National Wealth Center Review-Is it a Pyramid Scam or Legit?

Let’s face it, most people would love to be able to work from the comfort of their own home, to be their own boss, spend time with their family, work their own hours to be financial and geographically free.

But then a quick google search on working from home comes back with too much information (about 7,080,000,000 results from the keyword working from home) which can be very overwhelming and there are so many online scams out there, so who can you trust?

I’ve written this national wealth center review for people like yourself to find out the truth behind this company and to hopefully save you not only your time and stress but also your hard-earned money.

What is National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center is an MLM company that sells mostly video courses on making money in the health and well-being market.

Anyone can join NWC as a seller which will give them the opportunity to make money by selling the National Wealth Center products to members of the public

How does National Wealth Center Work?

The National Wealth center system is basically a crafty way to promote a pyramid scheme where you have to buy a product for yourself (Plus pay an admin fee of $10 per month) and then sell the same product to a number of people who will then sell further on to a number of people and so-on and so-on.

There are 8 levels from which you can join and this includes the following…

  1. Self Development @$25 monthly
  2. Fitness Advantage @$50 monthly
  3. Digital Entrepreneur @$100 monthly
  4. Relationship Edge @$250 onetime payment
  5. Wealth Advantage @$1000 onetime payment
  6. Network Marketing Edge @$3500 onetime payment
  7. The Vault (all-inclusive) @$7500 onetime payment

To be honest with you it is quite hard to explain how it works but basically, if I were to buy the self-development program by paying $25 per month plus $10 per month admin and would then try to promote this program and say I sell 4 self-development programs with 1 of them being sold to you for $25 per month (plus admin fee) I would then get paid for 2 out of the 4 ($50) as the person who sold to me in the first place will receive the other 2 payments, then I would expect yourself to go on and sell 4 of the self-development programs and out of the 4

National Wealth Center Review

programs you sell I would then receive 2 of the payments and yourself 2 of the payments and so-on and so-on (I hope this all makes sense?)

But if any of our 2 out of our 4 buyers drops out we will have nothing, no income at all and we will have to start again even though the people way above us are still receiving thousands of dollars per month we will always be at the bottom.

*I would just like to let you know that whilst writing this review I am beginning to get a little stressed because I know after doing my research that the national wealth center will not work for most probably 99% of the people that join but please continue to read as I have a great alternative to national wealth center*

National Wealth Center Programs and Products

  • Self Development- This program gives you access to a library of audio-video guides on self-development ($25 per month)
  • Fitness Advantage- A program for help with fitness including healthy eating meal plans, healthy exercise and workout plans, plus motivational help ($50 per month)
  • Digital Entrepreneur- Aimed to help you learn mostly about affiliate marketing and also teaches how to make ebooks, audios, and videos, how to build membership sites, and selling your own digital products ($100 per month)
  • Relationship Edge- This program is designed to help you become a better person, to have loving relationships, to be a better wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, father/mother, a better lover, to have a healthy relationship is to have a healthy mind (Onetime payment of $250)
  • Wealth Advantage- This teaches how to invest your money into stock markets, forex, and property, it comes with ebooks and video training on getting traffic to sell this course for yourself (one-time payment of $1000).
  • Network Marketing Edge- A course made for helping you market yourself and your products, learn how to think and act like an online entrepreneur, how to build email lists, host your own webinar and it comes with audio and video training (onetime payment of $3500)
  • The Vault- For a onetime payment of $7500 you can have access to all of the above (Rip off)

National Wealth Center Review

National Wealth Center Review

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Can You Make Money With National Wealth Center?

I believe that a minority of people who joined the national wealth center actually made any real money but these people are real hustlers and can influence others very well indeed, maybe if you were to join and pay for “NWC The Vault” then maybe you can learn from there, but at $7500 it’s a huge risk to take.

Who is National Wealth Center for?

National wealth center is for someone who is not afraid to lose money, somebody who is willing to take the risk…By the way, I know somebody that will teach you how to avoid online scams but you have to wire him $400 first.

national wealth center review scam

How Much Does National Wealth Center Cost to Join?

The minimum it will cost you to get started with National Wealth Center will be $34.95 monthly and this includes the admin fee, so for the basic self-development program, it will cost you monthly $25 plus the $9.95 admin fee.

For the Fitness Advantage program, it will cost $50 plus $9.95 per month

For the Digital Entrepreneur, it will cost you $100 plus $9.95 per month

To join all 3 will be $175 per month plus the admin fee.

The other programs Relationship Edge, Wealth Advantage Elite, Network Marketing Edge, and The Vault have a one-time-only payment of between $250 and $7500 but do have a monthly admin fee.

The Pros and Cons of National Wealth Center

As with every business, there are the good points and the bad points and obviously, it would be better if the pros outweigh the cons but how well does the National Wealth Center rate…


Not accredited with BBB

There have been no official complaints registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau).

A very knowledgeable Team

National wealth center is run and managed by a team of highly professional online entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge, including influence marketing.

Instant Commissions

There are a few payment options should you make a commission (Subject to a 20% charge for NWC transactions)


High Cost:

It can cost up to $7500 for the full package.

Basic Training:

Most of the training in the first few programs can easily be found online for free with the likes of YouTube, some forums, and blogs.

No Free Trial:

I believe that if there was a free trial then this can seem more of a trusted site.

No Refunds:

You are not able to receive a refund on the admin fee and the monthly fee is hard to cancel (You may have to cancel through your payment provider)

Poor Customer Support:

For urgent cases, National wealth center aims to get back to you within 24-48 hours Mon-Fri/ 9.00 AM-5.00 PM EST which I believe is quite more for such a big company

My Final Thoughts about National Wealth Center

I think that you can see from what I have written so far regarding what my final thoughts are about the national wealth center.

I am not saying that national wealth center is a scam but I do think that it is so much overpriced and over-hyped for what you get for your money.

There are many other better online courses available that offer so much more value for a fraction of the price that national wealth center charges, some even offer free trials, or at least most of them offer no questions asked money-back guarantees.

national wealth center review

An Alternative to National Wealth Center.

If you came here looking for ways to make money by making your own digital products and promoting them (As NWC The Vault offers) then please click on the link that I provided above.

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I hope that this national wealth center review has been of some value to you as I have been as honest as I can, by all means, you can look further online and see more reviews but please be aware that a lot of the positive reviews showing people with money and sports cars are mostly fake as these are likely people paid by national wealth center as affiliates to promote them.

Affiliate marketing can be hard work and it is surely not a get-rich overnight business as some might show, but with the correct training and support you can make a full-time living from affiliate marketing, you just need to be guided in the right direction.

If you have any questions or comments, or maybe you have already used the national wealth center and would like to leave your own review, then please do so below and I look forward to hearing from you.

To your success


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National Wealth Center






Value for money


Research Tools





  • Not accredited with BBB
  • A very knowledgeable Team
  • Instant Commissions


  • High Cost
  • Very Basic Training
  • No Free Trial
  • Hard to get refunds
  • Poor Customer Support
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