Usborne books MLM Review-Make Money By Selling Child Books?

Selling children books to make a bit of extra money in your spare time may seem like a perfect opportunity and Usborne books offer this opportunity but are they to be trusted and can you make money selling their books? In this Usborne Books MLM review, I reveal everything there is to know about this company. Are they an MLM scam or a Pyramid scheme, or is Usborne Books Legit? I reveal all in this post (you may be surprised)

What Is Usborne Books?

Usborne Books was founded in the United Kingdom by Peter Usborne back in 1973 and they specialize in children’s books.

Usborne Books are also known as Usborne Publishing, Usborne Books and More, Usborne Children’s Book, plus Usborne Books at Home.

Usborne Books at Home was established in 1981 and is the main selling channel after becoming an MLM company (multi-level-marketing).

Usborne Books and More representatives and distributors can be found in the following countries…

  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Uruguay
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Chile
  • Argentina

What Books Do Usborne Books Sale and How Many Titles are There?

Worldwide, Usborne has a list of over 3000 titles and are catered for children of all ages, from 0-2 years, 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-11 years, 11-13 years, and young adult.

The prices for the books range from $10 to $30

They do have a huge category of many subjects including Activity books, Art and craft, Baby and toddler books, Children’s fiction, Christmas books, Colouring books, Cooking and gardening, Creative writing, Early years, Encyclopedias and general knowledge, English Books, ESOL (English as a second language), Fairy tales and classic stories, Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam, Foreign languages, Geography and atlases, Gift books, History, Key skills, Library editions, Maths, Music, Nature and outdoors, Picture books, Puzzles, games, and quizzes, Reading Programme, Religions Science books, Sports, Sticker books, Plus Young Adult fiction

usborne books mlm review prices

Usborne Books MLM Opportunity-Becoming an Usborne Books Consultant

Usborne Books offers individuals the opportunity to make money by becoming consultants and selling their products, with every item sold, the consultant can receive a 25% commission from each sale made.

Once the start-up cost is paid, the consultant will receive your introductory package which includes the following…

  • A personalized Usborne website
  • Some sample books to show your potential buyers
  • Discounted books
  • Marketing materials
  • Access to the training website
  • Access to a personal advisor
  • Access to private Facebook groups
  • An online account to place orders
  • Dedicated help and support
  • Plus much more

How Much Does It Cost To Join Usborne Books as a Consultant?

It only costs around $77 to start as a book consultant which will enable you to hold the consultant status for 1 year and to be fair, this is quite a low price compared to many other MLM opportunities.

For example, I have just written a review on Matilda Jane Clothing and their start-up cost is a huge $1,600, so as you can see $77 is not much at all compared to other MLM business models.

Usborne books MLM review Start-up

Can You Make Money Selling Usborne Books?

It has been reported that the average consultant earnings from hosting a book party are around $100, which to be honest is not too bad and it’s good if you would just like to earn a bit of extra money now and again, But to make a full-time income by selling children’s books can be very hard.

So, the average earnings from the party host are around $100 but you have to take into consideration the planning costs and time, you would obviously provide snacks and drinks which could cost around $30-$40, then it’s your time to plan, promote, set-up the party, host the party, clean up after the guests have left and then start the order processing which could take as much as 4 to 5 hours in total, so you are getting paid $60-$70 for 4-5 hours and to make a full-time income you would have to host selling parties almost every day.

But there are other ways to sell Usborne books, so it’s not only hosting parties and I will explain these options next.

How To Sell Usborne Books?

The most common way to sell Usborne Books as a consultant is to host selling parties from home, this is when you invite people who may be interested in buying children’s books to your home with the aim of selling them some books.

These potential buyers could be friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbors, etc.

There is also the opportunity to promote on social network groups and I personally know a lady in my local village who sells Usborne Books through the local buy and sale pages, so there is potential to sale on social media but if you do, then I would recommend not to over-promote as this could work out wrong (as mentioned in the cons section)

If you are a parent and your child/children attend school, then you could set-up a stall in the next school event and promote to other parents, this could be quite profitable.

You could sell Usborne Books through your website (included in your start-up) but the main problem I see with this option is that I do not know how much control consultants have over their websites, so the best solution will be starting your own blog where you can target potential buyers and then directing them to your main selling website (provided by Usborne) and by doing this, you will have much more control and can even expand by promoting other companies as an affiliate alongside Usborne which can be much more lucrative.

usborne books mlm review

Pros and Cons of Selling Usborne Books

As with all business opportunities, there are the good points and there are the not so good points, so let us take a look and see the pros and cons of selling Usborne Books as a consultant


Very low start-up costs: For only $77 you could have your bookselling business ready to go and you could easily earn this back from your first home selling party.

Established Company: Usborne Books has been around since 1973, whereas most MLM companies fail within the first 5 years, so they are to be trusted.

Good Products: Children’s education is very important and Usborne Books have a massive range of titles on all important subjects, the children’s books market is very respected.

Can make a bit of extra money: You can make a few extra dollars in your spare time, it won’t be life-changing but can help towards treating yourself to something extra.

Can have a good time: By hosting a party from home, you can socialize with people, have a few drinks and a bit of food, basically enjoy yourself and make a few $ whilst doing so.

Good commission rates: 25% commission from each sale is a great percentage offered by an MLM company.


MLM Model: Usborne as a company is not bad but the selling model they use (Multi-level marketing) is the biggest con going for them because it has been proven over and over again that over 99% of people selling for MLM companies make very little money, no money at all or even make a complete loss.

Low Income: Making a little bit of extra money in your spare time is fine but to make a full-time income by selling children’s books alone will make it impossible to make a living from, it is only good for a side-income.

Competitive market: The problem with selling Usborne Books is that you are limited to who you can sell to because there are so many people selling the same items online and through social networks, it makes it hard to expand further than your own network of people. 

You are also competing with the likes of Barefoot Books, which has a similar market and the same targeted audience.

No compensation plan: Almost all MLM companies offer a compensation plan where it shows your potential earnings and these can be viewed before you decide to join but unfortunately Usborne books do not offer this plan, they only offer a consultant handbook and this if after you join, so there is no clue on what the potential future earning can be until after you pay the start-up cost.

Can even lose friends: I know it sounds harsh, but if you were to join Usborne Books as a consultant and try to promote through the like of social media, then the chances are your contacts will start to avoid you as everybody dislikes being promoted to through social media platforms unless they are searching for such item.

There have been stories of people being blocked by their friends after overselling products (have you heard of the word “hun”?)

Is Usborne Books MLM a Scam?

Usborne Books is most definitely not a scam, it is a genuine company selling some great educational children’s books but it’s the business model in which they use makes them seem like a scam because this business model exploits people and gives them false hope.

The MLM model is a crafty way to get ordinary people like you and me to sell for them and if we don’t sell, then the MLM company does not have to pay out money, but if we do sell, then the MLM company will make money and give us a percentage as a reward, it’s a win-win situation for the MLM company because they do not have to pay out on advertising, they do not have to pay people by the hour or a salary, they just pay commission.

Final Thoughts

Making money by selling MLM products is a very hard and tiring task but if you only want to make a little bit of extra cash hosting a book party from home, then Usborne Books is ideal for you, or you could just join and benefit from the discounts by ordering the books for your own children or as gifts to others.

I’m afraid to say that working for an MLM company can be tough, you are not actually the boss and there will always be people above you.

But if you really do want full control over your own business and be your the boss then check out my #1 recommended review where you will learn how to start your own business from home, or from anywhere in the world and you can even start for free.

I hope this Usborne books MLM review has been helpful to you, if you do have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I will get right back to you.


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Usborne Books MLM






Overall Quality



  • Low Start-UP
  • Good Products
  • Well Established


  • MLM Model
  • Competitive
  • Low Earning Potential
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