TORI BELLE AFFILIATE REVIEW-Make Money Selling Cosmetics?

If you like the idea of making a bit of extra income by selling cosmetics you have most probably heard of the Tori Belle Affiliate program but can you actually make money and is it worth doing? In this Tori Belle Affiliate review I will break down everything that I have researched, the compensation plan, the small print, complaints, testimonials plus of course the products so this review should be the only information that you ever need should you be considering joining the Tori Belle affiliate program.

Who are Tori Belle Cosmetics?

Tori Belle Cosmetics is an MLM company that was founded in 2019 by Laura Hunter and specializes in the production and sales of Magnetic Eyeliner.

Anybody can join Tori Belle the Tori Belle Affiliate Program and have the opportunity to make money by selling the branded products.

What Products do Tori Belle Sell?

Tori Belle Cosmetics sell a range of products and became a hugely popular brand after a social media shout-out about their number 1 seller Magnetic Eyeliner, the shout-out gained Tori Belle massive exposure and from there people have been buying other Tori Belle items such as…

  • Magnetude Magnetic Lashes from $35
  • Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner  from $30
  • Magnetic Magnetude Mascara from $38
  • Brow Gel and Liner from $29
  • Lip Gloss from $32
  • Eyeshadow Palette’s from $40
  • Make-up Remover from $25

What is The Tori Belle Affiliate Opportunity?

Tori Belle offers an affiliate opportunity where individuals can start their own little business by selling the Tori Belle cosmetics and by doing this they are able to make commissions from the sales and the commissions start from 25% up to 40% which is broken down as follows…

  • 25% for all personal sales up to $799
  • 30% for personal sales between $800-$1,499
  • 35% for all personal sales between $1500-$2,999
  • 40% for all personal sales between $3,000+

These are all based on monthly sales but they do also offer a quick start bonus where it is possible to earn up to an extra $100 by personally selling products totaling more than $500 within the first full 2 months of joining.

When becoming an affiliate there is also the expectation to recruit other individuals into becoming an affiliate which is similar to the way a pyramid scheme works but it’s not a pyramid scheme because they sell their own products so it’s basically an MLM program

You can download the Tori Belle Cosmetics Affiliate Compensation plan PDF from here >>>>>Tori Belle Affiliate compensation plan<<<<<

How Much Does Tori Belle Affiliate Program Cost?

To join the Affiliate Program you would first have to pay a one-time fee of $129 and then after 3 months, it cost $9.95 per month plus any extra cosmetics which you would like to personally promote.

For the $129 you get a branded website plus a starter kit and the $9.95 covers the website hosting etc.

Can I make Money with Tori Belle Cosmetics?

To make money really depends on the person selling because to make sales you will obviously need buyers and these buyers will quite often be friends, family members, work colleges, neighbors, etc so you will need a large personal network of people who you know.

You could set up a social network page promoting the products and reach out to people but you would have to be better than the ones already doing it.

You could pay for advertising on social network site but then there will be the extra cost of ads which will eat into the commissions.

If you are good on camera and have an outgoing personality then you can make videos and upload them onto YouTube which is a great source of traffic to get people to your website.

So to make money selling Tori Belle cosmetics you need a great network of people and be confident at selling plus it would help if you had knowledge of SEO (search-engine-optimization) for ranking your competitors in the search engines.

My Tori Belle Affiliate Review

I have done my research on Tori Belle cosmetics and there are a few things that bother me and the first one is that Tori Belle, in my opinion, is not an Affiliate Program, it is an MLM Program!

It has the fully recognized program details of an MLM company and it is also on most of the official MLM company websites.

The business model works the same as very well known MLM companies such as Avon, Tupperware, Arbonne International, etc.

Tori Belle Cosmetics grew too fast too soon and that was a bad thing because only after one shout-out on Instagram the company popularity literally exploded which led to a huge huge demand for the products but I know that the demand was much greater than the supply.

It’s hard for me to write this but Tori Belle Cosmetics became too big to cope, hence why there are many bad reviews towards distributors for taking payments and not delivering plus outsourcing the customer support department to companies that didn’t know what they were doing (More complaints).

Tori Belle Affiliate program

tori belle review complaints

Also, the products became so popular that they were hurried into the manufacturing of the products, which made them come back as poor quality.

tori belle review complaints

The Good and the Bad about The Tori Brown Affiliate Program.

As with all companies, there are pros and cons, and based on my research I have narrowed this down.


  • Low Start-Up Cost
  • A Branded Website
  • Good Commission rates
  • FREE Shipping


  • Too Popular Too Quick
  • Based on an MLM Model
  • Too Many Complaints About Such a Young Company
  • Expensive Products
  • Poor Quality Products
  • Terrible Customer Support
  • Complicated Refund Policy

tori belle review complaints

tori belle review complaints

Final Thoughts

My own honest opinion is that the popularity of Tori Belle Cosmetics is just a fad which will be short-lived and this is only because of an Instagram Shout-out, so that is why there are so many competitive people promoting it right now and the company itself will make even more millions of dollars whilst it is popular but when the bubble bursts the only people in the money will be Tori Belle and not the affiliates.

Tori Belle Cosmetics is not a scam and the founder Laura Hunter worked very hard especially with the promotional side of the business but I do not think it is possible to rely on a regular long-term income as an Affiliate for the company.


According to sources directly from Tori Belle at

Tori Belle has come to realize that the best way forward was to remove the poor customer support team and train a new team to deal with questions or complaints.

They have also changed shipping companies to deal with the high demand, so with this in mind, I have updated the rating and wish Tori Belle and associates all the best for the future.

But if you are still interested in starting your very own business promoting anything that you wish, preferably something that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, then why not do it for FREE?

You can easily build your own free WordPress website, write about some products you like, and link to the product sellers website then receive commissions, it’s quite simple once you know-how.

You can even get free training to do this and you can check this out by clicking on this link⇒ My #1 Recommendation Towards Starting Your Own Online Business

I hope this Tori Belle Affiliate Review has been of some value to you,

If you have any questions or comments (Maybe you have already tried to promote Tori Belle and would like to comment?) then please leave them below and I will get right back to you.

I wish you success in anything you chose to do.


Tori Belle Affiliate Program






Overall Quality



  • Low Start-up
  • Good Commission Rates
  • Free Website


  • MLM Model
  • Poor Qulaity
  • Bad Customer Support
  • Complaints

2 thoughts on “TORI BELLE AFFILIATE REVIEW-Make Money Selling Cosmetics?”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Tori Belle Cosmetics has gone through their share of trials and tribulations for sure…Our CEO fired ALL old customer service company she had working for her when she learned they were not handling complaints properly…shipping company has now been changed as well to keep up with the high demands of products!

    While your review may have had some accuracies at the beginning time period as kinks were being worked out. Tori Belle has got it together and thriving. Please update your review…and yes our affiliate program is an MLM company. Never denied. Tori Belle is the best company!!
    Patent is pushing forward! Watch us grow:)

    • Hi Dana,
      Thank you for your message,
      I am very happy that you have reached out to me and I have since updated my review.
      It’s always worrying seeing people trying to make money for themselves only to find out that they failed and there are a lot of companies doing this by taking advantage of the “work-from-home-opportunities”.
      I’m glad that Tori Belle has improved their customer service plus shipping companies and I honestly do wish Tori Belle and all associates the best.
      Thanks again


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