Hashing ad Space Review 2021-What Is Hashing ad Space?

Welcome to my Hashing ad Space Review 2021. There has been a lot of questions asked like What is Hashing ad Space and how does it work? Can I really make money by watching online videos? Is this company even legit? I’ve actually made the move and signed up so that I can research Hashing. By the end of this review, you will get to know whether Hashing ad Spend is a scam or whether you really can make money watching videos. You will also get to learn about Asimi and Cryptocurrency.

What Is Hashing ad Space?

Established in 2018 Hashing ad Space is an online platform where people earn crypto by watching paid advertisement videos. It is also a place for advertisers to promote their services at a low cost. With over 1 Billion ad views delivered, Hashing ad Space is growing dramatically and it’s a win-win for both advertisers and visitors.

Anyone can join Hashing ad Space for free and start to mine crypto from day one, just by watching simple ads.

How Does Hashing ad Space Work?

Advertisers purchase Asimi to display their ads on the Hashing ad Space Platform which is home to around 445,000 members and growing. When viewers watch the ads, they are at the same time minting for Asimi and at the time of writing there has been 14.7 million Asimi minted

The Asimi can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency, Asimi can also be bought and sold.

It is a very simple platform to use, so basically, you are making money by watching ads (around 7 seconds), there is also an option to make Asimi by filling in surveys.

What is Asimi?

Asimi is a utility token that can be minted by yourself by watching advertisement online videos. You can trade Asimi on the Waves DEX Exchange, and this is where you can also buy and sell Asimi plus other cryptocurrencies. There is a huge supply of 67 million Asimi tokens.

Asimi to BTC converter

Just a simple google search will reveal many websites such as nomics.com where you will be able to see the crypto exchange charge and the rates for Asimi to BTC converter plus other crypto exchanges.

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How Do You Withdraw Money From Hashing ad Space?

To withdraw money from Hashing ad Space you would first need to set up an account on the Waves DEX exchange and from there you will acquire a waves wallet. 

When you get your Wave wallet, you can then link the wallet to your Hashing ad Space account and use this to pay Asimi into your Wave wallet.

It’s a simple process and if you want more info, then check out this easy-to-follow video…

What Is The Hashing ad Space Minimum Withdrawal?

There is no minimum withdrawal if you have a minting power of at least 5. But if you have less than 5, the minimum withdrawal would be $10.00. There is however a charge of $1.95 for any withdrawal.

Is Hashing ad Space Legit?

Yes, Hashing ad Space is legit, you are simply mining Asimi by watching videos, and the people who made the videos pay for advertisements, so really it’s a win-win.

Hashing ad Space Referral Link

When you join Hashing-Ad-Space, you will receive a unique referral link and you can use this link to promote the program.

The good thing about it is that you can send your referral link to people who you know would want to make a bit of extra money by watching videos and you will receive 10% of the Asimi which your referral earned.

If you were to refer your link to an advertiser, then you will be able to earn a massive 50% referral commission from the advertiser. All this just by sending a Referral link. 

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Very Simple Way to Make Money: Just watching videos in your spare time can make you a bit of extra money. How much more simple can it be?

Learn Crypto: This can be a fun way to play with cryptocurrency, you will learn how to exchange, buy and sell crypto. This will come to you naturally in the end so you might be able to make even more money on the exchanges.

Free to Join: You do not have to pay to join unless you want to advertise something. So it’s free to simply join and watch videos.

Free Training: With a library full of training videos and pdfs you can not go wrong.


Time Consuming: Just sitting there on your laptop, phone, or tablet watching videos can be a bit time-consuming. Before you know it, you could have spent hours away from doing other important tasks.

Boring: Same as above, watching advertisement videos or filling in surveys can be quite boring unless you are into that sort of thing?

Small Income: You cannot expect to make a fortune, otherwise everyone will quit their jobs and let videos run in the background. But saying that, you may make a bit extra buying and selling on the exchanges.

Hashing ad Space Review Conclusion

Hashing ad Space is quite a new platform and I don’t see much wrong with it. Yes, it may be time-consuming watching videos but what I like about it most is that you can learn all about the crypto exchange and all of this for free. So just by watching videos, you would earn Asimi tokens and with these tokens, you can exchange them. Sort of like playing a game and actually making money from it. It’s quite exciting playing on the crypto exchanges by using free Asimi.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading Hashing ad Space Review 2021-What Is Hashing ad Space?

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Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best.

If you do have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below


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Hashing ad Space






Overall Quality



  • Free to Start
  • Training Included
  • Simple


  • Time Consuming
  • Small Income
  • Can be Boring
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