Making a bit of extra money working from home may seem like a perfect opportunity for many people and there are many ways to achieve this but who can you trust? In this World Wide Dream Builders Review, I will reveal to you if it really is possible to make extra money working from home and to see if WWDB is a Scam or Legit.

Who Are World Wide Dream Builders?

World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) LLC is a division of the World Wide Group and this group specializes in day-to-day business operations, from business planning to sponsored events.

WWDB was originally founded by successful Amway distributors (Husband and Wife) Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear, with the headquarters based in Michigan US.

Founded in 1978, World Wide Dream Builders’ main objective is to train and motivate Amway distributors into building a strong sales team and develop their success within Amway.

How Does World Wide Dream Builders Work?

World Wide Dream Builders want to help you achieve great sales from your Amway network by giving you motivational support and training to succeed.

If you want to join WWDB you would first have to pay to join Amway as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) I have already written a review on Amway.

Then you can pay a fee and sign-up to join World Wide Dream Builders where you can access a large library of motivation audio programs, PDFs, book recommendations and have direct access to the World Wide Group mobile app Communikate (a private messaging app to communicate with the team).

You can also have online and offline access to previously recorded motivational conferences and events.

How Much Does It Cost To Join World Wide Dream Builders?

To join World Wide Dream Builders you would have to pay a membership fee, The WWDB advertises this fee as a minimum of $5.00 per month for the very basic membership or $49.95 per month for the premium membership.

I originally thought that the $49.95 subscription was a reasonable price to pay but I was wrong, and looking deeper into the fee’s I was surprised to see how much extra you would have to pay if you would want everything offered (you are encouraged by WWDB to pay for these), these are what WWDB suggests you pay for you to gain maximum success with your Amway direct selling.

  • $49.95 Monthly for the Premium Membership.
  • $36.95 Monthly for the Communikate Mobile App.
  • $25.00 Monthly for the Digital Downloads.

So as a minimum that works out as a monthly outgoing of $111.90 just to start!

Then there are the many added extras which are the following.

  • $80.00 Yearly for Seminars
  • $40.00 Yearly for Oplem/SLM Mtgs
  • $120.00 Yearly Towards Books.

Plus the World Wide Dream Builders Major Functions.

  • $75.00 for January Dream Nights Function.
  • $125.00 for April/May Spring Leadership Function.
  • $250.00 for a 2 Day Family Reunion Seminar every July.
  • $125.00 in October for a Celebration Function.

Even More, Tools to Pay For!

  • $75.00 Towards Information Systems.
  • $100.00 For Buying Amway Samples.
  • $150.00 For Additional Materials (CD’s etc)
  • $1,000+ Accumulated Costs Towards Hotels, Fuel, Food, etc.

You would think that for only $49.95 it would be great to join World Wide Dream Builders but in reality, you will have to commit to these extra expectations and in the end, it will cost you over $3,500 only in your first year of joining (Shocking)!

World Wide Dream Builders Review

Can You Make Money With World Wide Dream Builders?

It a proven fact that 99% of people selling MLM products do not make money or make very little and Amway is an MLM company, so World Wide Dream Builders train and motivate Amway Distributors to sell but after breaking down the 1st year costs of $3500 I can not see anyone making a profit by using World Wide Dream Builders.

Even if you were to direct sell Amway Products, it will be almost impossible to make a profit of $3500+ and the only way to make that kind of money is to get people to do the selling for you, so if you were making enough profit from Amway to pay the $3500, then you are already doing great so what is the point of joining World Wide Dream Builders when you are already doing well?

I would not risk using your own money or borrowing money, otherwise, you will always be chasing a loss and that can affect your own well-being (I hope this makes sense?)

The Good and The Bad About World Wide Dream Builders

As with all companies, there are the pros and there are the cons but what about WWDB? I will break these down…

The Pros

  • The Largest Motivational Organization: As I wrote in on my post title The #1 Amway Cult. There is a large following with a big attendance at the motivational Events.
  • WWDB=Amway: Amway is one of the largest MLM companies in the world, hence why I called it the Amway cult.
  • Training Courses: Everyone loves motivation to give them encouragement to succeed and WWDB are top of the class to do this.
  • Available Languages: World Wide Dream Builders offer training courses in 5 different languages.

The Cons

  • MLM Company: As I mentioned before, working for MLM companies is hard work and 99% of people give up because they are not making much money.
  • Hidden Costs: All of the costs can amount to more than $3500 within the first year but these are not mentioned when you first join.
  • Too Much Commitment: To join WWDB on top of Amway will eat into your time, you will be expected to put Amway first, even above your own family!
  • Too much Personal Pressure: The same as above but also they would want you to promote everywhere you go, to your friends, family, work colleagues, through social networks, and this will affect your own well-being especially after being under so much pressure to sell.
  • Complaints: There are so many complaints about Amway and just a quick online search will find many of them, not only complaints about the products but also complaints about the distributors and the Amway company.
  • Lawsuits: Amway was fined £100,000 by the FTC for exaggerating the potential income and it was found that more than half of distributors made no money at all and the average distributor making less than $100 per month working unsociable hours.

Is World Wide Dream Builder a Scam?

It may seem like a scam from this World Wide Dream Builders Review but it’s not, It is basically an extra way to get more money from Amway MLM sellers by giving them the motivation to succeed and recruit other Amway sellers

WWDB is very clever at giving motivation by hope, dreams, goals, and stories of success by the 1% of people who actually done well with MLMs, they will never tell stories about the struggle, the failures, or the false promises.

My Final Thoughts

World Wide Dream Builders started from a couple of Amway distributors giving help and advice to other Amway sellers back in 1978 and now has grown such a following that it’s quite scary in my mind and that is also why I mentioned the Amway Cult a few times because that’s what it seems like to me!

There are so many people on the Amway platform but there is no proof of the same amount of psychical product sales (You would think that every home has some Amway Products) and that gives me the impression that most of the money is being made by promoting recruitment and for World Wide Dream Builders to motivate these people to recruit more and more people, so then they can pay for seminars and other events (Similar to a pyramid scheme).

There are many reasons why WWDB and Amway should be avoided, especially with the hidden costs but if you are determined and you want to give it a try then please come back here in the future and let me know how you did.

But If you have decided not to risk it and you would like to look into other options then why not do it the easier way and start your own online business.

You can check out my #1 Recommendation for starting your online business. It’s FREE to join plus no pressure so you can do it all in your own time.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the World Wide Dream Builders Review and if you would like to leave a comment or ask a question, then please do so below and I will get right back to you.

In the meantime, I wish you all the success with whatever you do.


World Wide Dream Builders






Overall Quality



  • Good For Motivation
  • Great Training


  • MLM Company
  • Hidden Costs
  • Customer Complaints
  • Lawsuits
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