Real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories For 2021 -Could You Be Next?

I know it may seem daunting at first when researching a company which you know little about and are not sure whether to join or not (I’ve been there before) that is why after writing my original Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ve decided to write this post about real wealthy affiliate success stories because I want to assure you that this program works and if you were to join wealthy affiliates, then you will know that you have made the correct decision.

There are so many wealthy affiliate success stories to choose from and I could be writing about them forever, so I have chosen some random ones, from people just beginning their online journey to the more developed successful affiliate marketer and it all happens with wealthy affiliate.

How Littlemama Went From Beginner to Making a Full-time Income as an Affiliate Marketer

wealthy affiliate success stories  littlemama

Littlemama first started affiliate marketing after joining WA back in September 2016, when she first joined she knew nothing about how making money online works, but she followed all of the training here in WA and she was determined to become a success, she did have her ups and downs but she stuck to it and now it’s paying off massively.

Since starting near the end of 2016, Littlemama has earned at least 2 trips to Las Vegas where she met up with the WA team, she has made thousands upon thousands of dollars and has become very successful in the online world and within wealthy affiliate plus she even offers training to her WA followers.

You can see all of Littlemama’s success stories by checking out her profile here

$17,000 And That’s From Only One Blog Post!

real wealthy affiliate success stories

Liz Joined WA in March 2016 and at that time she was new to online marketing but had a passion for the health and fitness niche. Before Liz Joined WA, she would always be looking for ways to make money online and admitted that she had the ‘Shiny Object Syndrom’ (Always looking for the easiest ways to make money) but she stuck with Wealthy Affiliate, put in the hard work and now Liz has been able to quit her day job to concentrate on her website.

Liz finally realized that everything she learned in WA was genuine and was making her money, she even noticed that one of her blog posts, which she wrote and forgot about but was on the first page of Google, made her a nice $17,000 over 2 years.

Now imagine if you wrote 100 blog posts but only 10 of them made it to the top of Google, by following Liz’s story, you could be looking at a potential $85,000 per year from those 10 blog posts alone, and that’s just writing, posting and leaving it (maybe update it now and again).

This is the great thing about posting affiliate marketing blogs, they are there forever and it works in any niche when done correctly.

Check out Liz’s WA profile right here

From $30k Debt to a Six-Figure Business in Only 27 Months

wealthy affiliate success s

Meet Ralph, Ralph is yet another huge success story within the WA community.

Before joining WA in September 2016, Ralph had credit card debts of $30k, he was also living with his mother, he had no car and his only source of income came from helping people with their health and fitness by being a part-time personal trainer.

Ralph joined so many scams and “Get Rich Quick” schemes, he almost gave up hope on becoming an online success but one day he thought he would give wealthy Affiliate a try and he’s never looked back since.

To this day, Ralph has cleared his $30,000 credit card debt and has made a successful online business generating more than $100,000 per year profits.

Without the help of WA, Ralph would probably still be in debt today but now, Ralph is living the dream.

To check out Ralphs WA profile click here

$11,000 By Writing Only 2 Posts Per Week-Easy With WA

real wealthy affiliate success stories

Dale was formally an electrician but now works full-time as an affiliate marketer and this has only been possible with the training at WA because before 2017 Dale had no idea about making money online.

Along with making plenty of money with his website, Dale has earned a trip to Vegas with all expenses paid for by the WA team.

I often visit Dales WA profile to read his motivational posts and I know a lot of people in the WA community also do.

To read more about Dale’s success, check out his profile here.

How Eric Earned A Trip To Vegas (Again)

wealthy affiliate success stories eric

Eric, a former South Texas firefighter had the dream of traveling the world but due to work commitments, he could not see how traveling the world would be possible.

He would always search the internet on ways to make money online but had very little success.

In 2017, he came across Wealthy Affiliate and decided to give it a try and by following the training in WA and after only 1 year of joining, Eric was able to quit his job as a firefighter, work full-time as an affiliate marketer and follow his dream of traveling the world.

Previous to 2017, Eric had no idea about building websites, so he followed the training in the WA Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp, where he learned so much that he began to promote wealthy affiliate through his website and made more than 300 referrals to WA which allowed him to meet the WA with an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas.

Eric has worked hard on his Money making website since 2017 and continues to do so, and as a bonus, Eric is earning paid trips to Vegas year after year. What is Eric’s #1 advice? Follow WA training and never give up.

You can view Eric’s WA profile here.

How Heidi Made Her First $1,000 Sale Through Social Media

Real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Heidi joined WA back in February 2018 and in that time and with the training offered, Heidi has been able to build 2 personal affiliate websites plus she has built and is hosting 5 local websites for clients.

Heidi loves to promote her high ticket affiliate offers through the likes of FaceBook ads where she has recently made her first $1,000 affiliate sale and she offers help and advice to anyone within the WA community wishing to use the power of social media to create more sales by getting more targeted traffic.

Heidi is also on her way to leaving her full-time job to concentrate on building websites, this dream has only been possible with the help from the Wealthy Affiliate training and support.

$40,000 in Only 4 hours and $100,000 in One Week!

wealthy affiliate success stories

Jerry from Taiwan joined WA in 2016 and has put everything he has learned from WA into creating his very own Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course where he has built a massive following.

At only 21 years of age and in his own words  “A College Dropout”, Jerry has done so well from his training that he not only built a money-making website promoting WA and other affiliate offers but also created his Affiliate Marketing Course in the Mandarin Language.

Jerry has done amazingly well and has earned his trip to Vegas plus made life-changing amounts of money whilst helping others become successful.

$12,000 For Christmas With The Power Of “Best of” Lists

real wealthy affiliate success stories

Nathaniel joined WA back in 2010 and at that time he knew nothing about affiliate marketing, but he had the ambition to succeed.

With the help and support within WA, Nathaniel had built a very successful online business and his strategy is “best of” list, for example, “Top 10 [product] 2020”.

Nathaniel has done all of the hard work and still continues to work hard but he is now able to live the dream of the affiliate marketer.

$16,000 Commission in 1 day-It Just Gets Better!

real wealthy affiliate success stories

John is from Sweden and English is not his native language but he was still able to build a successful career as an affiliate marketer.

With no previous knowledge about online marketing, John joined WA in 2015 where he learned so much, that now he is making daily commissions of thousands of dollars.

John has mentioned that WA has saved his life, he is now free to spend time with his loved ones, doing things which he enjoys, take photos, read books, he is no longer working the daily 9-5, he is another wealthy affiliate success story and it goes to show that you do not have to be a native English speaker to succeed in internet marketing.

$5,000 in a Week Plus An All Expenses Paid Trip to Las Vegas!

Roope from Finland joined WA in June 2015 with 100% belief that he can become an online success.

Like John, English is not Roope’s native language but he has succeeded in becoming an online success story

Through the WA training, Roope learned everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and is now promoting Wealthy Affiliate training, along with other affiliate offers to his followers.

In 2019 Roope reached his goal to earn an all-expenses-paid trip to meet the WA team in Vegas by referring people to the WA program.

Roope is a highly valued member within the WA community where he shares his online knowledge, the tips and tricks of becoming an online success, he offers lots of help and support which has made him a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador with a ranking of  #4 out of over 2 million WA community members.

He gets tons of traffic from his YouTube channel where he also gives lots of help and advice.

You can check out his amazing YouTube channel by clicking here ⇒ Roope Kiuttu YouTube Channel

Over $1 Million Made Online One Of The Best Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

real wealthy affiliate success stories

Eddy Salomon has been a long-standing member of WA but it wasn’t always plane sailing for Eddie.

Eddy joined Wealthy Affiliate way back in 2007 and since then he has built a very successful online business that made a lot of money for Eddy and his family.

Unfortunately in 2014 google made a lot of changes to how they rank websites and Eddy’s website was badly affected, his traffic went from thousands of daily visitors to nothing in a matter, this hit him real bad and he almost gave up.

With the help and support from the WA team and other members (Including Littlemama), Eddy was able to get back to where he was before, these visitors and high traffic came back to him, he still generates thousands of daily visitors to this day.

If it was not for the help and support of WA, Eddy’s online business would have collapsed.

Eddy now has multiple streams of income coming from his website and his website has earned Eddy over $1 million, this was only possible with the training, help, and support from wealthy affiliate.

Click here to view Eddy’s WA profile

Could You Be The Next Wealthy Affiliate Success Story?

wealthy affiliate success stories 2020

I have only shown you a small amount of wealthy affiliate success stories, there are hundreds more which I could show you but I think you do get the point, and the point is that the training at Wealthy Affiliate Works and it works amazingly well if you follow the training correctly.

If English is not your native language then that’s okay as there are thousands of people from all over the world making money with the help from Wealthy Affiliate, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live or what your situation is, you can have a successful online business

It is not a “get rich quick” scheme, it does take time and dedication but you will get out of it so much more than you put in.

You can be the next success story and I truly believe this, and it’s true because I am also one of these wealthy affiliate success stories.

The training at WA helped me achieve so much with my goals, I have a few websites making me a great reliable regular income, I am now living my dream by working from home, or anywhere in the world, I’m able to spend time with my family, I’m free to do whatever I want and whenever I want.

I don’t say this to boast about my success but just to show people like you that the training here in WA does work, it has helped thousands of people from all walks of life and it can help you achieve your goals, become an online success and live the life you deserve.

You can have this and you can even try for free, so you have nothing to lose but a huge amount to gain.

You can even start today by clicking on my special link where you can get all of the training, a free website, and all the help and support you require.

When you do join WA, please add these successful people, including me (Matt91) to your contacts where I’m sure you will even learn much, much more.

Updated Wealthy Affiliate 2020

Wealthy Affiliate has completely updated its online platform, check out these amazing upgrades by clicking here

Click here to start your own successful online business today

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  1. These are some great success stories, it’s good that you have put screenshots up because it shows that they are not fake and you took them yourself.
    I’ve signed up for the free wealthy affiliate account and will look up these people and follow them.
    Thank you for the lovely post.

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Yes, I took the screenshots myself and there was a lot to choose from.
      It’s great that you signed up to the free wealthy affiliate account, I’m sure that you will learn a lot with the training.
      Also, I’m glad that you are going to follow all of the successful people in the WA community, you will learn even more.
      I would also suggest following Jay, he offers free live weekly training classes, there are also training replays where you can learn about almost every subject on online marketing…You can see his WA profile by clicking here > Jay/Magistudios

  2. Wow, some great success stories there. Can you please tell me the percentage of success in wealthy affiliate. I mean, there are a lot of members in the wa community but you have only showed me a handful of successful results.If I was to join wealthy affiliate, then what are my chances to make money? Sorry about the question but I have been scammed by similar programs in the past and I don’t want want to lose any money.
    Thanks, George

    • Hi George. Thank you for your comment.
      I’m afraid I do not have access to the percentage of successful people in Wealthy Affiliate because not everybody reveals their results within the WA platform and this includes me. But saying that, there are also people who take no action, or only sign-up to WA and take advantage of the free membership just to have a nose and leave their account open (But don’t use it).
      The people who take action are the ones who become a success, these are the kind of people that never give up, even during the hardest times.
      So to answer your question about your chances of making money with Wealthy Affiliate. I would say that it is very likely that you will make money, and good money, but only if you follow the training from the start, stick to the training, and never quit.
      Every successful person in Wealthy Affiliate has had a time where they felt like giving up and I know this feeling from experience, but I assure you that when you follow the training and give it a bit of time, then you will make money and you will never look back.
      I almost quit within the first 6 months of my WA membership because I didn’t make any money at that time, but I decided to keep at it, and only 2 weeks after I thought about giving up, I made my very first sale and I made $235.00. This was an amazing feeling, and I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on that day.
      After that first sale, it snowballed. It just takes a little time and patience but you will most definitely succeed when you keep going.
      You can even start today for free by clicking here Reply

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