeMarchis, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Matilda Jane Specializes mostly in women and girls fancy clothing, they also sell accessories plus home products.

With Matilda Jane Clothing being an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) company, individuals have the opportunity to make some extra money by selling the Matilda Jane clothing brand.

What Products Do Matilda Jane Sell?

Matilda Jane sells a large range of products which fall into the following categories…

  • Girls: A Great Range of affordable girls clothing products from socks to dresses and leggings to leotards.
  • Baby: A nice selection of clothing for babies also changing mats and blankets.
  • Women: Matilda Jane Branded Women Clothes including dresses, jumpsuits, tee’s, tanks, and more.
  • Swim: A small choice of swimwear for children.
  • Accessories: A nice selection of fancy accessories.
  • Home: Some stylish products for your home, mostly colorful blankets.
  • Pajamas: A few selections of girls pajamas.
  • Play: Some colorful dolls in dresses and a tea set.

Plus Matilda Jane occasionally offers bundles and promo’s through their online store.

The Matilda Jane MLM Opportunity 

Everyday people like me and you have many opportunities to try and make money by selling for MLM companies and Matilda Jane is one of these companies that offers this opportunity.

By joining Matilda Jane Clothing as a seller you will become as they call it a “Jane” and will be part of the “Sisterhood” and by doing this you will then be eligible to host your very own “Trunk Show”

These Trunk Shows are most often hosted from your own home and involve direct selling to people within your network of friends, colleagues, or family which are most often women and young mothers.

With every sale which you achieve, you will then receive personal bonuses, either free gifts or commission as shown below.

matilda jane mlm review commission rates

How Much Does It Cost To Join Matilda Jane MLM?

To join Matilda Jane MLM you would have to pay the start-up cost of $1,600 which will include a sample range of girl’s clothing plus promotional and marketing tools.

There is an option to take advantage of Matilda Jane’s Finacial support and payment plan.

How Much Can You Make Selling Matilda Jane?

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on your selling abilities and how many people you have in your network of contacts.

From what I have researched in this Matilda Jane MLM review, the commission rates are at around 20% (which is not bad) so with every $100 worth of Matilda Jane Clothing and items you sell, you will receive $20 but you will have to make minimum sales of $300, that will be $60 in commission if you were to sell $300 worth of products.

With that in mind, you have already paid $1,600 to join Matilda Jane, so to get your initial investment returned to you, you will have to sell a minimum of $8,000 worth of products before you can see any future profit.

$8,000 worth of children and adult clothing is a large amount to build-up and say the average sale is around $100 per person from your network of contacts, then you will need a network of around 80 people to sell to, which can be a hard task.

Best Place To Sell Matilda Jane

Hosting a selling party from home (Trunk Show) is the place where most Jane’s sell but there are other options, for example, you could try to sell through social network groups or pages and direct them to your personalized website, you could sell through the likes of Amazon or eBay, you could even set up a little pop-up stall from say a school event but it is not always that simple as I will explain in my Pros and Cons.


You can earn a little bit of extra money whilst having fun: If you enjoy socializing then hosting a party from home can be ideal, you could promote Matilda Jane to your female friends to make a bit of extra spending money and at the same time have a bit of enjoyable time together, some snacks and drinks, great to do in your spare time.

Good Products: Everybody likes to spoil themselves and especially treat their children, so selling some great branded clothing and accessories can be enjoyable and not boring as some other MLM companies sell and there are plenty of good Matilda Jane product reviews on Amazon regarding quality.

Good Commission Rates: At around 20% commission, this is not bad for an MLM company.


MLM Company: This is the biggest con because working for an MLM company is very hard and more than 99% of people selling MLM products fail to make any money or even make a complete loss. 

Multi-Level Marketing is a very craft model and it’s on the border of a scam or pyramid scheme because the just take people money for starting-up, give them false hope and promises, feed them ideas on how to sell, but if they don’t make a sale they will get left behind and ignored but the people who do sell will receive commissions, this is a crafty way for the MLM company not to pay an hourly wage or a salary.

Very High Start-Up Costs: $1,600 start-up is a lot of money to risk losing especially after knowing that over 99% of MLM’s fail to make any money.

Plus Matilda Jane Clothing tells people to buy a new seasonal kit every time a new one comes out, this has to be paid out from your own money.

Hard To Achieve Monthly Targets: To remain active as a seller for Matilda Jane Clothing, you will have to make at least $1,500 worth of sales every month, which in my opinion is very hard to achieve considering this selling model.

Too Competitive: The online market is oversaturated with Matilda Jane Clothing, just taking a look on Amazon, eBay and Etsy will reveal the amount of Matilda Jane products for sale which indicates to me that these people can not sell them any other way and have reduced the cost only to get rid of their stock but unfortunately at a loss.

Even on Facebook, there are groups of up to 427K people, so unless you are very good at online marketing, this niche will be very competitive and extremely hard to promote online and you are even competing with Matilda Jane Clothing itself.

You Can Lose Friends: There have been many reports of people on social networks being very pushy and trying to promote MLM products to their contacts, other people in groups or even private messaging random people to promote their products (have you heard of the word “hun”?)

This has resulted in people being blocked by others in their own social network and even being reported for promoting spam.

Is Matilda Jane Clothing a Scam?

Matilda Jane Clothing may seem like a scam after I pointed out all of the cons but the company itself is not a scam, but with that being said, I do believe that the business model in which they are using (MLM) is a scam and this business model has been banned in many countries, there has also been countless lawsuit issued to MLM companies, even to Matilda Jane clothing and I believe that sometime in the near future this MLM business model will be banned worldwide.

Matilda Jane MLM Review Conclusion

I know this review may seem disappointing to you but I only reveal the true facts and the fact is that spending an initial $1,600 just to give Matilda Jane clothing a try is a massive risk in itself.

If they were to give a free trial then this review will not be so negative as the free trial would have been a big Pro but unfortunately, the $1,600 is a much bigger start-up cost even compared to most MLM schemes.

It does sound nice to be able to be your own boss and work from home, choosing your own hours which suit you, so I don’t want you to give up on this though because there is plenty of other legit business where you can work from home and make money.

You need to find a company that offers a free trial and I have made a review which I believe will suit you.

If you are serious about making a reliable online income and become your own boss then check out my #1 recommendation on how to build your own online business. You will get your own free website, training, and support plus much more and all for free!

I hope this Matilda Jane MLM Review has been a great value to you and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

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Matilda Jane MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good Products
  • Great Commission
  • Can Have Fun


  • MLM Model
  • Expensive Start-Up
  • Competitive Market
  • Monthly Target
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