Natura Brasil MLM Review- Can You Make Money With Cosmetics?

Making a little extra money on the side to treat yourself and your family may seem tempting. But unfortunately, there are so many online scams going around where most companies promise easy earnings by working from home. This includes Natura Brasil, but who can you really trust? By researching Natura Brasil. I am able to share with you the information which I discovered. I am happy that you have the chance to read my Natura Brasil MLM Review before you even think about signing up. Because I guess that you will want to read the truth about Natura Brasil.

So I will reveal if you really can make money selling beauty products. Or whether Natura Brasil in an MLM scam.

What Is Natura Brasil?

Natura Brasil was founded way back in 1969 by Antonio Luiz Seabra and is now based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With Natura Brasil becoming a Multi-Level Markinging company (MLM) from 1974. The main selling products being personal care and cosmetics.

Individuals have the opportunity to become reps and direct sell the products to make commissions. Natura now has just under 2 million reps direct selling the branded products.

Natura already owns The Body Shop and has recently acquired Avon Products. The revenue being generated by Natura Brasil has dramatically increased over the years. In 2018 they reported annual revenue of $10.9 Billion.

Natura Brasil MLM Review

What Products Do Natura Brasil Sell?

I’m sure you have stepped into The Body Shop store or have tried to purchase Avon Cosmetics. Well, this is what Natura Brasil sells.

So basically they sell Health and Beauty Products, personal care, and hygiene products. Plus claim to be cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Due to the fact that these products are cruelty-free, people buying the products will be expected to pay above the average price.

Many of the products can be quite expensive, but it is still reasonable because they are not tested on animals and only use natural ingredients.

The Natura Brasil MLM Opportunity

With Natura Brasil being an MLM company. Anybody who signs-up to become a consultant has the opportunity to directly sell the branded products as a rep.

Most reps sell to their network of contacts. Which is mainly friends and family members, they may also sell products to their contact through social media.

But this can be a bad thing and I will explain more about this later.

So, you have the opportunity to sell Natura Brasil products. Which includes The Body Shop, Avon, and Aesop products as well. With every product which you sell, you will receive a commission based on the sales made.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join Natura Brasil?

It costs nothing to become a consultant for Natura Brasil. But to sell The Body Shop products, it is advisable to invest in a starter kit. The cost for this kit ranges from $49 to $199.

So it can be free to join Natura Brasil as a rep. But you will still need to consider the time invested into selling the products as this is an MLM opportunity.

You do not get paid for your time. You only get paid based on sales achieved, so no-sells equals no money.

Natura Brasil MLM Review

Can I Make Money Selling Natura Brasil?

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on a number of things. For example, how many people you know. How good you are at selling, and how confident you feel about the products. (It’s best to try before you sell).

The commission rates from the sales can be from 25% to 30% which is quite reasonable for an MLM. But the biggest problem I see is that the same products can be bought from places such as Amazon, online stores. The biggest problem is that anyone can walk into a physical store of The Body Shop and buy the product there.

In these cases, your potential customers may get a bigger discount by visiting any of these options. For example, The Body Shop quite often offers 3 items for the price of 2 in their stores. This is why it can be hard to sell as a rep.

There are other ways to make money as a Natura Brasil rep. This is by recruiting other members to join as consultants (downlines). By doing this you will have the opportunity to make small commissions from your downlines sells.

But this is often frowned upon because it has the markings of a pyramid scheme. Nobody likes pyramid schemes, it costs friendships. Plus people avoid others when trying to promote the pyramid.


Good Commission Rates: You are able to earn between 25% and 30% commission from sales. and this is good for an MLM. so if you were to sell $200 worth of products, you can receive up to $60.

Good Range Of Products: By signing up as a consultant, you have the option to sell anything that is sold by the body shop. Avon cosmetics, Aesop and Natura. So you have a great line of available products to promote.

Free To Join: You can start to sell as a rep for free. But it is recommended to invest in a starter pack because you will be expected to have knowledge about the products.

Good Selling Options: You could host a selling party from home. You could also sell online through platforms such as Amazon, Market Place. You could even create your own website to make sells through, and promote the website through social media marketing (by set up a Facebook page)

Cruelty-Free Products: The Body Shops is very strict on their product quality control and will always use natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. This is a huge bonus.


MLM Model: It’s a proven fact the over 99% of people signing up as an MLM consultant make very little money. Or even make a complete loss.

Highly Competitive: With almost 2 million consultants selling the same products can make it very competitive. That’s not including The Body Shop stores which amount to over 3,000 worldwide serving over 30 million customers.

You Run The Risk Of Losing Freinds: This has been mentioned in many of my previous MLM reviews. There is a big problem with people being too pushy, desperately trying to sell products to friends or family members. Especially on social networks, there have been reports of consultants even being blocked and reported. So it is a big risk involving the loss of friendship.

The Disguised Pyramid Scheme: Almost every MLM company suggests to their consultants to try and recruit more consultants. It is not always necessary but recommended (most of the time by your sponsor). But I can not legally call it a pyramid scheme, it’s just very similar. Because it’s not compulsory and they are selling their own branded products. 

Is Natura Brasil a Scam?

No, Natura Brasil is not a scam. They do sell some great quality products. But it’s the business model in which they use (MLM) which always seems like a scam.

But the company itself is legit and respectable. Especially as they use cruelty-free products.

Natura Brasil MLM Review Conclusion

As I mentioned before, it is very hard to make good money selling for MLM companies. And this includes Natura Brasil. Yes, you may make a few extra dollars during say, festive holidays, birthdays, etc.

But to make long-term money selling MLM products is almost impossible and the people who do make money are the ones at the top.

I know it sounds disappointing. But even if you were to join and buy products for yourself just for the discount (pretend to sell and receive a commission). You would be much better of buying directly from The Body Shop and taking full advantage of the offers.

So it is hard to make money by becoming a rep for Natura Brasil. because it is extremely competitive and everyone is selling the same common products.

Natura Brasil MLM Review

Final Thoughts

Making a bit of extra money on the side can be great. But choosing who to trust can be complicated and that’s why I write reviews, to warn people and help them.

Natura Brasil is not a bad company. But with this Natura Brasil MLM review, I hope that it has helped you decide if it’s good for you or not. Because as I said, it is very hard to make money with MLM and less than 1% actually do. These are the ones at the very top.

If you are serious about making a bit of extra money, then why not start your own online business? You can be totally flexible. Not pressured into selling and you can even start for free.

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If you would like to leave a comment or ask a question, feel free to leave one below and I will get right back to you.

I wish you all the success.


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Natura Brasil






Overall Quality



  • Great Products
  • Good Commission Rates
  • Cruelty-Free


  • MLM Company
  • Highly Competitive
  • Loss of Friends
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