Pure Romance MLM Review– Do you fancy hosting an adult-themed Party selling “Special” adult products? I guess you have already thought about becoming a Pure Romance Consultant to make some extra money by hosting fun parties but are not too sure if it’s right for you?

I enjoy researching MLM and Affiliate Opportunities to see if they are Legit or Scams and this is my first adult MLM Review, which was quite interesting to do!

So the question is…Is Pure Romance a Scam? Well, let’s run through the company and the consultant opportunity.

Pure Romance MLM review

What is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is an MLM company that was originally named Slumber Parties and was founded by Patty Brisben back in 1993 from her home city of Loveland, Ohio.

Patty had the idea of paying individuals to sell massage oils, lotions, and sex toys in people’s homes by hosting parties, and by the year 2000 Pure Romance had 6 full-time salespeople with an annual turnover of just under $2 million.

Patty’s son Chris Cicchinelli joined Pure Romance in 2000 and rapidly expanded the company plus its profits which made $30 Million in only 3 years with 3,500 consultants.

By 2012 Pure Romance had 75,000 consultants selling for them which made them a reported $100 million in annual sales (There was a huge increase in sales after the release of the popular Novel 50 Shades of Grey)!

In 2016 Pure Romance expanded into the Canadian Market after purchasing Passion Parties for an undisclosed price and by 2017 Pure Romance made a reported $218 million in sales.

Becoming a Pure Romance Consultant-the MLM Opportunity

Pure Romance Give people the chance to earn a bit of extra income by allowing ordinary people like you and me to become consultants and start receiving commission for every sale made.

Most Pure Romance Consultants start making sales mostly by promoting the products through woman only pure romance home parties

But to become a Pure Romance Consultant you will first need to sign-up and during the sign-up process you will be required to pay for the pure romance consultant kit and there is a choice of 3 kits available kits which I will go deeper into now.

Pure Romance MLM review

Pure Romance Consultant Kit

There is a choice of 3 starter Pure Romance Consultant kits which include everything that you need to start selling and making commissions, decided which kit to purchase will also have an effect on the amount of commission percentage you can receive and these include the following.

  • $219 (US) Standard Kit: This kit includes a section of around 15 of the best-selling products, a personal website, 10 product catalogs, a 90-day free trial with the media center, and the compensation plan overview. With this standard kit, you will receive a 30% buying discount on all pure romance products.
  • $439 (US) Deluxe Kit: As above but with an additional 10% more buying power, 10 more best selling personal care products, and 3 extra best-selling toys, so that will be a 40% discount on all pure romance products.
  • $659 (US) Premium Kit: The best value pure romance kit includes all of the above plus an additional 6 best-selling toys, 18 best selling personal care products, and 15% more buying power which amounts to a 45% discount on all Pure Romance products.

What Products Do Pure Romance MLM Sell?

Pure Romance has a large choice when it comes to choosing the right product and these fall into 8 different categories which include

  • New in: From Lubes to Toys products to try-out from all new arrives.
  • Bath and Shower: A selection of shave creams, body oil, shower gel, and bath salts for smooth skin.
  • Beauty and Body: A Variety of special skincare products, Heating Oil and Luxury Fragrance
  • Lubricants and creams: Lubricants for both men and women, water-based, cream or gel, and with a choice of flavors.
  • Wellness: Essential oils to Hydration balm and bubble bath to massage lotion, there is even CBD infused Bath salts and CBD infused Lubricant.
  • Sex Toys: A huge range of sex toys including Dual Action Rabbit Vibrators, Clitoral Vibrators, Virginal a G-Spot Vibrators, Couples Toys, Masturbation Toys, Anal Toys, and of course the toy care.
  • Lingerie: Sexy Nightwear and sexy Sleepwear available in all sizes and for all occasions.
  • Sexual Wellness: From Virginal Exercisers to Lubricants, Pure Romance has a collection.

Pure Romance MLM review consultant kit

How Much Does a Pure Romance Consultant Make?

To say how much a pure romance consultant makes is difficult because it depends on the person selling the products but to make a full-time income by selling adult products as a consultant is very hard for anybody no matter who you are!

If you really want to become a pure romance MLM consultant then it is possible to make a little bit of extra money but if you really think about it, selling adult-only products is a very hard task, I mean, how many people do you personally know that will buy sex toys? and how many people will buy them regularly?

On your social media accounts, how many females are in your network (excluding your mom)?

As for your female neighbors! do you really want to talk about their sex life?

You may have a few close friends, that fine and it will be cool to have some fun selling parties but they will not want to buy from you every week.

You do get a website if you become a consultant but it’s only for selling pure romance products, so along with thousands of other websites selling exactly the same products at exactly the same price, it will be very complicated to make even a few sales.

It is hard to make a profit selling these products, the only way to win is to have a huge network of contacts ((

The adult business if very hard to make money from especially with the MLM model and it is a proven fact that 99% of MLM consultants make very little money or even make a loss. See here ⇒the FTC MLM Investigation Report

There is a much better chance to make money by going it alone (If you are interested in selling sex-related products), maybe start your own website promoting offers from other companies as an affiliate, and that way you will become the brand (It’s much easier than you think) It will be a more narrowed down niche and more of an open market.

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The Good and The Bad About Pure Romance MLM

There are always the pros and cons of every company, so what is it with Pure Romance MLM?


  • Easy to start once you join as a consultant.
  • Can have some fun hosting adult-themed parties.
  • A good range of products.
  • Good reviews on the quality of products.
  • Good commission rates.
  • The company has been around since 1993.


  • To much pressure by upper management into promoting the products.
  • Have to sell a minimum of $200 worth of products per month to remain a member.
  • Products are changed too regularly, so the catalog is often outdated.
  • MLM Model=99% of consultants make very little money or even a loss.
  • Pure Romance MLM has been criticized for targeting US military wives, who often have trouble finding secure employment and have built up friendships with other military spouses.
  • There have also been reports of broken friendships by consultants after being pushed into heavily promoting the products through social media.
  • You would have to pay shipping costs for all items sold, this will eat into your commissions.
  • Can not rely on an income, it’s only a bit of fun!

Pure Romance MLM review becoming consultant

Is Pure Romance MLM a Scam?

Pure Romance is not a scam but as with all MLM companies, the only people making good money are the people at the top and they will always find individuals to sell products by giving them false beliefs and fake promises.

People might say that Pure Romance is a Pyramid scheme, but I can not personally see this because they sell their own physical product and they are mostly pushing people into making product sales over recruitment.

So it is not a pyramid scheme and it is not a scam, it’s just a normal MLM company where they will always find sellers because consultants will always come and go (they will often quit within the first 4 months)

Pure Romance MLM Review conclusion

As I said at the beginning of the review,  this has been interesting and I have enjoyed researching The Pure Romance consultant opportunity. I would rather it was a positive review but it is really hard to find the good in MLM’s (there are a few good ones on this site but mostly bad reviews).

I also mentioned that if you are interested in the Adult Industry then why not do it for yourself? It is so much easier with much less pressure, you can even take your time and build your expert brand.

So for example, if you wanted to build your very own business promoting sex-related products then what you can do is find companies who sell these products and then work with them by reviewing the products and recommending them.

You just need a website, a bit of training on promoting online, build up a trusted network of potential customers and promote to them, this way you do not have to host parties (Unless you want to, then you can always do both) You can take your time, can even work from anywhere and in the end you will be the brand, it will be your business, you can decide on what you want to sell and it can be highly profitable for years to come!

It’s only a suggestion but if you really do want to look into building your own business then you can check out this review where I recommend the best platform to get started, it’s free to join and you can be up and running in no time →→ My Number 1 recommendation to starting your own business.

I hope this Pure Romance MLM Review has been of some help to you, if you do have any comments or questions then please leave them below and I will get right back to you.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.



Pure Romance






Overall Quality



  • Good Products
  • Great Commissions
  • Fun


  • MLM Company
  • High Pressure
  • Outdated Products
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