Have you ever read horror stories about MLM’s but still you think whether you should join some “perfect MLM opportunity”? There are so many MLM companies claiming to be better than the others but in this cool video by Chelsea, she goes deeper into these MLM horror stories and you can take a look at the video below The Worst Of Arbonne, MLM Horror Stories #1 Anti-MLM, but if you are more into reading rather than watching, then I have transcribed this awesome YouTube Video which you can read.

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Full credit goes to Chelsea

Hello, friends welcome back to my channel. My name is Chelsea if you’re new here if you’re, not new, welcome back you’re the most real thanks for being here. If you are not subscribed, please do subscribe. I will love you forever and it helps my channel grow. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, whatever my username on it. Basically, everything is the same. It is. I am cc Suarez all that’s linked down below too. So, basically, we are reading the worst of the worst reviews and horror stories from specific MLMs. So I’m trying to get to the point where we can like to focus on one MLM per video.

I feel like that’s going to be the best way to organize it, and some of these horror stories are from my comments. Some are from DM,s. Some are from emails that you all have sent me. Some of them as well is from google reviews, those were the messiest and also glassdoor, and indeed and websites like that as well.

So not only reviews on the products, but then also reviews on the company itself. As well reading through these there’s, some of them are obviously heartbreaking, but some of them are hilarious, so I just wanted to share them with you, because I think it’s fun if you would like to watch any of my other educational videos and anti-MLM content, that Will all be up, there feel free to binge that, and also I have a list of my favorite educational, anti-MLM, [ __ ] in my description box too, if you like me, if I’m your jam, you’ll most likely love them too. So today we are going to be focusing on Arbonne, so get your tea get your snack whatever I’m eating a pickle today like so crunchy, though, and let’s go ahead and read the messiness that is Arbonne.

I know now what my ex-friend was a part of. I saw the protein powder you posted and it’s something that he uses. You were right about all these companies ruining friendships. I recently couldn’t get my medication. During the peak of the coronavirus in New York, I was happy having rapid cycling manic episodes unable to sleep and panicking constantly. I called him to vent one night and he ended up trying to sell me something from his store. That might help me with my mood and my sleep issues. I declined, especially after seeing the prices, and then he continuously pushed me to buy something from him for it. Then I saw later on him posting on his Instagram story. Things like can’t get your anxiety meds. Having trouble sleeping hit me up for a solution two for one sale. Basically, I’m not his friend anymore. The way that they try to capitalize on someone else’s pain and suffering is just disgusting, and I did check in with this person and they are doing much much better now. It really is just so sad how people who are in multi-level marketing companies just take advantage of other people when they are most vulnerable.

This next one is from erica, and it says “I was a part of Arbonne, and that was the worst thing I ever could have done because I lost four thousand dollars and anytime I post something. That was my opinion. My upline would tell me to take it down because I shared some negative thoughts on something and she would say that I can’t share anything negative because she doesn’t want people to think that there is anything negative about this. They took advantage of me because I’m a person with a disability and mental illnesses, so I quit to see again that’s so sad. I am a physical therapist and lost my job back in March, and I’ve been out of work ever since I have people on my Instagram who literally harass me weekly to try to purchase their products or join their team. Knowing I’m living off of my savings and trying to pay my private loans, they don’t care about people as long as they get them to sign on to their team”

Another one is from another comment and it says “you’re extremely pretty” (Thank you) “You look like Ashley Benson” (thank you), and she said “I also have one friend of Monet and then one in Arbonne. I got sucked into Arbonne and I love a few of their products, but I noticed the dirt. As soon as I signed up, I tried to talk to these girls about it, but they basically just say you’re stupid and you don’t know what you’re talking about. They are so manipulated. Now, I’m obsessed with watching videos like this”

That happens a lot okay. Now we’re going to the uh reviews like about the company from like glassdoor and stuff, like that, all right, this one is one star and it says awful.

I worked for Arbonne full-time for more than three years damn and they were district manager pros. I have nothing positive to say about Arbonne’s cons. Arbonne is an MLM awful company scams, college, kids and young moms”

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This one was really long. It’s very telling so it says, “Run from this cult as fast as you can pros absolutely none. This is hardly legal cons. Not only will they prey upon you and try to capitalize off of your dreams and goals in life, but they will prey on specific people like military wives or stay-at-home moms, to try to make money off of you, then they’ll try to force you to do the Same thing tell you to find at least 100 people immediately and harass them no doesn’t mean no, it means try harder that sounds extra rapey. Do you even know what these consultants are doing out there? They tell they tell you which people to prey upon and what cues to look for [ __ ], that’s sad, it’s sick and happens from day one. This is why I refuse to work for them almost immediately after starting. They will tell you to stop speaking to family or friends to leave your spouse or partner. They just say that they won’t support you Arbonne is your real family. Now, oh, my god, can you say cult when the whole time all these people are trying to do? It protects you from yourself and you should listen to them.

This is literally like a dictation of one of my last videos. Perfect. They want you to give everything to them in hopes of someday making money. So what they don’t tell you is that 98 of people in Arbonne make no money or even lose money and that even looking at their income disclosure statement. Yes, it doesn’t include what money distributors are having to pay to get these bonuses or pay or what you have. I don’t know what that means, but it’s basically what they’re saying as I went over in my deep dive, Arbonne video, how it’s not showing you the profit. It’s showing you, the revenue and obviously, revenue versus profit are completely different. For instance, if i and I’m gonna do a full video on this as well, I have like so many videos, I’m making guys, but the whole revenue versus profit thing and how it’s so misleading and plus you get paid five times a month or every Friday Or something like that like actually goes, watch Deanna mem’s video on how much she made in Beachbody.

She did a two-part video of that. It is so so so so so so good. She explains and really puts it into perspective, like how much you’re making versus how like making versus how much you’re spending the moment. You have anything to say about their practices. They will. They will come with torches and pitchforks for you, oh my god. Their biggest excuse is that people are just being negative and angry because they failed at the business that is set up for you to fail. They say it’s efforts based and those who don’t have work.

Ethics are the ones who fail you should you should listen to all of these negative reviews and protect yourself from the harm they intend to inflict on you. Their products aren’t worth the price even with the discount. I explained that in another video as well, their claims are phony and misleading and they will brainwash you into an entirely different person. If you had any self-love run for the hills that were beautiful. That was such a good one.

I love this one though to scam, artists, recruiting other scam, artists, which is true, and it says I worked at Arbonne part-time for more than a year who, if you can’t think for yourself cons this company and the consultant opportunity is a joke. It’S just another pyramid scheme and full of con artists run advice to management drop Arbonne from your portfolio. It makes your legitimate brand look bad. The company that bought Arbonne should really do that.

This next one says: you’ll lose a spouse and a best friend. It’S one star and it says: oh, it says current employee um. It says I have been working at Arbonne part-time for more than a year. Oh, it’s a spouse of a consultant. Oh my gosh. I didn’t even read that um, okay, it says pros healthy blah. Blah blah blah cons, meeting social media, weird conversations, your friends will avoid you more meetings. Envp will give your spouse you signed up to be a winner speech, social media, more at home meetings. Oh, when you get a check, it is for 150 or so did I mention meetings, social media blogging, and useless posts, I’d unfriend, my spouse. If I could get away with it – oh my god, that’s so hilarious! All right!

This is the last one and it says don’t get sucked in by the car. There’s always a catch, and it has two stars: oh and they were the executive regional vice president, which means nothing. Uh just means that they were. I think it was it’s like. The top one of the second top things I don’t know one of the ones with the car, so the top two it doesn’t recommend disapproves of CEO says I worked at Arbonne pros. The makeup and skincare are good to work from the home potential for good income. For a top one percent car bonus, but must maintain, which is very difficult. We talked about that in my Arbonne deep dive, video as well. Obviously, that’s linked up there too, but um y’all should probably watch that it’s messy, I mean I’m not messy. They are messy cons, this shit’s very long, getting people to work as hard as you do. They are a volunteer army, so it’s very difficult to find committed people who are willing to work for a long long time to see any results. That’S sad to make it to the VP level. They will tell you it’s part-time, no way, it’s a full-time effort. It’S a stair-step breakaway compensation plan. So when you do finally find those who will work hard to get to the VP level, you begin to make less on that team, and yet you may be the one doing all of the work with their team. Oh okay, I get it. There is almost an elitist attitude amongst the VP’s, especially for those who have been there for a while. The car bonus amount you receive depends on the volume of your central teams. So when you, so, if you help one of your consultants promote to VP, which is what you should do, if you want them to succeed, then you just hurt yourself, because you will no longer be able to count that team’s total volume towards your car maintenance requirement.

Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize that that sucks, I’m thinking what this person is saying, is that the volume like the sales volume of like your central team is only the people who, like aren’t at the VP level, who are under you so like. If you have someone who hits VP and then like all of their people, then like then now they have their own team so like that team stuff won’t count towards your bonus anymore. That sucks damn! So realistically, you don’t want people to do well under you. You want them to do well enough, there’s, definitely a glass ceiling with that. That’S one thing I have heard about Arbonne is that the compensation plan, like really is not good and that realistically, like Monet’s compensation plan like of MLM’s, which all of them are shitty, but it’s the least shitty very bad plan when you’re supposed to be supporting Your entire team and helping them grow. This actually discourages that support over time. As a VP, when you decide you want to move in another direction, corporate will actually attack you for making that decision. That sucks advice to management. You need a new comp plan that encourages support at all levels.

So, basically, you need to not be a pyramid scheme. The tastiest crunch, I ever heard all right guys that are going to be it for this video. Let me know if you guys, like these types of videos – and I think they’re very humorous and very telling sometimes super sad, but usually funny. So I hope y’all have a great rest of your day. Subscribe comment like applaud. Do all those things – and I will see you in my next video bye.

I hope this transcript of The Worst Of Arbonne, MLM Horror Stories #1 Anti-MLM has been of some value to you. 

As this post is a bit of an experiment to me, I have never transcribed videos before but I’m hoping that it will work both ways, by giving credit to the video blogger, building brand awareness for both of us, and in return provide helpful information. 

I would like to know what you think of this by leaving a comment down below, where I will see if this experiment has worked, and going forward I hope to help as many people as I can, by avoiding any more MLM horror stories like this.

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