ZYIA Activewear MLM Review-Is ZYIA a pyramid scheme?

Finding ways to make a bit of extra money working from home is not always that easy, and with so many online scams, false hopes, and promises, it’s hard to find a company to trust. ZYIA Activewear claims to allow people to make a few extra dollars in their spare time, but can they be trusted? Is ZYIA a pyramid scheme, an MLM scam, or is ZYIA Legit? In this ZYIA Activewear MLM Review, I take a closer look at this company to see if you can make money selling activewear and if they are worth joining.

What Is ZYIA Activewear MLM?

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review

Founded in 2017 by sisters Erin and Brenda Bradley, ZYIA activewear is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that specializes in activewear for women, men, kids, and juniors. Anyone who signs up to ZYIA has the opportunity to make some extra money by selling the ZYIA active brand as a representative and recruiting others or by simply hosting a selling party from home.

What Products Do ZYIA Activewear Sell?

ZYIA Activewear sells a very large range of active sportswear for women, men, kids, and juniors which are available in all sizes.

The activewear is broken down into the following categories…

  • Women’s: This includes capris & crops, 7/8 leggings, leggings, pants & joggers, shorts, skirts & dresses, sports bras, tanks, shirts & tops, sweatshirts & hoodies, jackets & sweaters plus intimate activewear.
  • Women’s by Activity: Golf, gym, yoga, running, swimwear, casual, and office wear.
  • Women’s by Size: From XXS/0 to XXXXL/20.
  • Men’s: A large range of men’s activewear including pants, shorts, tops, jackets, and briefs.
  • Men’s by Activity: The same clothing items as women’s but for men which are for Golf, gym, yoga, running, swimwear, casual, and office.
  • Men’s by Size: From XS/28 to XXL/42.
  • Kids and Juniors: A selection of ZYIA active clothing for boys, girls, and juniors.
  • Kids and Juniors by Size: From kids XXS/4-5 to juniors XXL/36

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review products

ZYIA also have categories for Eco Friendly, Accessories, ZYIA Gift Certificates plus the On-Sale Category

The ZYIA Activewear MLM Opportunity 

ZYIA Active offer individuals like you and me the opportunity to make money working from home by becoming a ZYIA rep.

By becoming a ZYIA Rep, you can host selling parties from your home and sell the ZYIA brand active clothing to friends, family members, work colleagues, etc.

You can even make a virtual selling party, so still working from home but hosting a live stream party.

There is also the option to sell through social media such as Facebook groups, DM’s, or become an influencer to promote the ZYIA brand.

For every sale made, you as the seller will receive a percentage as commission.

There is also the opportunity to make more commissions by recruiting other people (downlines) to sell activewear and by doing this, you can make money from the sales of your downline

How Much Does It Cost To Join ZYIA?

It cost $295 to join ZYIA as a Rep (September 2020) but the cost can change monthly.

When signing up as a ZYIA Rep, you will have a choice of either the women’s or the men’s starter kit.

These starter kits include $50 worth of Business Tools (Catalogs to view products, Brochures to give to potential customers, plus forms for making the order)

2 x $100 ZYIA gift cards and a small selection of men’s or women’s activewear ie: Hat, Jacket, Bra, Leggings, Shorts, Belt, plus more.

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review opportunity

ZYIA Compensation Plan

The ZYIA compensation plan looks very straight forward and simple to understand compared to most MLM schemes.

So a simple explanation to the compensation plan is for every personal sale you achieve, you will receive the basic 20% commission from the retail price but if your sales exceed $1000, you will then receive an additional 8% commission.

That’s pretty much it, but there are options to increase revenue by building a team, and by doing this, you can gain more commissions plus bonuses from the sales in which your team makes.

If you want a thorough explanation on the compensation plan, you can check out this video


Can You Make Money With ZYIA Activewear?

I do believe that it is possible to make a bit of extra money in your spare time selling ZYIA Activewear but unfortunately, you will never be able to make a full-time income from selling sportswear.

Hosting a selling party from home can be fun and you can make a few extra dollars but you can’t always host parties and people won’t always buy the products, so you can not make a recurring income.

It’s possible to make some online sales by promoting on social media platforms such as Facebook but there have been many stories of peoples social media accounts being shut down due to the strict rules (spam), there have been reports of sellers building a large following of potential customers, only to see their social profile disappearing overnight, which can be highly disappointing.

You can try to promote the products on your website but with so much competition from other sellers, it will be very hard to compete unless you know a lot about SEO, getting traffic to your website, to be better than the rest, it’s hard unless you know how to promote online.

So as you can see, it can be very hard to make constant money with ZYIA Activewear but it can be good to make a little extra cash in your spare time by selling to friends, family members, etc.


Evergreen Products: The health and fitness niche is great, it’s a huge market and it will be around forever.

Growing Trend: ZYIA active is becoming incredibly popular especially through social media, so there could be a good chance to make a few sales whilst the company is still young and the trend is growing.

Can Be Fun: Hosting a party from home can be fun and you can make a bit of extra cash at the same time.

Simple Compensation Plan: Most MLM companies overcomplicate their compensation plans but ZYIA keeps theirs straight forward and simple to understand.


MLM Company: This is the biggest con of them all because the MLM model is very crafty and most of the money is being made by the people on top, whereas the sellers make very little or even nothing and a simple online search will reveal that more than 99% of people selling MLM fail.

Highly Competitive: With many people selling the same products at the same prices, it will be hard to sale and you will be limited to selling mostly to your circle of contacts.

Young Company: Some people may say that this is a good thing but statistically most MLM companies shut down within 5 years. So ZYIA started as a multi-level marketing company in 2017 and is growing quite fast, but will their bubble burst? We can only wait and see.

Expensive Products: similar quality active clothing can be found much cheaper elsewhere and much easier to purchase.

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review prices

Social Media Accounts Being Closed: As already mentioned, people trying to sell through social media often get reported for spam, which results in closed accounts…have you heard of the phrase “Hey hun”?

The pressure to Recruit: Many Reps have reported that their sponsors try to pressure them into recruiting other members so that they can have some of your downlines commission and they are then encouraged to get their downlines to recruit more people, sort of like a pyramid scheme.

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review

Complaints: With so many complaints, it’s hard to know where to start..there are complaints about wrong sizes, no refunds, rude customer support, bad quality products…the complaints list is very long.

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review complaints

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review complaints

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review complaints

Is ZYIA a Pyramid Scheme?

No, ZYIA is not a pyramid scheme because you can still promote the sale of the activewear products without recruiting others but to have the chance of making more commission, it is highly encouraged to recruit other members and to build a team.

Is ZYIA Active a Scam?

I would not say ZYIA Active is a scam but I do believe that the MLM business model which they use should be illegal and considered as a scam, so the ZYIA company is legit but the selling model is quite crafty.

ZYIA Activewear MLM Review Conclusion

When I started my research for this ZYIA activewear MLM review I first thought that they were a good company, with a great compensation plan and great products, but the more I looked into ZYIA, the more disappointed I became.

Yes, the compensation plan is good but the customer complains ruin the review and these are mostly about the clothing quality and the high cost.

It’s also concerning that the company relies mostly on influencers to sell the products and that is why it has become a trend, but this trend won’t last for long and as the company is only 3 years old it is highly likely to end with a downward trend.

I do believe that within the next few years, ZYIA will still be selling activewear but will no longer be an MLM company after a decline in sales.

So, you can make a little extra cash in your spare time at this moment but I’m afraid long-term I can’t see much positiveness.

Final Thoughts

Making money working from home is a dream for most people and I know that this review may seem disappointing but you shouldn’t give up on this dream.

You can still give ZYIA a try if you wish but I do have doubts about this company.

There are still some great opportunities available if you would like the chance to work from home and I have reviewed some good companies which could be perfect for you.

If you want to look into other options, then why not start your own online business? You can have your very own long-term business up and running in no time at all and if this sounds good to you, check out my #1 recommendation. You will learn everything there is to know about running your own successful online business, you will get a free website, all the training, and support you need, plus you can try it out for free.

ZYIA Activewear MLM






Overall Quality



  • Evergreen
  • Growing Trend
  • Simple Compensation Plan


  • MLM Scheme
  • Competitive
  • Expensive Products
  • Complaints
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