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Welcome smart affiliate training

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My name is Matt, I’m a husband, father, a full-time Affiliate Marketer, and the founder of Smart Affiliate Training.

I am so happy that you found this page as my main goal is to help to become an Affiliate Marketer by teaching you what I have learned over the years and to help you avoid the many mistakes that I have made.

Please bookmark this page and by working together you can achieve the lifestyle that you truly desire.

A Few Words About Me!

Throughout my life I always had a desire not only for financial freedom but also for geographical freedom and I always believed that I would achieve this goal, but how could I when I was often told from childhood that you have to work very hard just to get by in life?

I left school at the age of 16 with no qualifications but still with a desire for freedom and I worked flexible hours for my father’s industrial cleaning business where I thought it would give me some free time to pursue my goals.

Unfortunately, I was young and naive, I did not earn much money, I could not decide what to do with my free time, and felt stuck in life at such a young age.

My father sold his business and decided to go traveling but I did not want to follow which left me feeling even more trapped.

I found employment on a farm which came with free accommodation and  I was able to make some good money but I had to work so many hours and often working 7 days a week, so I had good money but no time freedom…Where could I find the correct balance?

Finally, I found a Breakthrough (well sort of)!

After long days working on the farm, I would return to my small home and spend endless tiring hours looking online for ways to make money from home and I had the idea to invest my earnings into online training programs, then eventually earn enough online income for me to leave my job on the farm and spend more time building an online business for more money and time freedom.

I paid out thousands and thousands of dollars on worthless programs, I tried dropshipping, affiliate marking, online surveys, MLM and Ponzi Schemes, local marketing, getting paid for leaving reviews, I tried them all, I paid people to build websites for me, I paid for traffic, I even spent a fortune on ads but made a huge loss!

I did make some profit doing dropshipping, where I made a small eCommerce store, paid for Facebook ads then drop-shipped jewelry from China (Ali Express) but this wasn’t for me because there were so many complaints and I had to use my free time chasing up orders and replying to customers, so I quit the idea of dropshipping even though I spent $1500 on the online course.

One evening I was looking through all of the online courses which I paid for and came to the obvious conclusion that almost all of them were scams and that quite upset me but one thing stood out! I took a deep look into an online platform that I was a member of and this was Wealthy Affiliate a free platform where I tried to build a travel website, but because I was doing so many things at the same time I completely overlooked this company and done it all wrong.

Welcome to Smart Affiliate Training

Eventually, I stopped everything, I cleared all of my browser history and cookies, I deleted my email address because there was too much spam and I set up a new email address, I Set up a new free profile on the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, and then took my time to look through the forum, read the success stories, I looked through the training to see how I can work with them and then I decided to give it one last try but concentrating on this only platform.

From day one as a new free member I followed all of the training, I interacted with other forum members, I learned keyword research, I learned how to build a website, I learned SEO, Plus I learned the most important thing which was the truth that Internet Marketing is Not a Get Rich Quick Opportunity, it takes time but over time it can be very rewarding.

smart affiliate marketing success

It was amazing and I was doing this for Free (How could I have overlooked this company?)

Of course, being a free member does lock some of the premium features like more keyword research, more in-depth training, weekly live training webinars, more websites and hosting plus so much more, so I decided to upgrade and become a premium member which opened up a whole new world of opportunity and it is amazing, I have never looked back since, I am still growing,  I am still learning but now I am a completely different person compared to how I was when working on the farm.

I have written an in-depth review of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform if you would like to read it please click here.

smart affiliate marketing success

I am Now Living my Dream and You Can too!

To cut a long story short, with the help and support from Wealthy Affiliate training I am now a Full-Time Affiliate Marketer, I have built profitable affiliate websites and sold them for profit, I have been paid to help companies with their SEO strategies, I have learned who to trust and who to avoid and you can have this too!

smart affiliate marketing success

My advice to avoid all of the scams out there (I have written posts about some scams) Just concentrate on only one trusted platform, do not think that you will be a success overnight because it will take time so don’t waste this time by chasing the next ‘Shiny Object’. And just learn, there is a lot to learn but it is well worth it in the long run.

From Tiring Work on the Farm to Enjoyable Work from Anywhere!

smart affiliate training success

A lot has changed since living and working on the farm, I now earn a full-time residual income from home, I now have a family, 2 small dogs, and a large family home next to the coast, I am now financially and geographically free, I can take my work with me anywhere in the world and even take a few weeks to break from internetwork if I wish.

I’m not saying all of this to brag, I just want to show the potential that you can have because I have been there and I know that it’s hard to try and find ways to make an income online especially with all the online scams, you don’t know who to trust, but please trust me!

By signing up as a FREE Member of Wealthy Affiliate you can check it out without risking anything, so you have nothing to lose but a huge amount to gain.

Only intention can make dreams come true.

I honestly wish you all the success in whatever you do.