Nevetica MLM review-Is There Money To Be Made In Pet Care?

Making money in the pet care niche can be very rewarding, I mean, almost anyone who owns a pet only wants the best for their wellbeing and are willing to spend plenty of money caring for their pet, so this industry is huge and Nevetica offers people the opportunity to make money by selling their pet care products but can Nevetica be trusted or are they a scam? This Nevetica MLM Review reveals the truth behind this company and you may be shocked to read what I have discovered.

What Is Nevetica MLM?

Nevetica is a fairly new MLM company, being founded in 2016 by Dr. Lance London and with its headquarters based in Largo, Maryland, United States, Nevetica specializes in the manufacturing and sales of pet care products including dental, nutrition, and pet hygiene care.

As Nevetica is an MLM company, anyone who signs up as a distributor has the opportunity to make a little extra income by selling the Nevetica brand.

What Products Do Nevetica Sell?

Nevetica quite a small range of pet care products considering they are an MLM company and as I can tell, the health and wellbeing products are only available for cats and dogs (mainly dogs)

The Nevetica branded pet care products are as follows…

  • Nevetica Multivitamin: Multivitamins fortified with calcium and potassium for the overall wellbeing of your pet.
  • Hip and Joint supplement: Available for large or small dogs, these supplements claim to help keep joints, bones, and ligaments healthy.
  • Digestive Support Supplement: These supplements contain aloe vera and rosemary extract to promote a healthy digestive system for your pet.
  • Nevetica Skin and Coat: Infused with vitamins and minerals to help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy.
  • Calming Support Supplement: A daily supplement infused with green tea extract and lemon balm powder to promote the calmness of nervous pets.
  • Water Additive Mouthwash: For cats and dogs, this water additive mouthwash claims to keep gums and teeth healthy plus may also help soothing upset stomachs.
  • Nevetica Dental Chews: Available in large and small, these dental chews help fight the buildup of tarter whilst keeping the teeth and gums healthy.
  • Wet-A-Way Wipes: Biodegradable wet wipes to clean up after your pet’s little accidents.
  • Waterless Pet Shampoo: A no-rinse waterless shampoo aimed at maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin for your pet.
  • Anti Itch Pet Spray: This Anti Itch pet spray claims to stop irritating itching and maintaining your pet’s healthy shiny coat.
  • Nevetica Pet Paw Protector: Containing cacao and beeswax, this Nevetica pet paw protector helps keep the paws protected plus Moisturizes cracked or chapped paws.

Nevetica MLM Review Products

Are Nevetica Pet Care Products Worth Their Price?

It is very hard to put a price on pet care products as it all depends on the overall quality of the product and Nevetica prices are in line with many other competitors but it is hard to find reviews based on the quality of Nevetica products.

So, if the results based on Nevetica claims are true, then these pet care products are worth their price.

The Nevetica MLM Business Opportunity

With Nevetica being an MLM company, they offer a typical MLM business opportunity that enables anyone who signs up to be a distributor the chance to sell the Nevetica brand and receive a commission based on the sale achieved.

There are extra opportunities to make money by using the MLM model and that is by recruiting other distributors and these will be your downlines (you will be the sponsor).

With every sale your downline makes, you can receive an extra commission from their sales and you can even build a team of distributors to make money from their sales.

This is how MLM schemes work and this is why MLM’s is often referred to as a Pyramid scheme.

Nevetica do offer a compensation plan and this explains the commissions which can be expected should you join and you can check out the Nevetica Compensation Plan by watching this short video

How Much Does It Cost To Join Nevetica?

It cost a minimum of $225 to join Nevetica as a distributor which includes the initial $24.99 monthly fee for the Nevetica Tech Pack.

For this $225 fee, you will get the Nevetica Business Builder Pack worth $199 and this includes everything you need to get started from product samples, banners, training manuals, marketing tools, and much more.

Then there is the upgrade to your starter package and by paying $475 you will be able to purchase the Nevetica Product Pack which gives you more products at a discounted price.

You will have to pay a $24.99 monthly fee for your product website and this is part of the Nevetica Tech Pack.

How To Sell Nevetica Pet Care Products

There are a few ways to sell Nevetica pet care products and one of the most common is to sell to pet owners who you already know, this can include friends and family members who have cats or dogs. 

You will learn about your contact’s pet health problems and by this, you are then able to recommend a product to them.

Another way is to visit pet stores, vetnery clinics, and other pet related retail companies to try and promote the products.

One way other people are trying to sell the products is through social media but this can create problems which I will explain more in the pros and cons section.

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Can You Make Money Selling Nevetica?

It’s a sad fact that less than 1% of people selling for an MLM make good money, the other 99% make very little, make nothing, or even make a loss and I’m sorry to say but it can be very hard to make money selling Nevetica.

For a start, there’s the initial outlay of $225 and then there’s the upsell of $475, so that’s $700 just to start plus the monthly charge of $24.99.

You will have to sell a lot of pet care products quickly to make a return on your investment but who can you sell to? You can sell to your pet owner friend but there is no solid research into the quality of this product and Nevetica are not NASC approved, so who will your friend trust to care for their pet’s wellbeing, a company that has a great history and great product reviews or a company in which is unknown? I don’t know about you, but I always look into the product reviews when it comes to buying care products for my dogs.

So, as you can see, selling Nevetica can be very hard and I can not see any way to make a full-time income from selling their pet care products.

You can try to recruit people to join your team, but who are they going to sell to and for how long? By building a team of downlines, you will not be selling the product, you will be part of a pyramid scheme and the people making the most money will be Dr. Lance London and his team, they will be making money from the initial $700 start-up costs (Please excuse the rant)

Nevetica mlm Review Scam


A popular niche: It was so difficult for me to find a positive thing to include in the pros section but I had to find something. The pet care niche is very popular and the trend is growing year on year, there is plenty of money to be made in the pet care industry and I know that a lot of pet owners will spend a lot of money on their pet health (me included) but that’s not to say you can make money with this pet care company and if you would like to promote the wellbeing of pets, then I would recommend finding a more suitable company to work with.


MLM Scheme: Nevetica runs on an MLM business model and more than 99% of people in MLM schemes fail to make money.

High Start-up Costs: Almost $700 to start which can be a risky investment.

Not NASC Approved: This means, Nevetica has no licence to sell over-the-counter pet supplements.

A Young Company: Most MLM companies close down within 5 to 7 years, so only time will tell.

You Do Not Own Your Business: You never own your business as Nevetica own the rights, so you are trying to sell for them and if their business does fail, then you will not be able to sell their products.

Video Compensation Plan: Most MLM companies have a downloadable compensation plan but Nevetica has a video one which looks like something made up by from Fiverr and doesn’t look professional.

You Will Lose Friends: The problem with promoting MLM products is just this, you will lose friends, people do not want to be part of an MLM scheme and will avoid it at all costs.

The same goes for social media, trying to promote on these platforms will get you reported for spam, blocked by contacts and you will lose all respect as someone who cares for pets’ wellbeing.

Founder Dr Lance London: Nevetica was founded by Dr Lance London who is a very successful businessman but he is not a Veterinarian, he is a restaurant owner, a motivational speaker and is a marketer, Dr Lance London also majored in dentistry.

Is Nevetica a Scam?

With Nevetica being an MLM company and Dr Lance London being a successful businessman and marketer, Lance London will know for himself that the only people who make money in MLM are the ones at the top of the pyramid and that is the Nevetica founder Dr Lance London and his team.

I cannot say that Nevetica is a scam because the MLM selling model is legit but in my mind, it should be illegal and banned as it is in other countries.

Nevetica MLM Review Conclusion 

I think you can tell by this Nevetica MLM Review that this is a complicated way to earn money and you can see what I think about MLM’s and how they run.

It is a shame that Nevetica used pets and pet carers as a way to profit, especially as they are not NASC approved.

My advice would be to stay away from Nevetica as a seller and as a buyer.

Dr. Lance London will always be successful and will always find ways to profit from others.

Final Thoughts

I know it’s disappointing getting your hopes up thinking that you have found the perfect business model only to then read negative reviews about a company but that’s what reviews are for and I’m glad that you have read this review before it was too late.

If you still want to work in the pet health care niche (or any niche), there are better and much easier ways to make money with pet care products, for example, you could promote pet products on your own website and send them to a respectable seller.

It’s very easy to start an online business and you can have a website, training, and support plus you can even try for free without the need for MLMs and without paying out a fortune upfront.

To find out more check out my #1reccomendation on starting your online business where you will get a free personal website and all of the tools needed to succeed.

Have you had ant dealings with Nevetica? If so, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get right back to you.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the success.


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Nevetica MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good Niche


  • MLM Scheme
  • Expensive to Start
  • Hard To Make Money
  • Not NASC Approved
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