Seacret MLM Review-Is Seacret a Scam Or Is It Legit?

Working from home and making a bit of extra income by selling personal care and cosmetic products may seem like an ideal opportunity. I mean, the cosmetic and personal care niche is still a profitable market, and Seacret Direct offers people like you and me to make money by selling their products, but is Seacret a scam, or are they legit? I will reveal everything in which I have discovered with this Seacret MLM Review.

What Is Seacret MLM?

Founded in 2005 by brothers Izhak and Moty Ben Shabat, Seacret direct or Seacret Spa sells personal care and cosmetic products made from Dead Sea minerals, mud, and nutrients.

Originally Izhak and Ben sold these products direct to customers from pop-up stalls in shopping malls but then had the idea of becoming an MLM company so others can do the selling for them.

To this day, Seacret has over 280 employees in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, plus Colombia with reported revenue of more than $200 million in 2018 and Seacret continues to grow.

What Products Do Seacret Direct Sell?

Seacret sells a huge range of cosmetics and personal care products made from Dead Sea minerals and nutrients, these products, and falls into the following categories…

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Body Care
  • Facial Care
  • Age-Defying
  • Products For Men
  • Nutrition 

seacret mlm review products

Are Seacret Products Any Good?

There are very mixed reviews on the quality of Seacret products but with most of them being positive, especially the body butter, so while the actual product quality is good, it is another matter about the price.

There are many complaints about the high cost of the items and some reviews have mentioned unauthorized payments from cards (one for $6000).

There are also stories of very pushy salespeople which can be annoying if this is the way Seacret promotes their products.

The Seacret MLM Opportunity.

Seacret MLM Review

Seacret offers the opportunity for individuals to sell their care and cosmetic products and receive a commission from each sale made.

If you were to sign-up as a seller for Seacret, you will also get the opportunity to recruit other direct sellers (downlines) and receive commissions from the downline sales.

There are various ways to promote Seacret products but the main one is to host small parties from home and try to sell to friends or family members.

Another option will be the old fashion way of door-to-door selling, which could include visiting the spas and beauty salons.

You can even set-up a little kiosk in your local shopping mall and promote to people visiting the mall or you could simply promote through social networks.


How Much Does It Cost To Join Seacret?

The cost to join Seacret as a seller is $49 plus an annual renewal fee of $49 but you will have to make a certain amount of sales to remain active as a seller for Seacret (as agreed in the Seacret Compensation Plan)

But if you were not fortunate to make any sales, you will have the option to sign-up again but you would have to pay the $49 again

Can I Make Money Selling Seacret Products?

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but statistically, you can not make money selling Seacret products because it is a proven fact that 99% of people selling through MLM companies fail to make any money or even make a loss and it has been reported that only 1 out of 416 members selling Seacret products earn more than $16,000 per year working full-time (These are the lucky ones)

You may make a little bit of money, to begin with, by working from home and hosting a spa party selling to friends and family but this will be short-lived unless you have a huge network of contacts but unfortunately most people who purchase a product will only do it through kindness.

If you have already been approached by a Seacret seller in your local shopping mall or even on a stall in the high street, you will probably have noticed how pushy they were and even a little In your Face and this is because they are desperate to make a sale, they have costs to cover (The rental of the kiosk), probably a family to feed and they rely on sales to make an income, so they will say anything just to make sales


  • Some great quality products
  • A good selling point (Dead Sea)
  • Evergreen products
  • Growing Company


  • MLM Model
  • Hard to make a reliable income
  • Expensive product cost
  • Hard to promote (too many similar products at lower cost)
  • Bad reviews of pushy salespeople
  • Can lose investment if no sales are made
  • Can even lose friends by over-promoting

Is Seacret A Scam?

No Seacret is not a scam, they do offer a good product but it’s a product that is hard to sell and it’s an MLM company.

They may even seem like a pyramid scheme and in a way it is, because if you sign-up as a member, you are encouraged to recruit other members but legally it is not a pyramid scheme as they sell their own products.

Seacret is a legit company but at the same time is quite crafty as all MLM companies are because they pay people commission for each sale that the members make, so Seacret only payout when members make sales and with a lot of people selling for them and only 1% of people making sales, Seacret will only have to pay these members and are not obliged to pay the others, and this is a win-win situation for Seacrest as they do not have to legally employ people and only pay the best, this is how MLM companies work and hopefully there will one day be a new law to stop this kind of model.

Seacret MLM Review Final Thoughts

As much as I would love to say that Seacret is a good company, I can not lie. There are so many MLM companies and most of them are very poor but a few of them are quite genuine and unfortunately, Seacret is one of the poor ones.

Take a look at my other reviews where you will see that I am completely honest with my opinions even when I can not benefit from any of them (I am not affiliated with any of my MLM reviews)

So to summarise things, It is almost impossible to make money selling for MLM companies but there are better ways to make money online.

If you would still like to find a way to make money selling cosmetics or personal care products (or anything else which you are passionate about) then when not start your very own online business promoting these products from other sellers where there is no commitment and a greater choice of products.

You can easily promote the bigger brands and get better commissions, you can work in your own time and build a brand around YOU!

You can even start to build your own business today and for FREE by clicking on the following link where you will learn how to get a free website, free training, help, and support towards a successful online business.

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I hope this Seacret MLM Review has been of some value to you, if you do have any comments or questions then please feel free to leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

To your success


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Seacret MLM






Overall Quality



  • Great Product
  • Evergreen
  • Popular


  • MLM Business
  • Expensive Product
  • Bad Reviews
  • Can Lose Money
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2 thoughts on “Seacret MLM Review-Is Seacret a Scam Or Is It Legit?”

  1. I have worked for seacret in the past so I can relate to this review.
    What I can say is that when I was a paying member I was asked to sell like crazy, I was promised so much wealth that it was exciting to begin with but I found it hard to find customers, maybe its because I do not know many people?
    Anyway, I tried my best for5 months but in the end, it cost me about $300 just to stay with them as a seller, I was even told that sales will come soon, but nothing happened.
    I’m glad that I left secret and I’m never going to sell for mlm companies anymore.
    I’m glad that you are warning others about this scam.

  2. Hey Will,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I’m sorry that you were not able to make money with Seacret but selling MLM products is a risky business where only the ones at the top make the most money.
    If you still want to make money online, it is much easier and safe to sell through Affiliate Marketing.
    And you can start for FREE by clicking on the following link and it will take you direct to the training platform.
    Good luck Will, I wish you all the success.


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