Tupperware MLM Review-Is it Still Worth Doing in 2021?

Tupperware has been around for such a long time, that almost everyone knows about it. A lot of people try to sell Tupperware products in their spare time to make a bit of extra cash. But does selling Tupperware still work in 2021? I have done my own research into this company and in this Tupperware MLM Review, I am able to reveal to you whether it’s still worth doing in 2021. Or whether it’s just a waste of time and money. You will be surprised by what I have discovered and as I am not affiliated in any way, you will find this post 100% genuine.

What is Tupperware MLM?

Tupperware started out as a simple plastics company back in 1938. It wasn’t until 1948 when Tupperware Plastics ventured into selling plastic storage containers and related items through hardware stores and department stores.

But during the early 1950s, it was discovered that there was more potential by selling Tupperware products via home parties. So individuals were able to make a bit of extra money by direct selling these products to friends/family members etc.

This was when Tupperware Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) started and the company decided to remove all the products from the department and hardware stores to concentrate on home selling parties. Fast-forward 70 years, people still sell Tupperware products from home. But are they still making money today?

What Products Do Tupperware Sell?

Most people associate Tupperware with plastic food storage containers and yes they are the main selling products. But they also sell a number of other kitchen equipment such as cookware, bakeware, knives, and forks, plus even towels.

Are Tupperware Products Worth Their Price?

As you can see from the image below, Tupperware products can be quite pricey. When Tupperware was first established, the prices were reasonable and the products were even considered as fashionable back in the 1960s. But things change, there is high competition from leading companies such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, John Lewis. These companies sell similar quality products at a much cheaper price.

Tupperware MLM Review

In reality, if you were to purchase Tupperware products, you are mainly paying for the brand name. It’s more cost-effective to purchase the same quality product at a lower price from more popular stores, offline and online.

Tupperware MLM Review prices

The Tupperware MLM Opportunity.

As with all MLM opportunities, Tupperware offers individuals the opportunity to make a bit of extra money by selling the branded products to their network of contacts.

In the past, it was common to host a small party from home and showcase the products to friends/family members with the hope of some of them making a purchase. For every sale made, the host will earn commissions.

To see the Commission rates and bonuses you can download out the Tupperware compensation plan 

Some people still sell this way but times have changed. It is now easy to reach out to your network of contacts through social media platforms such as Facebook to try and promote the products. But this can be a bad option which I will explain more about later on.

Another common way Multi-Level Marketing works is by recruiting others to join as sellers. You can then earn commissions from their sales. But this is often frowned upon and has the same markings as Pyramid Schemes.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Tupperware?

It cost from $60 to $109 plus tax to join Tupperware as a consultant. Once joined, you will receive a starter pack and then you have the right to sell the products.

You can join via another consultant (see what I mean about the pyramid scheme). If you were not referred by anyone, you will apply online and your nearest consultant will be in contact.

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Can You Make Money Selling Tupperware in 2021?

I believe that it can be very hard to make money selling Tupperware in 2021. Yes, the product is good quality and as a brand has a great reputation. But, to be honest with you, how many people do you know that would want to often buy plastic storage containers at a high cost? They could easily buy the same quality product cheaper elsewhere. You could probably make a little bit of money initially to cover your start-up costs, but this is likely to come from a friend or family member buying out of kindness and they won’t buy forever.

You will have more chances to make money through Tupperware by recruiting other consultants, but why would you want to ruin your reputation by becoming part of the pyramid?

how to spot a pyramid scheme


Established Company

Tupperware has been around since 1938 so they must be doing something good. (most MLM companies fold within 7 to 10 years)

Variety of Products

It’s not only plastic storage containers but also pots and pans, knives and forks, plus other kitchen related products.

Environmentally Friendly Products

All Tupperware products are recyclable as of 2010 which makes it a great selling point.


MLM Business Model

As with all MLMs, it is almost impossible to make money selling for these companies. Plus it is quite common to even make a loss.

A Pyramid Scheme in Disguise

It’s a sad fact that when consultants come to realize that they are struggling to make sales, they try to recruit other consultants. By doing this they live in the hope that their recruits are better at selling, so they hope to make commissions from these sales. But this just continues the chain and it turns into a pyramid.

You Will Lose Friendship

A common way for people to promote MLM products now is by making contact within the social media network. People are being approached by old school friends, ex-work colleagues, etc, and are being heavily pushy in buying the MLM products. This leads to consultants being reported and blocked as spam. They even offer fake job offers and try to recruit other consultants. This leads to loss of friendship and loss of respect.

Too Many Competitors

Anybody can buy the same quality products at a much cheaper cost. They don’t need someone to showcase them some plastic kitchen products when they can simply order the products themselves when they need them. There is a huge choice of similar products on Amazon.

Is Tupperware an MLM Scam?

Tupperware as a company is not a scam but the business model which they use can be. Sure, it was a good business model many years ago and it made people a bit of extra cash. But MLMs today are ruthless and the only people making the money are the ones at the top. If someone told you that they were making great money selling plastic storage containers, I would say that they were lying. They are most probably trying to recruit you as a consultant with the hope of earning from you and being part of their pyramid.

Tupperware MLM Review

Tupperware MLM Review Conclusion.

I am always honest in my reviews and I make no exemption from this Tupperware MLM review. What you have read is the truth and I can tell you over and over again that you can not make money selling Tupperware products because it’s only an MLM.

Yes, the products are useful but they are expensive but similar and cheaper items can be found elsewhere. Plus can be ordered from home and when needed. (It’s not every day someone needs to buy a storage container).

Please don’t run the risk of losing friends and breaking your reputation. There are plenty of opportunities out there, just be aware of MLMs, Ponzi’s, and Pyramid schemes.

Final Thoughts

I know this Tupperware MLM Review is disappointing but I don’t want you to give up hope. I’ve already said that there are plenty of opportunities out there and I want to help you out.

If you are seriously interested in making a bit of extra cash, then why not start your own business? Say no to MLMs and don’t sell something that has no interest (Plastic storage containers are boring).

You can easily start your own online business from scratch and you can promote anything you desire.

Do you have a passion or interest in something particular? Then why not make money from it?

You can even turn a hobby into a full-time income when you know-how.

If you want to learn more, check out my number 1 recommendation where you will find out how to get access to training, tools, a website, and all the knowledge to build a successful online business.

If you do have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down below and I will get right back to you.

To your success


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Tupperware MLM






Overall Quality



  • Good Choice of Products
  • Established Company
  • Environmental Friendly


  • MLM Company
  • Highly Competitive
  • Loss of Friends
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